Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Change Fonts on Belle

Here is what you need to do..

First make six copies of your font and rename them as :


Now copy all these copies to C:\resource\fonts\
Now delete C:/private/10003a16/lfonts and restart your phone..

*Do note that this trick will work only from C drive, it's not working from Mass Memory or MMC.

** Credit to Wyatkin1979@ALLNOKIA


How to remove the new fonts and get the old fonts back.

As I see many requests that users aren't able to get back to their old fonts and not able to remove the new fonts so here is the method to do so.

1. Make sure that no app is running in background using these new fonts.
2. Go to resource/fonts and try to rename folder fonts to fontsOLD (or anything).
3. Now try to delete it. If it won't, delete every single file inside the folder and only one file will not delete.
4. Restart your phone and remove the last file also... Your default font will be back..

P.S. If after following the above procedure won't bring your default font back, the only solution would be to flash it again unfortunately so try at your own risk.


  1. In C\resource I have no fonts subfolder... only on Z. What to do?

  2. how to change default fonts from FW before flashing with delight?