Monday, December 26, 2011

Bugs and Next update??

Some bugs were reported to me in this last release which will be fixed soon. Few goodies will be provided along with a much more cleaned and stable and fast version.. So stay tune.


  1. Hello, first congratulations for the work is great! You will release on PT-BR (Portuguese / Brazil) I am looking forward to install. Happy Holidays.

  2. I havn't been able to experiment with the phone much so dunno what Bugs other bugs etc. were there but I just wish I could get the predicted coming up release on my B'day which happens to be tomorrow..don't think that can happen at all..

  3. @Rafa
    Translations will take time.

    Lol, that's too quick mate..

  4. can you please share the reported bugs to us? because i haven't use the original (not cooked) belle yet. so we can explore it ourselves

  5. hi,
    Thanks Mate, Good work done, updated the phone with ur firmware and it's responding lightning fast, i was just amazed.

    However there are a few glitches i noticed.Hope u could rectify them soon.

    1. Alarm is a must for me. when I go to the time and date screen it gives error about alarm as some audio file with .aac extension not found and there is no way to come out of that screen because the error is constant, we have to switch off the phone then switch on.

    2. The phone automatically re-boots some time randomly.

    3. When I connect my headphones OR external speakers, then the touch screen does not respond. Also I do not get the screen where it ask for the type of cable inserted.

    BTW wish u a very happy Christmas and a happy new year.

  6. @Rio
    Problem in Nokia Reader widget, it's not there after you install it.. I am checking out the UDA, some problem must be there, I am not sure but I am trying to find it out and fix it in next version.

    I added few unwanted files which were not needed, although they don't put any negative impact on your phone yet they don't need to be there so I need to clean them up too..

    @Lalit Nagda
    1. I know that's a bug and that'll be fixed in next version but that's not such a big issue as you are taking it, just change the alarm tone and it will be fine.

    2. I don't face such issue, that could be coz of any app installed or any other problem.

    3. That's also working fine here..

  7. so there's no big issues to be worried about. but i have a problem myself. when i put notification widget, new message opened in inbox (i have changed the sms viewer to conversation) and when i removed the widget, new message opened in conversation. is it the problem with your CFW, the widget, or the belle itself?

  8. @Rio
    Yup, you don't need to be worried about those bugs.

    About notification widget, well I don't know what's the problem, Belle or the widget itself, but definitely not my cfw as this happens with default Belle too.

  9. do you have the installer of notification widget? i want to try reinstalling it

  10. @Rio
    Even if you reinstall it, it will work the same way, don't worry I am sure about that..

  11. Hi,
    Why you hurrying to release new CFW so early let us enjoy older one,just kidding.Always welcome your new CFW though.But it is very boring all the time restoring backup & to install all the application one by one.Last week i update with heartbreaker CFW, man it's boot screen and shut down images were rocking if you have tat much time please do it for us in your next CFW.Hoping to get your new version before 31st dec so i can enjoy 31st night more peacefully than by restoring backup & installing applications once again.Thank you & may god bless you.

  12. @arun You can use AutoSISinstaller to install all aplications

  13. @ds_blog_reader
    Soon I guess, no date yet.. Blog will be updated with such info.

    lol.. I try to fix any bugs if I found one or reported by others, I don't like bad things in my cfw.. that's why.. It should be perfect. Well I don't have enough time unfortunately to spend on any new animation or something. I guess that's a surprise how could I find enough time to release updates so frequently.. :D

  14. Soni I would ask:
    why in the screeshots posted by Taylor in the last leak release the menu icon is different? I was thinking it's connected to the latest leak cheanges.
    In your screenshot there is the date and time in the bottom of the screen, I don't have it in my 3.6 and I think it's useful. Is it present in 3.8 and above versions? Thanks

  15. hi,
    Can you confirm if
    These transitional effects between screen changes and messages are they built into belle or are they added by you additionally.

  16. @Barabba
    1. That's because of the included theme in his cfw.
    2. That's an app for taking screenshot.. called super screenshot.

  17. @Lalit Nagda
    Default Belle's effects are different then the ones added in my cfw..

  18. ashok bhai my homescreens suddenly stop responding..i have to restart my phn everytime to get them working..

  19. how to remove the widget pack from your .UDA? i think the problem of the notification widget is there as we can't delete or edit the setting of the widget if we put it on .UDA

  20. THANKS NICESONI_ASH for such a fast cfw.. previously i used v3.6 this version is no doubt better than that...
    i have problem in messaging conversation view when ever i get a message it is not sorted according tom date(new message should be on top in conversation view) but actually it is not like this i have to find msg downside

  21. Bugs I encountered !

    1.some times the phones just restarts itself
    2.The transition when switching between different home-screens show's a black background which is freaky
    3.System seems a bit slow
    4.On some areas the on screen keyboard doesn't show up (both swype nd the default keyboard )
    5.Would like to see some good ringtones too like your previous versions
    6. Switching between portrait and landscape takes a lot of time i think the blame goes to the transition
    7.In order to run google maps we need to turn on wifi first ,been seeing this bug on all belles versions , can you fix it ?
    8.v3.7 startup sound was much better than the current one (suggestion )

  22. @raj
    I will see what's wrong.

    Check out your date and time settings, it's fine here.

    1. Never faced such problem.
    2. No, it's different here.
    3. Due to some unneeded files, fixed in upcoming update.
    4. Never faced such problem.
    5. Will see about that.
    6. Again, it's too fast here..
    7. Unfortunately, No.
    8. Yeah, more users reported that, it will be back in next version. :D