Monday, July 1, 2013

Going to change my translation standards in upcoming versions

Hi everybody

while doing the translations for Delight 808 v1.0...I decided to change the way I translate

in earlier versions I would change the whole Ui, so when for example an arabic speaking french man could use the same version as a french speaking arab. and so on

Now I decided to go for ONE Ui translation to the rofs2 and make multiple rofs3's with writing languages
so in upcoming versions it will be needed to
1. download the base files / only english files
2. download a translated Ui rofs2... if wanted, which will contain that writing language of course
3. download an additional writing files rofs3 ... if wanted

This way:
- translation rofs2's will smaller in size
- unneeded Ui languages will be avoided, since everybody always chooses one Ui language anyway
- rofs3's might have to gain a little bit of size
- uploading will take less time for me
- trafficing will be reduced

so all in all, I guess you can see, that it is an improvement
if you have any objections or improvement idea's, please let me hear them in the comments
because if not, then this is the way I am going to release Delight 808 translations

more than one writing file and dual Ui sets only on request

We'll see how it goes ;)


  1. perfect friend delight awaiting the release of the 808, I hope to have 04 Spanish version, thanks for your work

    1. Nokia 808 v1.0 release in the next 30 Min

      42 languages

  2. I am sure most people use only one UI language, but many need to write in multiple languages. So I agree that is a better way and will save some space.

  3. It's a practical and very good idea..
    hopefully to see English/Melayu(malaysia) dwi language soon :) ...

    1. what do you mean you await for it. It is already available