Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Happy New Year... Enjoy with Delight Belle v3.9 - 31-12-2011

Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v3.9 released on 31.12.2011

** If you want to use my files as a base to your custom firmware, kindly ask for my permission first, it's a lot of hard work so do respect that..**

** Link your post to my blog for change logs if you want to post it somewhere **

FAQ, Flashing Tutorial and other needed files are packed with the same flash files archive, So read it first before asking any questions..


After Flashing complete, your phone will restart twice showing you different notifications. Let it do it's work. After second restart, you are all set to go..



Will soon be posted.

**Read Change Logs from Change Log section.**

About translated rofs2 
  • Maps v3.08 is still in English.
  • Pre-installed folders are still in English, you must rename them yourselves in your own language.
Installation instructions:
  • Read my Flashing Tutorial included in the archive you just downloaded and then flash.

Download Delight Bell v3.9

English only but needed for all other languages too.

Delight Belle v3.9 Fixed UDA - Replaced the above UDA with this fixed UDA.

Translated Rofs2 - by freaxs_r_us

Spanish LTA - By ronyman
Spanish for Spain - By ronyman
Thai english- ในภาษาไทย - fixed alphanumeric
Italian - in Italiano
Bulgarian - на български - fixed alphanumeric
Turkish - Türkçe olarak
Portugese - Português
Polish - w języku polskim
Hungarian - Magyar
Greek - στην ελληνική γλώσσα - fixed alphanumeric
Farsi - به زبان فارسی - fixed alphanumeric
Dutch - in het Nederlands
Danish - på dansk
Arabic - باللغة العربية - fixed alphanumeric
with-mit German-deutsch
French - Français
Icelandic - á íslensku
Swedish - på svenska
Croatia - na hrvatskom jeziku
Serbian - на српском - fixed alphanumeric
Russian - на русском языке - fixed alphanumeric
Taiwan-Chinese - fixed alphanumeric
Chinese - 在中國 - 在中国 - fixed alphanumeric
HongKong chinese - fixed alphanumeric
Malay - di Malaysia
Hebrew - ב עברית - fixed alphanumeric
Finnish - vuonna Suomen
Brazilian Portugese - Thanks to framalesa
Indonesish - di Indonesia
Vietnamese - bằng tiếng Việt
Czech - na český
Estonian - Eesti
Slowak - na slovenskom
Latvian - latviešu valodā
Kazakh - fixed alphanumeric
Romanian - în limba română
Slovanian - v slovenskih
Urdu - اردو میں - fixed alphanumeric
Ukrainian - українською мовою - fixed alphanumeric
Tagalog - sa tagalog
Norwegian - i norske
Lithunian - iš Lietuvos
Spanish & LatinAmericanSpanish- espanól & latinoamericanos español - freaxs_r_us version
Brazilian portugese - em Português do Brasil - freaxs_r_us version

(More coming soon)


Taylor - For Belle leaks.
Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia cooker and a lot more.
CodeRUS - A lots of mods..
Sklchan - Few cenrep mods
the_one.89 - Writing language files
Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
andrenlsbr + BlackDare + djmy19881225 - Theme effects.
witcher3 - Menu organized
Boroda - Widget mods.
hotboy_ist - Big Analog clock widget
freaxs_r_us - Delight Team Member (Translator)
karasss - Widgets Mod.
Peoresnada / kalininvs) - Notified Widget.
dude2009 - For resolving F-Secure Antitheft related bug.
iExtraX7 - Several pretty good mods.
and everyone who helped me in one way or another..

Hope you enjoy this version too.. :D
Post your views, suggestions or any bug report... Thanks.

Kindly read FAQ file for your troubles and if you don't get the answer of your problems in there, than only put your question here.

P.S. - I will be off for next two three days so I wasn't sure whether I will be able to post it tonight, so I am posting it just now.. Enjoy guys and have a safe and blasting new year.. 


  1. Thanks for the new 3.9 release. Accept my cong and hertiest Happy new year 2012.
    Please what do u mean FIXED UDA and when will we use it.

  2. hope this become the best CFW this year....

  3. nstalled 3.9 Fixed UDA.. but can't able to install Quickoffice provided by you... it is showing Update error everytime.... please help......

  4. thx!
    enjoy the evening and happy 2012 already for you!

  5. tnx for 3,9 sorry for bad english i am from bosnia - moram dalje na svom jeziku izvini.Hoce li biti rofs 2 i 3 na srpskom jeziku.I ako moze ona notifikacija za spajanje na internet kao u nurrani . Hapy new year

  6. happy new year bro thanks for ur release. Sincerely salute ur hard work keep moving

  7. thanx for your work...but when can i get the new version in german?? happy new year!

  8. Thanx,, was waiting for this. Great release.
    Although i didn't find/came across any bugs or so in previous one either n nor this one, except one that UCbrowser stopped working. It starts, shows splash screen n then exits.

    But who cares,, started using Opera,, Great great release.

    Thanx again n Happy new year to you too..

    - (Coolvipcandy)

  9. Thanks again for updating and posting the new version

    This one seems to be a lot better and stable.

    Can u confirm, for belle if different themes can have their own transitional effects ??

  10. thank youu :D
    btw, when i copy the private folder to restore HS caption, restarted my phone, but it's not working. do you have this problem too?

    and the theme effect you put in this version, is it the original belle theme effect?

    and how to get the black digital clock widget back? i don't see how in your FAQ

    once again, thank you for the release and the answers :)

  11. Total Recall was working for me on all previous versions but seems to give issues on this one :P
    Just notifying :D

  12. So far so good mate so smooth.. thanks for this version

  13. Fixed UDA obviously means that you need to replace the default provided UDA with the fixed one.

    It's installing fine here, no problem reported by any other user also.

    I guess as the latest version has new shortuct widget files, my earlier mod for replacing the widget to default not working on this version, so obvioiusly I need to make a new mod for the same and for the same I need some time.. Have some patience and it will soon be published. Thanks.

    I don't use Total recall but still I will give it a try and will report the output here soon.

  14. @ Gaurav : I use total recall and its working smoothly with this version

  15. Thank you Nicesoni_ash for the new release.

  16. Thanks for the guidenss. u r really great bro also thanks for the best Delight 3.9 cfw ever and it will become the best for uptill now

  17. @Candy
    Thanks for notifying me..It was working for me then it stopped found the conflict with a ROM Patcher patch :P

  18. thanks u very much and happy new year

  19. Thanks for the guidenss. u r really great bro also thanks for the best Delight 3.9 cfw ever and it will become the best for uptill now

  20. You just changed the files of the UDA?
    The others were not altered (Core Rofs2)?

    Tks ..

    If you are asking about the difference between v3.8 and v3.9.. well yes, I have changed Core and rofs2 also..

  22. Congratulations for CFW !
    I asked just to see if he could use the ROFS2 PT-BR from 3.8 to 3.9?

  23. No.., as rofs2 as well as Core file have been modified so it's suggested to use the latest ones only.

  24. Thanks for this cfw. From Venezuela.

  25. Thanks nicesoni_ash for Delight belle v3.9 and thanks to the freaxs_r_us for the translation.
    best regards from portugal

  26. thank u sooooooooooooooooooo much freaxs_r_us for the translation
    and thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much nicesoni_ash for Delight belle

  27. Hi. I'm facing some problem with my n8 sp plz kind help... I'm using n8 since 1 year but now i bought new n8 again in black colour but whenever i flashed it cfw then after ''Programming sent 100%'' it does not go ahead & does not stay in flash mod... so i directly pull out usb cable & mannualy on the phone & is starts but it why not auto boot in phoenix while flashing...? I flashed many times with delight & Xenon cfw. But i never faced this problem in my previous n8. Sorry for bad English.

  28. Hi nicesoni_ash, I am using your latest release v3.9 and I want to tell you that this version is consuming more power. Guess there are so many apps running in the back ground. I have used all your previous versions but didn't feel this much power loss. If I browse for more than 5 MB, I am losing 50% of my power. Any idea on how to solve this?

    Thank you for your help.

  29. @Prabh
    Install the latest 2011 Phoenix version. About communication error, it happens coz there is no ENO file is missing from Phoenix folder.., but that doesn't impact on flashing..

  30. @Diwakar
    I have no such issues.. It's about a day of battery life for me for heavy usage.

  31. Thanks nicesoni_ash for your update. Is it possible to move back & Install your old version version? I really liked your old release V3.4. Can you tell me how to downgrade to your old V3.4?

    Thank you again for your help.

  32. @Diwakar
    Flash it just like you normally flashed, you don't need to do anything special.

  33. Thank you nicesoni_ash. I will make a try. Have a great evening.

  34. Very nice version! Thank you very much nicesoni_ash !

  35. Thank you very much for this FW.

    I have a question, can I enable vibration while charging?

  36. @SmashADBurn
    I have no idea, I guess it's not safe vibration while charging.

  37. bro i got it as quick power saving application please include in core

  38. Good afternoon, thank you for this CFW I have found it excellent, I have a question, with the original firmw sounds an alarm when you put your cell phone face down and muted and resumes according to the time set, now only silent and does not re-sound more. For everything else thank you very much. excuse the English but I use google translator. thanks

  39. Hi nicesoni_ash
    Congratulations For CFW Delight 3.9 !
    Delight 3.9 PT-BR
    Maps PT-BR

    Thanks - Great Job

  40. @Sridhar
    It's paid app, so I can't.

    Disable sensor settings.


  41. first of all thanks for all these amazing fw's. You are doing an amazing and very hard job and i respect that. I m facing a problem with the alfarithmetic keybord when i am turning it in my language (greek) it disappears. I was facing this problem with all your fw's but i didn't want to bother you with that. So thank you again and hoping for a solution.

  42. @manitaria
    Will talk to the Team Translator regarding that..

  43. Replies
    1. you mean alphanumeric keyboard?
      hmmm.... I got that on a couple occasions... greek, arabic and far as I know now...
      I guess I'll have to flash my phone another couple hundred times to figure it out ;)

  44. I can't thank you enough for this fix. You guys rock! :)

  45. hi I have problems with can you upload this file "Spanish LTA - By ronyman" thanks

    1. Lol.., who is this ronyman?

      Btw megaupload has been brought down by the U.S. government on Thursday.

  46. Can I ask you something? Do you know if there's going to be a delight belle for nokia c7 (RM-675)? A friend of mine upgraded his phone and lost Greek, so I thought I might help him flash his phone his belle so that he'd get the language back, but he's got a c7 model and I know that delight is only for n8 models. If there's any chance for a delight belle for c7 please let me know. Thanks in advance. :)

    1. I am planning to release it for C7 too., but I can't say that as a specific post as I am not promising that to everyone. One of my friend asked me to and once I will provide him the files and he confirms that it's fine, then only I can release it ..

      Also this will depend on how much time I will have to spend on this next version. :D

  47. Hello
    I'm try to download "Thai english- ในภาษาไทย - fixed alphanumeric"
    but the link is same as "Delight Belle v3.9 Rofs2 in українською мовою"
    I think it is the wrong link.
    Please upload new link for "Thai english- ในภาษาไทย - fixed alphanumeric"

    Sorry for my weak English :P
    Thank you very much
    I love DelightBelle.