Thursday, December 1, 2011

I have got a lot of stuff to include in my next release and I hope you will love it. As it looks like Nokia is not going to release official Belle as soon as we expected due to a leak out on Navifirm by mistake as that was withdrawn as soon as possible by Nokia so I am planning to release my next update on the same leak released by mistake on Navifirm. I read about that and as it is slightly better then the one leaked by Taylor, I guess that would be better.

There will be a number of increase in mods that weren't added by me earlier and I am planning to add restart option in Power button too. I have a lot of stuff to add so I am just organizing it right now and soon will start working on it and once I will start working on it, I will let you know guys about it's releasing date or expected time.

Thanks and Enjoy..


  1. hi nicesoni yeah thats are good news :D.
    but is the version in navifirm not older as yours or im wrong.
    and this firmware is a t-mobile branding :S can u delete all files?

  2. I will try the most probable files that are visible in normal visible mode unless they are hidden somewhere., about old and new.. As that rectified Java problem I guess it should be the latest though I am not sure, but it seems not to have any bug that's not in taylor's leak so I am not worried about that. Also as it seems that Nokia is taking it's time, why shouldn't I release an update to keep you guys busy :P