Thursday, March 1, 2012

Delight v4.1 will be published on

Final publishing date for Delight Belle v4.1 has been decided and it will be available on 03.03.2012...

But before that, I will try to update the Change log section in case anyone wants to know what's coming up with this new update..

Stay tune.. :)


  1. finally :D, im still on delight 3.8 I think and so close to update to 4.0 until you announced 4.1 and with multiple languages, car read/nor speak english but more confortable with spanish. Thank you.

  2. thanks for that nıcesonı...thats great news ..waıtıng changelog....very excıtıng about 4.1...

  3. we are really excıtıng about 4.1...cant waıt to see changelog

  4. I don't know if you are aware of this, but in Nokia Beta Labs is available for download the weather widget for belle, it's a beta, but is somehow official. What I mean, is that if you are planning to integrate the weather widget in v4.1 you should consider use the official one and not the ported from E6 (I think it's E6 can't remember right now).


    1. Yes, I am very well aware about that but next version is already finished and I can't make anymore changes in that.. And it's not a ported one from any other model, it's specially from N8 UDA but a leaked one..

  5. nicrsoni counting the hours for new release like a little child counting thr hours till christmas. Can't wait. Hope you'll get you phone sorted soon. I went through a really bad n97mini which was sent of over 10 times for repair in 7 months. Hope you'll have more luck with your n8 than i had with my 97

  6. Good friend hope this version is multi language and publish the date of this aforesaid, waiting for your firmware 4.1 which is excellent.