Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost Finished.

Ok.., My blog is ready and updated with latest release, so a big burden is down .. Now a few improvements here and there. Blog will be updated with more stuff like extra mods/patches/stuff I could find. They may be added to my custom firmwares or posted as standalone. Some patches/mods/stuff may not be added in my custom firmwares but can be upon further requests so don't hesitate to ask for.

It won't be updated as fast as normal blogs but I would try my best to keep it posted with all the happenings related to my further updates. As few of you generous people offered me for donations, I would think about adding that function in near future.

Keep checking for updates and if a proper credit being not added (reasons could be anything), please let me know and I will try to add it asap.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Delight Belle - v3.4 released on 19.11.2011

This latest release is a day older as this blog created after a day then my latest release.

N8 - PR3 - Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v3.4 released on 19.11.2011

If you want to use my files as a base to your cfw, kindly ask for my permission first, it's a lot of hard work so do respect that..

As this version is based on a latest leak by Taylor you have to download all files doesn't matter what version of Delight Belle you have. Also I will start posting my custom firmwares starting from v3.4 not earlier versions as most of the viewers coming here are aware about my earlier versions and they would be seeking the latest.

Bugs fixed 
  •  Needed to set power saver on when connected your handset to HDMI output.
  • Wallpaper stays even after you disconnect your device from your PC if the image is in Mass Memory.
Change Log from v3.3 
  • Theme effects by andrenlsbr+BlackDare.
  • DEffects restored with original Belle Theme effects.
  • Most of the widgets are semi-transparent now.
  • Digital Clock with bold font for hour so it will look stand alone.
  • 50% CPU power for alfappserver.exe. More will weaken your battery power, It's best now.
  • Beautiful ring tone is back as default ring tone and Cute Sms tone is back as default message tone for Delight profile .
  • Nokia Sleeping screen saver v1.03.
  • Image Sliding theme effect replaced with default theme effect for that action.
  • Latest Qt Nokia Store without any bugs in UDA.
  • No Social app to save C drive space.
  • No Nokia Music Store. Install it from Here.
  • Latest Nokia Maps with my location widget added to UDA.
  • Ability to uninstall Adobe Reader and Quickoffice to save more space in C if you don't need these apps.
  • Default analog clock widget is back with bigger analog clock widget as separate widget.
  • No restart option in power menu as latest sysap mod is not supported with latest leak.
  • Restart option is available when you press Power key until you feel vibration once.
About translated rofs2 
  • Maps v3.08 is still in English.
  • Pre-installed folders are still in English, you must rename them yourselves in your own language.
  • You must download the latest Core/UDA file to install v3.4, doesn't matter what language.

Installation instructions:
  • Download my Flashing tutorial.
  • It’s better to remove everything from your Mass memory other than your personal stuff before flashing this cfw..

Download Delight Bell v3.4

English only but needed for all other languages too.

Fixed UDA (Replace the original UDA with this file)

Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs3 with writing languages other then English

Translated Rofs2

Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 with German
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Arabic
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Czech
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Danish
Delight Belle v3.4 ROFS2 in Dutch
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in French
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 with Polish
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Brazilian Portuguese
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 with Spanish
 Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Hungarian
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Greek
Delight Belle v3.4 ROFS2 in Russian
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 with Thai
Delight Belle v3.4 ROFS2 in Serbian
Delight Belle v3.4 ROFS2 in Swedish
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Turkish
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Finnish
Delight Belle v3.4 ROFS2 in Indonesian
Delight Belle v3.4 ROFS2 with Chinese
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Romanian
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 with Portuguese
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Malay
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 in Vietnamese
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 with Italian
Delight Belle v3.4 ROFS2 with Slovakian
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 with Latvian
Delight Belle v3.4 Rofs2 with Bulgarian

Full Features

  • 213+ MB Free in C:
  • English Language only.
  • 135MB+ free RAM at Startup.
  • Menu structure reorganized - Better then previous. - Default menu organized here. Extract to your C drive.
  • Welcome message disabled.
  • No more Ovi activation screen after startup, it’s disabled.
  • Added folder Patches.
  • Change Startup animation & tone location to C:\data\Animations with special and unique Delight Belle startup animation.
  • Shutdown animation and tone removed.
  • New special and unique Delight Belle startup animation.
  • Original N9 startup tone added as startup tone.
  • Send protected files from default file browser.
  • Added Installserver (for installing apps with any privileges, never been posted anywhere before by CodeRUS)
  • Video Editor and Photo Editor moved to Rofs from UDA so that they will exist even after a hard reset.
  • Messaging settings Predefined.
    Character Encoding to Full.
    New messages will open in Inbox directly, not in conversation.
    Sent messages storage capacity increased to 2000.
    Delivery reports Enabled.
    Text message characters increased up to 4590 characters, default is 1530.
  • General and Meeting Profiles modded by default.
General Profile name changed to Delight.
Beautiful tone.mp3 added as default ringtone for Delight profile.
Cute sms.mp3 added as default SMS tone for Delight profile.
Vibration alert set to on, Ringing volume is default, Keypad tones set to level 1
Warning tones set to on and Touch Screen Vibration set to level 1.
Beep Twice.aac added as default tone for Meeting profile.
Ringing type set to Ringing, Keypad tones disabled, Ringing volume set to level 7
Vibration alert set to on and Touch screen vibration disabled
  • Removed few processes from startup thus making startup a bit faster as well as save more RAM.
  • Theme Effects added from C:\data\Animations\Effects.
  • Time format is 12 hours.
  • Set Camera capture tone off by default and E drive as default for saving pictures and videos taken from camera.


  • Ability to remove first Home Screen if more than one Home Screen available.
  • Maximum of 10 Home Screens now.
  • Only Messaging and Contacts will remain in memory after exit. (I want them to start fast as well as they start at startup).
  • No Vibration on Key lock. (Restore Default from here.)
  • Call summary on by default.
  • Call duration on by default.
  • Equalizer editing mod (Latest and perfect).
  • Fixed GPRS/WiFi information in Logs.
  • Alphabetic-numeric keyboard writing delay for writing letters changed from 1s to 0.4s.
  • Alphabetic-numeric keyboard delay for writing number changed from 0.6s to 0.2s.
  • Display light time out is half an hour now.
  • FOTA removed.
  • Few applications volume increased to maximum.
  • No camera process in background.
  • Voice Recorder - Set Recording Quality to High, Duration to 12hours and storage to E drive.
  • Camera tone off option added.
  • Browser's cache moved to E:\ and set the amount to 32MB.
  • Music Gallery Folders - Music player will only search for files in E:\Music, F:\Music.
  • Fast Screen Rotation.
  • The FM Transmitter now sends RDS "Nokia N8" and not just "Nokia".
  • Java Permission Mod (Just change the settings from App Manager and no more annoying pop ups in Java Apps).
  • Custom Logs Age Mod - Mod for changing days for storing logs. Enter your own value now. :).
  • Java Fix added.
  • Modded Device Manager info (only Custom firmware areas modified).
  • Added in suffix in browser - for Indian sites.
  • Disabled "allow *widget* to access network?" query (always yes).
  • Shutdown animation is removed and you can't get it back.
  • Big Analog clock widget added as separate widget and old analog widget present too.
  • Most of the widgets are transparent now.
  • Removed captions under shortcuts from Home Screen. (Restore From here)
  • Ovi Maps sync files are in UDA so synching is working.
  • Unlimited Alarm tone time.
  • No request windows while using USSD e.g. while checking balance.
  • Turn Off Predictive Text Input by default.
  • The rate of 50 frames per second.
  • 50% CPU power for alfappserver.exe.
  • Rendered OpenGL ES2.0.
  • Unlimited cache.
  • Added server for GPS.
  • Resume broken downloads in web browser.
  • Added User Define Call Image by default while calling in Anna style.
  • Improve Call Handset and Loud Speaker Volume.
  • Delight N8 as default bluetooth name
  • Tactile Feedback (Phone vibrates once after call connected).

Notifications Related Mods

  • Divert Call Notification disabled.
  • "Use Bluetooth in Offline mode?" query disabled.
  • "Use Wi-Fi in offline mode?" query disabled.
  • Play via radio turned on/off notifications disabled.
  • No more snoozed notifications once you select snooze.
  • No more 'Done' notification when using USSD.

Added applications

  • RomPatcher+ 3.1 (with working Autostart)
  • Nokia Sleeping screensaver v1.03 - Screensaver (in UDA)
  • Nokia Maps v3.08(139)
  • Nokia Ovi Store v3.18.036
  • Qt Components v1.1 added to rofs so Sleep Screen can work perfectly and other qt apps.

Applications removed from UDA

  • Photo Editor and Video Editor (Moved to rofs)
  • Nokia Ovi Maps (Latest version added to rofs)
  • Shazam
  • Youtube Launcher
  • Topapps
  • Microsoft Communicator
  • Nokia Social and Social Widget
  • Nokia Music Store

24 Writing Languages

English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Malay and Indonesian.


Il.Socio - Rompatcher and other small big suggestions.
CodeRUS - A lots of mods..
Sklchan - Few cenrep mods
the_one.89 - Writing language files
Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
andrenlsbr/BlackDare - Theme effects
witcher3 - Menu organized
Taylor - For providing us the raw stuff
hotboy_ist - Big Analog clock widget
freaxs_r_us - Delight Team Member (Translator)
karasss - Widgets Mod
and everyone who helped me in one way or another..

Hope you enjoy this version too.. :D
Post your views, suggestions or any bug report... Thanks.

Kindly check the FAQ file for your troubles and if you don't get the answer of your problems in there, than only put your question here.


Delight Blog is up.

Since too many members asking for different things as per to their taste in my Delight custom firmwares, I have decided to open up a blog for the same purpose.

Here all my latest custom firmwares will be published along with other major or minor goodies pack.

Here you can put all your request to fulfill, request for translations or any other interest and I will try my best to fulfill them.

So enjoy your stay here and get what you really deserved for your beloved N8.