Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Delight Belle v3.6 released on 06.12.2011 - Minor Bug Fixes

Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v3.6 released on 06.12.2011

** If you want to use my files as a base to your custom firmware, kindly ask for my permission first, it's a lot of hard work so do respect that..**

This version is an updated version of v3.5 with few bug fixes and they are explained in change log section so previous FAQ and Flashing Tutorial of v3.5 will work on this version too. Translated rofs2 of v3.5 work on this version too so don't get confused when you try to download a translated rofs2 for v3.6 and see that it's for v3.5..


Check out v3.5 post for screenshots as they are identical..

**Read Change Logs from Change Log section.**

Known Bugs:
  • Notification widget is not compatible with c2z4bin patch so don't report about it as it's already known.
  • Nokia Ovi Store crashed while installing any app from it, reinstall Nokia store to fix this bug. Will be fixed properly in next version.
About translated rofs2 
  • Maps v3.08 is still in English.
  • Pre-installed folders are still in English, you must rename them yourselves in your own language.
Installation instructions:
  • Download my Flashing tutorial.
  • It’s better to remove everything from your Mass memory other than your personal stuff before flashing this cfw..

Download Delight Bell v3.6

English only but needed for all other languages too.

Translated Rofs2 - by freaxs_r_us
(More translated rofs2 coming soon) 

Other Needed Files


Il.Socio - Rompatcher and other small big suggestions.
CodeRUS - A lots of mods..
Sklchan - Few cenrep mods
the_one.89 - Writing language files
Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
Jin Hao / John CHN - Theme effects.
witcher3 - Menu organized
hotboy_ist - Big Analog clock widget
freaxs_r_us - Delight Team Member (Translator)
karasss - Widgets Mod.
Peoresnada / kalininvs) - Notified Widget.
dude2009 - For resolving F-Secure Antitheft related bug.
zinox - New Analog Clock.
iExtraX7 - Several pretty good mods.
and everyone who helped me in one way or another..

Hope you enjoy this version too.. :D
Post your views, suggestions or any bug report... Thanks.

Kindly check the FAQ file for your troubles and if you don't get the answer of your problems in there, than only put your question here.


  1. Great! Downloading! Thank you!!!

  2. Ashok bhai great job great update great CFW

  3. Thank u for this soonest release! :)
    excuse my english, you mean remove all *included* the personal stuff (format) or excluded?

  4. 100% aki sem bug aparente, usando em PT/BR e divulgando com devidos créditos.

    Pelo menos aqui no brasil vc é famoso pacas , pois suas firmwares são as mais usadas e mais recomendada por todos.

    Grande compatibilidade de aplicativos como o guardian que em nenhuma outra funcionava e dentre outros jogos.

    Tá muito melhor que a original parabéns, conte comigo para divulgação no brasil !!!

  5. @Barabba
    exclude your personal stuff.. Remove the system folders only.

    English please..

  6. Can I use the original Hebrew rofs2 with your cfw, or I need to wait to your translated one??? Thank you for a great CFW

  7. @Aviad Maroodi
    Wait for official translation or flash with English rofs2..

  8. What do you mean when you say that you don´t know if the browser works in LatinSpanish rofs2??

  9. @darygaz
    As Delight Belle rofs2 translated by freaxs_r_us, he is not sure some files work perfect or not, so he request whoever uses his translated files to report him if there is any problem with translations thus I posted here so if there is some problem, it could be rectified if someone reports me here that it's not working.

  10. nicesoni_ash said...
    @Aviad Maroodi
    Wait for official translation or flash with English rofs2..

    I cannot flash your cfw with the original Hebrew rofs2??

  11. works great and is really really fast

  12. @Aviad Maroodi
    No.. You need to wait till a translated hebrew rofs2 posted here.

  13. Thanks nice! In this blog they say the translated file is rofs2, and in the manual they talk about rofs3?

  14. @Marko
    Rofs3 is only for writing purpose. It will allow you to write in different language even though the original phone language will be English only.
    Rofs2 is for changing the whole phone language to your own language.

  15. Italian seams the only language missing ( when it will be available? thanks

  16. thx for this new version, appreciate!
    i am facing one problem, cannot start ovi store. Followed the instructions, installed the 4 sisx files, but still stuck on login.
    flashed it again but still the same...
    Any suggestion?

  17. Mr. soni. I want to disable Auto Enable/Disable Auto Power Saver. There any way? I don't like it automatically active.

  18. @Barabba
    It will be soon be available..

    Install the latest qt Nokia Store.

    Install tweaks and then sysap.twk file, then change these settings..

  19. Hi, sorry for my english, but i want to know how you Disable installing of unneeded files from \Private\10202DCE. I've many apps in mass storage who was not recognizing (I didn't a hard reset). thx.

  20. @kabyliefornie
    Please be specific in your question, I couldn't understand you? What's the problem you are facing..?

  21. After flashing with delight 3.6, I can't see apps installed previously in mass storage (I didn't a hard reset). with delight 3.4 this works fine. thx.

  22. @kabyliefornie
    Coz few apps get installed automatically after a flash from 10202DCE folder and I disabled that, unfortunately most of the guys prefer to do that and I put that mod in there.. that can't be reversed.

  23. Well I would say this is just awesome..the moment I heard the news Belle has been delayed to early 2012 I decided to Flash my N8 and first I did it with the Official Belle Files which just wasn't good enough.A friend recommended this to me and I Flashed it again..this is insanely awesome..can't thank you enough.Its the first time I flashed my cell.I need to ask something too..well I installed the 3.6 Version but whenever you give out new ones 3.7,etc do we have to Flash the Phone again or is their just a simpler way to Update ?

  24. And yes apart from the flashing query I have I have a few suggestions as well and as I am a student of Multimedia & Animation I am thinking of making a new boot screen maybe for Delight Belle myself which I would like to send to you directly to add maybe in your next release.So tell me where to contact you directly for the purpose.

  25. @Drego
    I would suggest you would do a clean flash, that means refurbish not update.

    I would love to.., contact me on ashok[dot]soni[at]gmail[dot]com

  26. ohk ! Refurbish it is then..! Now another issue I am encountering..I installed an app named Handy Blacklist to avoid some calls.Tried testing it with another number of mine.When I called the phone vibrates and then goes into a quick reboot.
    Even after uninstalling the app I can't call using the number I earlier blocked.Dunno what to do exactly here and as a suggestion I would say why not introduce a Call and SPAM Message blocking into the next release too.

  27. I think sony don't put third part stuff into release unless considered essential. I think the app isn't compatible with Belle, u may try to install it again then unblock the number and uninstall it.
    When u refurbish u'll lose all your apps, contacts and messages. Refurbish is recomended as Soni said. Soni also suggest to remove the system folders from Mass memory and memory card to let the Delight Belle work fast and without problems. Then u need to reinstall all your stuff manually.

  28. @Gaurav
    The app you are trying to install might not be compatible with Belle and that could be the reason for your problem., I don't think adding a third party app would be a good idea unless it really a useful one for everyone :D

  29. I formatted Mass Memory again and then Refurbished..still I am having the same issue :|

  30. Well after doing some testing I found what the issue is. It is the TRemoveRecTone_s3 patch by Coderus.The moment I turn that on I have the issue & the moment I turn it off I am able to receive calls

  31. @Gaurav
    I don't think I put that patch in my cfw since the tone is already disabled by sysap patch.., anyways I am glad you got it resolved.

  32. Can i share dis tutorial in mah forum ???/

  33. @Pandu Sweet Guy
    Sure mate.. No problem.

  34. is it possible to bring back the official symbian belle ...becase i already installed delight belle..thanks

    1. Just flash with original files and it will be back.