Saturday, December 24, 2011

Info about next version..!!

Good news is that next update is ready, however I have just finished it now, I won't release it right away. It will be under observation for some time for any bugs and all. I couldn't done completely what I was trying to do but only 80 percent work has been done and notification APIs yet can't be transferred to Core except everything..

Thus you still have to flash with a UDA having Notifications APIs to make your push notifications apps like Nokia Drop.. I will keep working on it and hopefully my next version will have that sorted out yet I can't promise that as I am too much stressed out in my personal stuff right now.

For the time being I am posting the change log in change log section and will soon release my next update.

Thank you for your patience.

P.S. You need to keep in mind while reading Change logs that there was nothing special while making this update except a new leak by Taylor thus there won't be too much thrilling changes yet I tried my best to make it the best.


  1. there's typo in changelogs section.
    the title say v3.7 for v3.8

  2. @christantoan
    Thanks for notifying, it's corrected. I must be too tired, I should take some rest.. :D

  3. Hi soni

    A very thanx for your "Domainsrv" work.

    Also i have a question. As you have added "Nokia Store" in core, will the users be able to update it if Nokia realeases a new (They keep realeasing a new one in ever week or two)

  4. plz add farsi language & MeeGo_Maximo theme(: !

  5. Thank you Soni and Merry Christmas!!
    Well, I would suggest to complete your work and then release it, I can imagine it makes the things complicated while translate ROFS2 and for us to reinstall all the stuff in each release, so better to complete it :)
    Take your time and best wishes for a good rest christmas time :)

  6. @Ratnesh
    You will be able to update it anytime, I updated the change log info too so viewers won't get confused.

    Translations will be available later.