Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Delight for 808

Today cooking Nokia 808 Delight started,

I only added the special Delight stuff (empty UDA, Resolver, Backup & Restore, wallpaper etc.) and it worked fine after first try.

I will add all the mods, apps and other stuff in next weeks.
I am really busy (football, theatre, working etc.), so don't ask for a release date.

We will provide a perfect translated and bug free Custom Firmware as soon as possible.

Fabian (huellif)


  1. really thanx mate thanx for Ur time thanx for Ur effort thanx for every thing

    waiting for it I hope it come out a bug free as U said ^_^

  2. Thank you very much from Spain, wait patiently for their CFW delight

  3. ...you are to slow - THE ONE brought a new CFW based on 1508 NOW - it's beta - but works great!
    But still: Good luck to you!

  4. No we aren't slow ^^
    even we have a version for testers and the one isn't final.
    It also is beta and works great.
    And Daniels phone get's repaired, so he can't develop for a few days.