Saturday, December 3, 2011


I started on my next update and it's in testing phase now.. Will soon update the release date here along with the change log..


  1. we waıt really exciting bro....ı hope you done ıt to day....cause we are really glad to use your cfw...regards...

  2. Thank u mate, here I am about the sound notification while connect and disconnect charger (it happens both times, with all profiles selected). Thank you

  3. @necat
    It will take time as I am putting some more stuff too so I will face few bugs and will keep it under observation too so at least it will take few more days.

    Hardly anyone reported me about that bug, anyways do test the latest one once it will release and then let me know.. :D

  4. thanks so much but i hope you upload update 3.5 now not more day as i love your versions only but this version from original files as seen on Navifirm or olds fils and onec so thanks

  5. @aminking101
    I would better take my time in testing it and releasing it later rather then releasing it in a hurry and then receiving complaints. Don't you think?

  6. @nicesoni_ash

    Of course you're right and I'm waiting for your wonderful and once again thank you very much