Friday, March 2, 2012

One more post ..........

Hey friends..

Just wanted to post a little note before I finally release the next post..

Since it's weekend now and as usual I will be hell busy for next two days, .. I am going to publish it today itself., everything has been organized., the post has been drafted.. Now I just need to take few more screenshots and then put them in the draft to finally publish it.

It's been tested enough yet as I have made few changes in English version, there could be few bugs though I am not expecting anything but you never know.. So do report about them if you find any.

It will be published today about 9 - 10 am..

Till then good night and take care.


  1. Hi good News
    Iam waiting for the release...
    To enjoy this week end with your cfw.

    Pls can u provide the latest ovi store also.. 8)

  2. do you know what i do since i heard you'll release 4.1?
    checking this blog time and time (via pc or my phone), just to make sure 4.1 or you let uas know the change log...
    that's my expectation for your release...
    in my country (indonesia), discussion about your cfw is: about it's stability among others...
    so thank you very much to make such things possible...two thumbs

  3. i'm excited! when will be the download link available?

  4. waiting.. tnx :D