Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Future of Delight series..

I was expecting to get enough fund raised by donations to get a new 808 so I could keep making custom firmwares for N8 and 808.. Well it didn't work as expected .. .also since there is a new Belle Refresh released, people are expecting and asking me if there will be any update for Delight series for the same.

This post is to make clear that I am not thinking to work on Delight series anymore., however if circumstances changed somehow because of any reason., I will make sure I will let you know guys about it here ..

I will provide all my resources to freaxs_r_us so he will keep updating it for you guys within a week.

Hopefully you might get a new version of Delight soon enough..

take care..


  1. thanks Brother for your best work. GOD Bless You

  2. Understandable. Thanks for the update!

  3. No Good sorry to here
    I don't understand why there is a cut off point though
    I mean these phones will be around for a long time so what's the rush to say no more CFW's

    1. Coz I don't have any of these phones anymore and without them, it's not possible to work on them.. I did that only once for C7 because lots of friends asked for that but to do that in whole is not possible.. I would have done for N8 and might be for others if I had a phone like N8 or 808 but since I don't and also don't see any possibility in near future, it's better to call it off now.. May be if in future, I will get an opportunity I might work on it again.. Few of you guys were too kind enough to donate for that but as you all know it wasn't enough.. still I appreciate it a lot.. Thanks.