Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bug Fount, delayed!!

I just found a bug related to wifi., it's not connecting and keep showing connecting.. Have to find out the problem and cause of that, release will be delayed. :(


  1. :( ;( :( ;( :( ;( :( ;( :( ;( :( ;( :( ;( :( ;(

  2. please have a look to fm transmitter (play music through radio) because i use 3.6 version and i have to hold the phone 10-15 cm close to radio to work. if i hold the phone further, on the frequency selected nothing sounds.

  3. Nokia Store update to v3.20.50 please add this update to your cfw. :)

  4. @tomy boy
    Could be a Belle problem.., not related to my cfw..

    It's going to be there.

  5. I had the same wifi problem, trust me it has nothing to do with your firmware, i guess it is because N8 has Wireless N hardware and if your router does not have N then the phone will have difficulties connecting but it will most of the time, thats what happens to me all the time.