Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Info about my next updates before Nokia's official release of Belle

Some of you don't like transculent widgets added in these last few versions so I will provide a way to get back the default widgets in my next update.

Also before releasing my final v4.0, I will be releasing some minor bug fixes updates in between till Nokia release it's official Belle.. so expect v3.7/v3.8/v3.9 till then.. at least one of them will be released before v4.0 final if Nokia won't be fast enough.. ;)


  1. transculent widgets are great! i love them!! don´t put the old widgets back!

  2. @hvera
    They will be there, don't worry about them.. I will just explain a way to get back to the old widgets if you want.

  3. I love the widgets transparent who have been bold are very good deveria keep putting make a great contribution cuidate

  4. @nicesoni_ash keep up the good work an the people who keep complaining @#$%*& them.
    u r 1 of the best cause i trie all the relaeses of the other moderators an yours is the best.
    im a little broke now big youl always get my credit.

  5. hi nicesoni_ash

    i've been fan of your cfw's since first leaked of belle, i would like to request that do not change the way your cfw handles battery life, im afraid your future releases will be battery hungry cause of your great mods, im currently using your v3.4 and im very satisfied with its performance including battery life. Thanks and more power to you.

  6. hi nicesoni_ash

    My name is Tchesco and I put your CFW's in Portuguese to one's statement on Orkut and a Forum Nokia here in Brazil, there are many people who use and love their CFW's .... comuunidade orkut in nokia N8 has 500 people using the version of PT-BR ..... I want to thank you on behalf of the staff for their great work! # CommMsgs? cmm = 101224068 & tid = 5678091587320179191

    In this community has above average 1,000 comments on his CFW ....

    Congratulations once again!

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