Monday, October 19, 2015

MediaFire Downtime - BACK ONLINE 28 October

BACK ONLINE - 28 October

Just saw that mediafire re-opened my account.
Would have been really, really nice if I would have gotten a notification about that.

Anyway, the files are back online.

I am going to erase all files before v6.099 as there are the most problems with the false checksum matchs for DCMA claims in that area.
so if you want them, then download them now

Dateline: erasing old files on the 30th of November




MediaFire temporary disabled our account because of a false positive checksum match (a Spanish ROFS3 seems to be equal to a random protected software).

Eric tries to fix this, he's in contact with the support.
Thanks for your support! I didn't expect to read so many emails and comments because of that.

I deleted all related comments, this blog post is the answer. If you have a specific question ask here.

Please stay tuned for further information, we are on it.

And Delight isn't dead yet, I recently updated Delight App and collected open points for v1.6 and v6.5.  Windows 10 makes it a bit tricky, I have to use my old PC for flashing but that's no big deal.

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