Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dropbox Qt problems on Symbian

Hello there,

you may have noticed that some Symbian apps like cuteBox, Dropian or FilesPlus can't login into Dropbox anymore.
I recently read multiple reports about this on Delight Blog, Symbian Forums or via Email. Most of them claimed a bug on Delight side, but that's not true:

Some users tested it on original firmware or other custom firmware like The One by Daniel or Mohican by Xeon, all have the same issues, the problem can be a:

a) reboot directly without of a usual shutdown (like a system application crash or stack overflow)
b) like a) but with a reboot loop
c) simple app crash
d) full freeze of the phone

if you try to login with your Dropbox account inside of the apps. Thanks to the testers (like Allstar Software, Ade and Adan from Symbian FTW and Matthew from the comments below) for these informations! The mentioned applications are QtQuick based GUI apps which use QtWebKit to show the login page, so the issue must be there.
A reboot can mean a stack overflow, but we don't really know what's the problem without of debugging an own Qt build what's not possible on Symbian. It's not related to JavaScript because it happens even with disabled JavaScript, so it seems to be related to the HTML code.

My guess about this: It seems like it's a QtWebKit bug which was unknown before and recent updates on Dropbox's login page uncoverd it. It affects Symbian Belle Refresh and FP2 and Anna for sure, maybe also s60v5, could somebody check that?

To test your device open this link: (the Dropbox login link of the free app FilesPlus) in a Qt based browser like Star Browser, it will load a bit and than reboot your device. The default Nokia browser or Opera Mobile will show the usual login page without of any issues.

We can hope that Nokia/Microsoft Mobile will bring an update for us, but I doubt that.
Updating Symbian Belle Refresh and FP2 to the latest Qt (Core, GUI, Mobility, Quick, WebKit etc.) versions would require a firmware update -> which means a lot of work -> which means coasts and they probably don't want to spend much money on Symbian. We can see that because they killed the Nokia Internet Radio server, and running this one wasn't expensive for sure, or via the Gallery ShareUI services, which are broken (most of them) and there's still no fix.
Sadly we can't try to compile the latest 4.8.6 for Symbian, because that would require a paid compiler and Symbian Belle PDK, which isn't public.

I only can tell you that the support from our side is still there and that the Delight isn't dead yet. Symbian is still the only mobile phone OS I am using and that won't change in the next weeks, and even after that I don't plan to leave the scene. Updates for the 808 and N8 will come for sure and Eric will care about the other devices and translation in his free time.

Fabian (huellif)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mobile Gadgets: Setka-boom - mini bluetooth speaker

Hi everybody,

today I want to show you my new mini bluetooth speaker that I bought. I am always looking for new gadgets and tech-geek stuff which is kind of special, or in any way a good quality... good enough to buy.

So after searching the internet up and down and reading all sorts of blogs and tests I was going to buy a mini bluetooth speaker. I told a friend of mine about what I was doing and he told me about a new speaker system that uses surfaces as a resonating cavity. I almost forgot all about it, until I found it in a local store by chance. After a short test in the store I knew I had to have it. Store price was way over internet price, so I looked for a reasonable price and ordered it straight away.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

For Developers: Re-Up of Symbian Development tools

Sadly Nokia recently removed all Qt and Symbian Development tools from :(

But luckily I created a backup of the most intresting files and thanks to matthewkuhl, Nikitia and Jennifer we could find some missing parts and thanks to Eric and his MedaFire accout we could easily reupload:

  • All Qt 1.2.1 SDKs (Linux x64 and x32, Mac and Windows)
  • s60v3, s60v5, N97, S^3 and Belle SDKs 
  • Symbian^3 PDK v3.0.4 and 4.0a
  • Offline Developer Libraries of s60v3, s60v5, S^3, S^3 PDK and Belle
  • GCCE 4.6.3 + docs
  • RVCT 4.0 icnl. SP3 + 4.1 -  requires a license
  • Carbide C++ (3.2 and 2.7)
  • NokiaWebTools 1.2.0
  • Carbide UI 4.3 and a couple of plugins
  • Ruby
  • PyS60 (2.0.0, 1.9.7, 1.9.6)
  • Silverlight 
  • eBooks about Symbian, Qt, C++ and Assembler
  • Open source projects by CODeRUS and Kolay
  • A lot of useful modding tools

Here's the link:

If you want to support our Mediafire account:

Fabian (huellif)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DELIGHT CUSTOM FIRMWARES: Information on Updates & Plans

some of you may have noticed that I haven't been online frequently in the last 4 - 6 weeks. I have been really busy in my personal life and needed a break.

After I had tried to "Delight" as many devices as possible in the beginning of the year, which used up all my spare time, it was time for a relax.... even though there was nothing relaxing about what I still had to do.

Huellif / Fabian has been working on a couple fixes, updates and new Delight app functions ... i.e. Delight development and is currently getting ready for his exams. I am on vacation from work since this week and it's time to get back to my hobby of making Delight.

The last 2 days I have been reading ALL the blog comments to get a picture on what there is to do...
tomorrow I am going to do the same on Dailymobile to gather bug reports as well...

ALL in favour of the "BIG FIX & OPTIMISE & UPDATE - UPDATE"

plan is to fix all the problems, bugs and issues that users stated in the last two months...
and if all goes well, then maybe Delight  the E6 & the C6-01 RM-601

These are the comments content what I have so far:

ALL Devices:
- weather widget and resources check for forgotten files
- Public Transportation completely deleted or re-installed - not sure yet
 - Change clock mifs - so all analogue clocks are the same
- Update all widget mifs in Delight folder
- make sure default mifs are available and correct
- clean up ecom plugins
- Update all to latest Delight app
- Check all patches in all Devices
- check all avkon mods + folders - apparantly some got mixed up
- change Effects to latest builds
- Delight Theme: add huellif widgets, email background too bright read
- Crop wall out of pics - someone asked for the Delight Theme background as a jpg
- check connuiutilsnotif.rXX is in all firmwares: disables no connection popup
- metadataeditor translations are not all working
- Update java runtime enviroment - port from 808 to all devices
- latest Delight app
- all languages ecom needs fixing in all versions because of broken plugins: finnish, danish
- Splashscreen gif and sound from C not working in all firmwares
- Cahjoss - fix date in other regions - Bug is because of dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy and etc...
- emoticons resources not working in all firmwares after using SMS Themer
- Cache back to default resources for Delight app - new function
- hindi and bangla writing - add info to blog releases
- Email to E drive? - development - not sure it will be available

- check for a fix for Slowak text to speech
- operator widget from C
- commslauncher widget from C
- check all .ruls - lights, notificatons, tactile feedback in calls and etc.
- default sounds files? - need a good solution

- make taiwanese translations
- Wlan software update from Betalabs integrated
- add all 3G Updates for worldwide regional support

- Wlan software update from Betalabs
- brazilian keyboard fix on rofs2
- make HongKong translations?
- sysap translations - sun symbols - missing space

- create picture from messages menu with add content not working


- operator widget from C
- commslauncher widget from C

C6-01 (RM-601) - needs to be made

E6  - needs to be made

- fix update registry files
- transbelle lighthouse theme
- rul's: keylock vibration
- torch & Mirror widget mifs
- white font in email?

- Update the Fp2 widget mifs / Classic widget mifs
- Internet Radio not working
- tactile feedback in calls

- Delight css files missing

- FMTX fix chinese -> taiwan working
- fix Jad / Jar files installation
- application caching working?

- chinese extra sys's & keyboard files
- arabic extra sys's & keyboard files
- HongKong translations & keyboard files
- User report of new keyboard? on 059F6L7 Product code

SO... this is just an idea for you guys to know what is planned
I will update this blog entry when I combed through User comments on Dailymobile tomorrow or this evening

All the bugs except for a couple are not too trivial for me, so updating will be fairly easy, but it needs time and time again. I have to update 350+ flashing files. Aproximatly around 3000 files
not counting flashing and testing and developing and cooking and uploading and everything else I find down the road...

so, stay tuned and feel free to comment here whatever you like to talk about
Comments here are open to all phones and development questions, issues, bugs, and etc...

see ya

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

701 Delight v1.0

701 Delight v1.0
If you would sign this petition, then a even better phone might be possible
it takes one minute to do and helps soooo much
PETITION to NOKIA & Microsoft - to release Symbian source codes and latest release builds for open source

Delight team:
- huellif - main cooker
- freaxs_r_us - translator and second cooker

Special thanks goes to nicesoni_ash, for his help, knowledge and support. 

Delight contributors:
- Allstar12345 - theme effects maker
- Lao Stia - theme maker
Cahjoss - conversation skin maker
- Mahindar - widget mifs maker / fixer
- Bhavin - keyboard maker

This CFW has been created with NokiaCooker. Consider donating for Free and High Quality softwares.
If you want to use our files as a base to your custom firmware, kindly ask for my permission first, 
it's a lot of hard work so do respect that.


please don't forget to share us, like us, twitter us on the links below this line
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

Link your post to our blog for files and changelogs if you want to post it somewhere else
FAQ, Flashing Tutorial, Backup and Restore Documentation, Delight Resolver
Documentation are in Addtionial Files folder on Mediafire.