Friday, May 16, 2014

Mobile Gadgets: Setka-boom - mini bluetooth speaker

Hi everybody,

today I want to show you my new mini bluetooth speaker that I bought. I am always looking for new gadgets and tech-geek stuff which is kind of special, or in any way a good quality... good enough to buy.

So after searching the internet up and down and reading all sorts of blogs and tests I was going to buy a mini bluetooth speaker. I told a friend of mine about what I was doing and he told me about a new speaker system that uses surfaces as a resonating cavity. I almost forgot all about it, until I found it in a local store by chance. After a short test in the store I knew I had to have it. Store price was way over internet price, so I looked for a reasonable price and ordered it straight away.

Yesterday it finally came and I am speechless (which isn't very often)

After testing it I made a little unboxing video...not really professional with a lot of camera shaking, blurring and umm's ;) but since this is my second video I am uploading onto the web, I beg you to bare with me and I linked the official video

Here are the specs from the official website @ Setka

With 10 watts of rich SETKA boom lets shake the walls pretty with over 100db (!). Via Bluetooth you can turn any smart phone or bluetooth enabled device wirelessly and connect virtually, but older phones are through the cable compatible with the speaker. The high-quality lithium-ion batteries are about 5000 times rechargeable and enable lasting 5-7 hours music playback.

Bluetooth ® (> 15 meters)
10 watts (RMS)> 100dB
Lithium-ion battery (1000mAh)
> 5000 times rechargeable, with overcharging and deep discharge protection
Music playback time 5-7 hours, at full volume
Chip for noise suppression
Also operated with the supplied mini USB 3.5 jack and

Scope of delivery:
- SETKA ® boom
- Charger (USB/miniUSB/3, 5Jack jack)
- Velvet bag
- User Manual
- Representative Case

  • Height 6cm
  • Width 5,2cm
  • Depth 5,4cm
  • Weight 380g
  • Bluetooth Yes until 15m
  • Music Power 10Watt (RMS)
  • Music playback time 5-7 hours
  • noise Reduction Yes
  • Lithium-Ionen-Akkus 1000mAh


  1. I know my comment dont belong here but any idea for a new version of Delight???
    Im from mexico and i use practically all your firms in my phones. Thanks!!!

    1. updates are idea when we will release them though

    2. Ok thanks and please keep going, im new making themes on symbian but i wnat to learn all i can about the OS, by the way i also have a N900 and a N9 (even the lumia 925) but i still using my E7 and N8 (also a C-6 RM-601 of my cousin jejejejejeje) so if i can help im at your services, Once again thanks.

  2. Still waiting for Delight ROM for android......

  3. It good to see a local company produce a product that can reach many house hold as well as the parks in Singapore that people exercise with quality sound. Sepeker Bus

  4. Never say Never.. I am still here and I may some day.. Delight for Android is still on my to do list, ETA is unknown though.. ;)

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