Wednesday, July 11, 2012

808 Delight !!!

First of all I would want to say thanks to all the generous ones who are contributing for a Nokia 808 for me.. It's a really nice gesture.. We are going pretty fine right now and hopefully within a month or so, or may be before that I will have a Nokia 808 for myself.

Now I was thinking about how to specially thanks to you people who are contributing for this and I came to the conclusion that all the donors in this campaign will have my first 808 Delight custom firmware a week before I will release it publicly.. That may not be the best way to thank but I hope that it will make you a bit cheerful for your contributions.

Thanks once again..


  1. Sounds good to me
    I'm looking forward to it

  2. wow. That's great. I always use delight for my n8,so very awesome if you make it for 808

  3. Valeu! Bom poder contar com vc... sem pessoas como vc o Belle estaria fadado a morte prematura. Obrigado de coração... ainda não estou pronto para o robozinho, ou a maçã... e infelizmente o meego ficou só no n9 que é um bom aparelho mas não tem de coisas que o velho n8 de guerra tem e somente o 808 terá também... infelizmente a nokia abandonou seus principais sistemas... pena!

  4. Come on People There must be thousands of you who have Downloaded

    Belle Delight Custom Firmwares

    Don't be tight Give a little