Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Present - Next update ??

I guess you guys must be wondering where I am since the last update.. Well I am here only and I am working on my next release, so you don't need to worry. I am trying to rule over the UDA completely thus it's taking this much time else I would have published it today itself..

My testing will go on and even if I will not be able to achieve my target, I would still release it before Christmas as a Christmas present for you guys.. It will be the best Delight Belle till now. (Things I have been trying to do with it, I think it should be if I will achieve that.)


  1. Brilliant, please in the version Spanish latim

  2. you are greate ur work is greate but my fortune is not with me I with some mistake of myself distroy my n8 and in a dead condition. I submited it to nokia care centre for its revamp and i hope it will be ok.
    In the mean time I have purchased new n8 with anna version 24.1 please help me how can a use ur cfw without harming it. an early repliy appreciated.
    with a lot of regards and love

  3. Thank you for your hard work.
    It'll be a great Christmas present.
    BTW what are you trying with UDA?

  4. Hi bro we know ur silent that means ur going to give a great version. Used so many custom versions but all r not much satisfied like ur versions. Keep it up my indian kohinoor. Merry Christmas and advanced happy new year

  5. @hrjafri
    Flashing Guide is provided mate, use it to flash your N8..

    When it will be released, you will see.. Let's keep it a secret. ;)

    Thanks for your wishes, same to you.. :D

  6. hey it would be grt if you can provide the changelog before publishing :) ..thx