Friday, December 16, 2011

It will be published today itself..

Finally able to find out what was wrong and it wasn't a bug, it was my stupid wifi router.. Anyways, since Nokia Store latest version released, I am including that also in my files and most probably it will be here today itself.. .


  1. apologize to you, I discovered a bug in version 3.6 you mean: 3.20 Ovi Store will not run
    do not know if the language of my Vietnam that Ovi did, and when running multiple software and games, then my n8 or not do, and I have done reset n8,
    Version 3.7 does not know your fix, and there are other new features,

  2. nicesoni i have a problem wid belle...wen we short press the shortcuts on homescreen, the application get open widout vibration...this wasnt thr in anna..pls find a solution fr dis thnks