Monday, December 19, 2011


Since I was enjoying my weekend far away from all internet activities, I was unaware about the happenings. Well it looks like there is again a leaked latest version of Belle by Taylor again so I guess a new update for Delight is on the way.

I am not sure about whether I will be able to release any translated versions for Delight as I couldn't get any reply from the translator for Delight.. so till then only English version will be released and if I will get some free time other then that, I may try to release few translated version though can't promise about that..

Till then enjoy the already available version.. cya.


  1. hi, great work on the custom firmware :D i have a question. What is the difference between rofs2 chinese and rofs 3 chinese, like what is each used for? Sorry for such an amateurish question. If i want the phone to be able to read and type in chinese along with english, which one would i need?

  2. so disregard your flash tutorial that says replace rofs3 with chinese rofs3?

  3. @jc
    Yes, as replacing rofs3 is for those who need Chinese only for writing purpose.

  4. Soni how the test is going? What's important new in this new leak? :)

  5. @Barabba
    It will take time :(, quite busy.. Heck lot of personal stuff going on .. but will try my best to release it..