Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New translated rofs2s

freaxs_r_us finished up all translations and they were posted in v3.9 post and he is now working on some bug fixes in the translated rofs2.. 


  1. soni, my n8 always ask for registering new lock code. but it always prompt "code error" everytime i insert new code. wonder why is it?

    its not the first reboot, always happened even inside phone management menu.

  2. May be you set a code first in the past and it's asking for the same code.. Sometimes even after a fresh flash, security code won't be removed.. I am still unsure about the resolution for this.

  3. i see, thanks for explaining :)
    i tried every code, like my previous 2289 code, tried making my2889 or even my-23?-%, not working :(

  4. Nice work, waiting for the Portuguese in Brazil.

    thank you

  5. @Dr. Vipin
    For reading purpose, yes.. Not for writing.