Saturday, December 20, 2014

About Delight App

Delight App is our little Delight exclusive tool, it's an update from the old pure MiniCMD based Resolver app by nicesoni_ash.

It's written in Qt, Symbian C++, MiniCMD (for the logic), QtQuick, JavaScript (for the UI) and HTML (for the changelogs and FAQs) and working on Delight only, because of the MiniCMD integration and multiple CFW configs and settings.

The app has grown over the time and got more and more features, I will shortly explain you what they are doing:

(This post based on the current version v1.4.0 final, older versions probably have less features, I will update this post after new features will get added)

  • Extras - Here are the main functions of Delight App, it's split into sub functions:
    •  Classic Resolver - which is a copy of the original MiniCMD Resolver with a couple of new functions:
      • AknIconServer cache Fixer
        Cleans the vector graphic cache of Symbian
      • Alarms Fixer
        This will clean all your alarms (not reminders) - use it if you got any issues.
      • Browser Fixer
        Reverts all default browser settings
      • Camera Fixer
        Reverts all camera settings and modifications
      • Cache Claner
        Cleans cache folders and
      • Chat Icon
        Resets the top bar chat icon if WhatsApp, Nokia Chat or e.g. Lightbulb have issues with it
      • Clean Music and Gallery Library
        Wipes the music player and gallery libraries, after a reboot they will get created again.
      • Homescreen&Widgets Fixer
        Resets the homescreen and all widgets, new Z:\ widgets will get recognized
      • Menu Fixer
        Reverts all menu layout and folder changes
      • Profiles Fixer
        Resets all profile configurations
      • Registry Backup/Restore
        Does backup/restore of the SISRegistry
      • Registry Fixer
        Triggers the SISRegistry to recognize new manual drive C:\ and Z:\ registry changes
      • ROMPatcher Fixer
        Does reset the ROMPatcher config, can be useful ROMPatcher doesn't work anymore (e.g. after a critical crash)
      • T9 Fixer
        Resets your private T9 words database
      • USB/MTP Fixer
        Causes your PC to reinstall the MTP USB drivers in case they are corrupted
      • Widget Fixer
        Works like
        Homescreen&Widgets Fixer, but your homescreen will stay untouched
    • Language and Garbage Cleaner - Here you can delete all unneeded language and cache files, the language files which will get deleted depends on your ROFS2
    • Language Changer - If you switch your ROFS2 UI language then launch this script and your phone will automatically update all the translation files which need to get copied to C:\
    • My own MiniCMD - MiniCMD is a little scripting "framework" for Symbian
    • Reboot the phone - will reboot your phone on a clean and safe way, it fakes a standard language change
    • Selector - Which let you switch between different settings or set up configs:
      • Aknspasrv - FP2 only
        enabling Aknspasrv consumes a lot of battery
        disabling it (what's default on Delight) saves a lot of battery, fixes possible top bar issues in QtQuick apps but also causes a short blackout after viewing the first image in gallery
      • Application caching config
        Here you can choose between different a
        pplication caching configs, cached apps always stay open and consume RAM, but don't have to start again and again if you need them (as contacts, messages etc. on OFW)
      • Autostart editor

        This function lets you manipulate the dynamic app startup, you can add, remove and disable processes, take backups of the current state and restore them later
      • Camera counter
        Symbian stores the image files with an increasing number in the file name, this function can change the current number
      • Debug mode
        More for developers and modders, here you can enable and disable the Extended panic code (C:\resource\Errd) without of using .sis files or file managers.
        Read here:
      • FM Transmitter RDS - only for phones which have a FM transmitter

        Here you can change the default RDS text "Nokia" to a custom one, it's limited to 8 characters
      • Hash calculator
        Symbian stores hashes of all :\sys\bin\ files in C:\sys\hash\, if you are modding binaries use this function to calculate new hashes without of any buggy ROMPatcher patches or reinstalling whole .sis files
      • Homescreen shortcut captions
        Delight has no captions under homscreen application shortcuts, here you can enable/disable them on the fly
      • Keyboard skin - FP2 only
        You don't like the Delight splitscreen keyboard skins?
        Here you can choose between other skins (incl the default skin) or load your own qmltouchinput.dll file
      • Keylight - 808 only
        You don't like the disabled red, white and green LEDs? Check this funtion to re-enable them
      • Light settings

        Provides a far more advanced light configuration than the default settings app
      • Menu icon layout
        Switch between a 3*4 and 4*5 main menu layout
      • Menu folders
        Switch between no folders (as on original Belle) or handy folders in your main menu
      • Popupfader
        Here you can re-enable the disabled overlay which shows up after showing menus in native apps
      • Phone as modem/mount an .iso

        You can choose every .iso file (up to 2GB) and mount it on your PC via your phone
      • Scrolling speed

        Provides direct control over Symbian's scrolling parameters for a more individual scrolling
      • Startup/Shutdown customization
        Choose your own startup/shutdown animation (a .gif file) and sound (a .mp3)
      • SMS Conversation skin
        Is a simple shortcut to the Delight SMSThemer app
      • Tactile feedback for calls
        You don't like the short vibration after accepting and ending a call? Enable or disable it here.

      • Widget skins
        Provides 3 different widget skins to choose from:
        • Delight skins
        • black Refresh/FP1 skins
        • grey FP2 skins
  • Updater
    It manually launches the known Updater dialog / script which starts automatically after a CFW update flash
  • Backup
    the backup tool, you can read it's FAQ via a long tap
  • Restore
    the restore tool, you can read it's FAQ via a long tap
  • Delight Changelogs
    This way you can read all Delight CFW and Delight App changelogs on your device
  • Delight FAQ
    A mobile version of our FAQ page
  • Toolbar:
    • Close - launchs the close menu
    • Delight Blog - opens the mobile version of Delight Blog in your default browser 

    • Menu - launches a submenu
      • huellif - Fabian
      • freaxs_r_us - Eric
        Via these two options you can mail, follow or donate us
      • Credits - This page shows the full Delight CFW credits incl. all donators and testers
      • About - Shows a little about dialog and informs your about the current used version

Currently the latest version is v1.4 which will come soon as part of 808 Delight v1.5


  1. nice explanation.thank u very much delight team

  2. Wow, that's a whole lot of features!

  3. That's a big big list of functions.
    And: Most important:
    YES, there is sight on delight 1.5 for the 808.

  4. how to update delightapp 1.4 for nokia c7.any new v6.5 releases r not????????????

  5. I can't believe we'll still get another update.

    Can't wait...!!! xD

  6. Thank you very much! Looking forward to the new cfw

  7. I dont know how to install Delight CFW on my nokia 808. I am not an expert to do so. what is the easiest way to do so? My nokia 808 is running on original firm ware so far.

  8. Go to the v1.5 release post, we linked a tutorial inside of it :)

  9. Can you email em about the Delight App test?

  10. Thanks for posting the user guide of this powerful tool.
    I just still wonder what kind of instructions can be executed with MiniCMD. I would be curious to see some simple or useful script examples.

  11. Great work guys just updated to delight 1.5 on my like a charm........Kudos to to the entire team ...wishing Everybody a Merry X`mas and a happy New year.....

  12. Thank you very much, and the same to you!

  13. Hello Eric,

    checkout e.g. Z:\data\Backup.txt :)


  14. hey guys im experiencings some issues after i upgraded to delight 1.5 on my 808. i am getting notifications of sysapp error and its not funny

  15. can someone give me download link of Delight App to 1.3.0 or 1.40 for nokia n8 ??

  16. Hello Patrusm,

    I am very sure that this isn't v1.5 related, probably you enabled the extended panic code manually or via Delight App.
    Launch Delight App, Selector, Debug Mode, disable and reboot your phone, the error will be disabled.


  17. Hi mate,

    there's a test build:
    It gets installed as "Delight App2", so it won't overwrite your original Delight App in case of any issues.


  18. Hi Fabian,
    Indeed it's very clear now :-)

    Also today I wanted to try the "Autostart editor" by disabling some processes to see if they are really needed (googlenav_autostart_... and webuploadrecovery.exe) but when I click the "Disable" button in the pop-up dialog it doesn't seem to work : the item remains at the same place in the list and doesn't move at the bottom under the "disabled autostrat items" separator line. Is that normal ?

  19. Hello Eric,

    please reboot your phone, disable all patches in ROMPatcher and retry to disable/remove/add processes to autostart.
    What exactly does happen?


  20. Hi guys, please can anyone write me, how can i install slowak language for Delight 6.4 ?
    I can flash my phone, and everything is ok, but i can't install slowakian language.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  21. Hello Peter,

    everything is well explained in the N8 v6.4 release post, please read it once again.
    If you can't manage to do it, where exactly do you stuck?


  22. Hello Fabian,

    so, I downloaded N8 Delight 6.4, and slowakian language for it from there :
    I extracted files from N8 Delight 6.4, and putted them there - C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596
    Then I extracted files from slowakian language, there was a file with name ROFS2.fpsx, then I deleted extracted file with same name from N8 Delight 6.4 and putted it into the RM-596 to Phoenix\Products\RM-596
    Then I flashed my N8. Then my N8 boot on, and it ask me to choose my language, but there isn't slowakian :( . Everythink is working, but there isn't that slowakian language, only english,french,german,italian,turkie and nederlands. I tried to flash my N8 soo many times ... please help :'(
    Sorry for my very bad english.

  23. I don't think that you flashed Delight, the language options look like an orignal firmware.

    Try this:

    Delete the following folders completly:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596
    C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596

    And all Delight packages on your PC.

    After that download v6.4 from the v6.4 blog post and optionally your translations.

    Unpack them into one of the firmware folders and reflash your phone once again.


  24. Hehe you know that I am male :P

  25. much less hear the phone during a call , what can I do?

  26. Hello,

    What's your phone, (custom) firmware version, did you enable any (sound) patches, EQ settings or something else?


  27. nokia 808, Delight v1.5, not patches,

  28. nokia 808, Delight 1.5, not patches

  29. Hey! Recently updated to Delight v1.5 and it works great! However I have the same question I posed back then: is there a chance to get Gallery's Twitter share working, or is it a lost cause? :) I know there are alternatives which I've been using successfully, but it's not as quick as it used to be even with great apps like Shareboard or Tweetian!

  30. I checked and compared it and asked others, the volume is the same as on OFW mate.

  31. Hello Mickey,

    first of all thanks for your feedback :)

    Sorry there's nothing we can do here without of the source code, I am sorry.


  32. Hello Fabian!
    Is there a possibility to install the Delight App 1.4.0 on my N8 with Delight 6.4? Earlier you had written, that there's a test build:
    Is this only a Test version, or this there some newer Version?
    Best Regards

  33. Hello Herwig,

    get the latest version from there:

    It's made for 808 v1.5 and some features won't work correctly, that will be fixed in v6.5


  34. Hello Fabian!

    Thanks for the info. So there will be a Delight 6.5 for the N8 in the near future? till when do you think will it be released?

    Best Regards


  35. Nobody claimed that Delight is dead.
    Updates will come when they are done.


  36. can i install this ver for my c7 delight 6.4?

  37. Hi mate,

    better get the latest release from here: