Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nokia Service Center and my N8 :(

Hey friends..

Well the good news is that my N8 is with me now, however the bad news is that it's not well.. :((

Story goes like this..

I got a call from Nokia center that my handset has been repaired and I can collect it, I went there and checked it and as expected it was a swapped handset with my old body. Well other then that they physically damaged my handset and purple tint issue was back there was no problem.. >:(

Anyways I had pretty hot arguments with the head of that center and eventually my phone's body was replaced with a new one and as well as display too which at the moment satisfied me as there was no purple tint issue visible.

Now I am sitting at my home and was flashing Delight Belle v4.1 for final testing purpose and it struck me again, I tested it for few more examples of purple tint issue and there it is, slight purple tint issue is still there., grrrrr... I am really pissed off now.

I will visit them again tomorrow for the same cause but you don't worry, Delight's next version will be published before or on the same date as promised.

Let's just hope that this time my phone will be perfectly fine.



  1. Even i replaced my Screen because of Purple Tint issues.. They gave me warranty of the screen. But still sometime I can see the tint.. it goes after a restart.. These faulty screens are by Samsung

    1. I know mate and that's why I am visiting them again tomorrow..

  2. I had my share of misery with nokia care to :(
    this is my fourth swap, !! do i had never heart about a color issue in the display.
    you got ya phone back very quickly i must say, less than 2 weeks is not done here!!
    1 of my phones even left the country [Netherlands] and went all the way to a care station in: Tsjechiƫ.

    o well, hope you got it fixed soon.

  3. I started having the tint problem with belle. The tint problen only shows when the sceen is dimmed, no biggie. The same thing happened in my dads E7. No tint problem before belle, but now it's there.

    1. The stupid swapped handset they provided me has the same problem. When it goes from dim light to full brightness, purple tint came for a split of second and then it goes normal again.