Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wow... Never expected this..

Hey friends..

I am just too excited right now, why?

Well I sent my legal notice to Nokia India today along with an electronic copy to the senior officials of Nokia internationally including Mr. Stephen Elop and guess what, I got a reply from himself assuring me that he will ask his team personally to assist the case.. 

Well as I already said, I never expected this and this all was a totally nice surprise for me.. Now I am sure that my phone will soon be replaced with a perfectly working unit ;)

Meanwhile, don't think that I am not working on next update as I am still testing it right at the moment and it's all going very fine..

Stay tune for more updates :)


  1. good news that my friend

    good, good.

    here in Brazil we are looking forward to your cfw, I own your particularly version 4.1 translated by thesco, relamente excellent.

  2. good news for all....btw how long will it take to hv 4.2 in my phone

  3. Hi, first of all thank you for your brilliant work, it brings my n8 alive...

    Congratulations for your victory.

    will the spanish translation for 4.1 be fixed? or should i wait for 4.2?

  4. i hear ya, i had to do this 4x befor i got a working device.. It stresses you out.. You deserve a fine piece of N8..

  5. While your at it put in your order for a Nokia 808 PureView

  6. Hello nicesoni_ash,
    Could you raise the legal documents that you used? For if in the future, some of us need. Congratulations, good job.

    1. I haven't got any reply from Indian officials yet, it looks like they don't know who is Mr. Stephen even though the reply from him was marked to the them through CC. I am waiting for their reply and the outcome of this mail.

      It was not special but a normal mail explaining what had happened to me and in the end, I wrote that if the problem won't be resolved within a week I will file a legal case which I will for sure if there won't be a reply from them now.

      However if you still need that mail or the layout of that, I can post that but later once the matter resolved.

      My case is different also as I got my money refunded for my old N8 for the same Purple tint issue.

      Now let's wait and see.