Change Logs N8

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Delight Belle v6.4
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.
Space: 158mb free on C:
Ram: 130mb
- increased maximum MMS size
- profile symbols
- X-Plore more rights mod
- new Applauncher widget mif
- new operator widget mif

- SMS Themer app (Delight exclusive)
- added Transbelle Lighthouse Theme (Z:\)
- added Unit converter app from s60v5
- added GPS Info app from s60v5

- updated menumatrix to show Unit converter in Organiser / GPS Info in Navigation
- Updated to latest MiniCMD version
- removed some double files, entries and unneeded folders
- moved a lot of folders and files to ROFS1
- fixed SMS bug of Delight App skin location changer
- fixed semi-transparent favourite contacts widget
- deleted Weather widget and all resources
- Email widget Delight style font white
- Note widget Delight style font white

- ROFS2 smaller of 7MB / ROFS3 bigger 7MB - Firmware still update-able - OLD FILES NOT COMPATIBLE ANYMORE
- added writing files ROFS3's like in other Delights for optional writing files

- updated Delight App to 1.2.2
- updated Delight Theme

- updated and fixed, thanks to Allstar12345
Delight Belle v6.3
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

- removed USA tethering mod by the.one89, it's not needed on N8
- FP1 taskmanager effects fix by  iFOX-G03
- removed Lighthouse - Transbelle theme
- moved mirror widget skins to C & added mirror skins to DelightApp/Resolver/Selector
- Note widget small as extra widget, thanks Robo3737
- Webview widget small 4*3 by huellif
- Anna email widget (1 line) by Robo3737
- themes are now in Menu/Tools/System
- FP2 avkon2.mif by mahindar (some more modern system icons)
- PtiEngine mod (ShortMultiTap + removed popup fader)
- new installserver.exe with log by CODeRUS instead of no log version
- Delight Theme made by LAO STIA
- Delight conversation skin by Cahjoss
  it replaces the default conversation skin in messages. Use the DelightApp to change skins on-the-fly
- Updated to latest MiniCMD version
- removed Delight exclusive apps (Resolver, Backup, Restore & Updater) from the menu
Added DelighApp:
- one QML Ui for all Delight exclusive apps + new features
- added FP2 widget skins option to selector
- added 3x4 and 4x5 menu options to selector
- FAQs (Delight FAQ & Backup&Restore FAQ)
- Help
- latest CFW changelogs (N8/C7 v6.X & 808 v1.X)

thanks for all supporters of DelightApp: 

- Paul
- Anand
- Dickson
- Stefan
- Maciej
- Lucas
- Marco

thanks for (your help with) MiniCMD:
- Just Fancy
- xCape
- Marco

- replaced Delight effects with Slidemania v2 by Allstar12345

Delight Belle v6.2
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.
  • single Contact communication widget
  • Webview widget
  • Stopwatch widget
  • Mirror widget
  • new icons for Delight backup, restore & resolver, thanks to our friend BelleXDesigns
  • WebbrowserFix by hqnqvn
  • WinRar v1.01
  • Text under HS-Icons on/off .sis installer (in C:/data, standard is set to no text), thanks the.one89


    • web link in dialer by long press on 0
    • language cleaner in resolver by making it compatible to all language sets, thanks freaxs_r_us for fixing every single ROFS2 for this.
  • Updated:
    • Nokia Store v3.30(18)
    • Message fix
    • X-Plore update to v1.6
  • Themes:
    • added TransLighthouse Belle theme

Delight Belle v6.099
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • The greek capital letter "Δ" (delta) was missing in the font
  • Renaming profile was fixed
  • Gallery exclude /effects folder mod
  • Fixed spanish & latin american spanish & finnish widget list
  • 5 pages symbols mod translated to ALL languages 
  • Translate commlauncher in widget list
  • Fix translation of Email small / 1 line in all languages
  • Fixed chinese and taiwan chinese and ready for FIRST release
  • Gallery doesn't show broken img's anymore
  • Show hidden apps done
  • Delight Menu now changeable through resolver
  • Tethering for USA enabled
  • 22 Equalizer sets added by viral
  • Easy "updater" app by huellif
  • X-Plore default language set to english
  • Fixed effects issues
  • Gallery widget skin now runs from C:\ (it's included into resolver Skin Switcher) 
  • Erased pre-set feeds
  • Added Delight Blog posts feed & Delight Blog comments feed
  • Some other small fixes

Delight Belle v6.0
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • Integrated ROMPatcher 3.1 (incl. Domainsrv autostart)
  • Integrated installserver.exe
  • Modded autostart (removed system apps), added ROMPatcher
  • Full close system apps
  • Added useful ROMPatches
  • ID3 and EQ editor mods
  • added ported Anna and S^3 screensavers (Animation, Slideshow and Music Player)
  • Anna soundparameters and more volume
  • No keylock vibration (removable, check delight FAQ in Additional Files folder)
  • Tacticle feedback while calls (removable, check delight FAQ in Additional Files folder)
  • Delight animation and sound in C:\data\Animations\, you can replace/remove it
  • Use startup.mif/.mp3 and shutdown.gif/.mp3 and enable warning sound in active profile.
  • Unlocked menu (create subfolders and rename apps)
  • Akncapserver mod
  • No USB popups
  • Fast theme switcher
  • Reduced Qt popupfader
  • No Ovi signup/SMS
  • FP1/2 taskmanager
  • Symbols in powerbuttons
  • Filemanager extender mod
  • Smilies across all applications
  • Predic on E
  • Exclusive delight theme effects in e:\effects, big thanks to our team member Allstar12345
  • Swipolicity mod (more rights)
  • Heapsize and Closing delay mod
  • Strategist camera mod (small size, high quality)
  • No active diverts
  • Music folder search in E:\music\ and F:\music\
  • Skip e:\effects in Gallery
  • Music Player Heapsize 30MB
  • Infinite Browser cache on D:\
  • Voice Recorder mod (5 hours max, 256kbit/s)
  • Sysap.exe 3.0 by CODeRUS (restart via power menu, disabled all popups)
  • No lock/unlock vibration
  • Unlimited SMS sending retries
  • Send protected files
  • Java permissons mod
  • ported FP1 keyboardskin
  • extended maxiumum SMS length to maximum
  • Nokia Pure font (we will integrate delight font in next update)
  • added Slippery Scrolling mod (you can remove it via deleting C:\private\10202be9\persits\20021192.cre
  • modified CPU and GPU config (for best batterie time)
  • By default one empty homescreen with Delight wallpaper, max. 10
  • Disabled product improvment
  • Disabled screensaver
  • Delight menu, A-Z order
  • Disabled charching notes
  • Light time-out 600 secons
  • Screen/keylock time-out 10 minutes
  • Disabled FOTA cache
  • Dialer & FM landscape
Applications Removed:
  • Nokia Social
  • F-Secure
  • Youtube
  • Nokia Music
  • Joikuspot
  • Microsoft Communicator
  • NFC tutorial
  • Adobe Reader
  • Quickoffice
New Applications:
  • Updated Nokia Store to latest
  • Modified backup & restore and resolver from original delight are included
  • X-Plore (with custom settings and icon by BelleXDesigns)
  • Connectivity Analyzer
  • WebSearch Ultimate Lite
  • Internet Radio
  • SIP VOIP extended settings
  • MIFEditor (hidden from menu)
Widgets Added:
  • Anna Notifications (incl. Belle Icons)
  • Anna Notifications 2*2
  • Calendar small
  • Clocks: analogue – small, profile, small digital, text small
  • Contacts: mini, comms
  • Small: DLNA server, WIFI, FM-Transmitter
  • Internet Radio
  • Mail One Line and Two Line
  • Music player, compact
  • Search and Search Mini in ROFS
  • Vertu Apps Launcher
  • Skins from:
  • Xinox
  • Kang Shao
  • SelvaSathyam
  • You can replace all skins which are in C:\resource\apps with your own (without wasting RAM via joshlog/iChris patch).
  • To restore default/delight skins check Delight resolver documentation.
  • Some widgets need joshlog or flashing: all email, all contacts and bookmarks widget.

Delight Belle v5.2
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • Nokia Store, Nokia Drop and Nokia Pulse removed from CORE.
  • Few more settings added in Backup and Restore scripts.
  • Song Metadata editing.
  • 10 more writing languages added to Writing Languages ROFS3.
  • ROFS3 updated so you can flash with English ROFS2 and Writing Languages ROFS3.
  • New Digital Clock.
  • New Theme Effects added.
  • New Power Key Menu with Symbols for all options. Mod by 7b - modded for English by me.
Bugs fixed. 
  • No Wifi option for positioning methods. Fixed Now.
  • Fix Backup and Restore scripts. (MyExplorer spelling mistake).
  • VPN Issue fix.
  • Hindi Dictionary was there in all languages. Fixed now.
Know Bugs
  • Text to Speech Reader crashing due to conflict with Microsoft email app - Have to look into it again :(

Delight Belle v5.1
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • Digital Footmark Quick Lock v0.02(0) (Can be removed now)
  • EmulOFF v1.00 in CORE  (Can be removed now)
  • Default Belle Video Player is back. Too many requests for the same.
  • New FM Radio Widget added.
  • Patched installserver.exe moved to C:\sys\bin\..
  • Removed compact email widget and added new mini email widget.
  • New Mail application from Microsoft Business Apps bundle.
  • Gallery widget blurriness issue fixed.
  • Four page symbol mod. (Your font must have these symbols) (Only for English ROFS2)
  • Mod to provide more RAM to most of your apps and improve performance.
Bugs fixed
  • Theme Effects were shown in Gallery widget and Wallpaper selection. Fixed now.

Delight Belle v5.0
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • C drive - 210+ MB after flash .. and 220+ after hard reset. 
  • Camera app process left alone so camera app can be started soon enough cause of so many requests.
  • All apps and mods will remain after a hard reset except Quickoffice and Adobe PDF reader as they are in UDA. They can be removed through application manager.
  • Phone memory will be shown as Phone memory instead of NC** in your PC when you connect it in USB mode. - Thanks to Surghikov for the trick ;) 
  • Push to notifications apps will work even after a hard reset.
  • New Gallery Widget from Nokia 808 ported by erorcun (with Semi Transparent Borders from joshlog)
  • Latest Nokia Maps Suite v2.0 v3.00(95) - For more info. (Only in English version)
  • Check-In added as an extra component with Latest Maps.(It's not available in latest Nokia Maps) (Only in English version)
  • Latest Nokia Weather Widget v18.01(5). (Few reported problems in Beta labs version, you can always install the leaked one from here.) - Do note that you need to put modded installserver.exe from your C:\data\ to C:\sys\bin and then install it else you will get Component Built in error. ;)
  • Guardian app (Free Edition) in CORE. Protection from removing it after a restart or even after a hard reset (called shadow copying, not available in official release). Also disabled checking for updates after 15 days (Restriction in Free Edition in official version) - For more info, check FAQ.
  • Nokia Drop v1.04(12101) in CORE, upgradable. Can be uninstall through application manager. (Only in English version)
  • Nokia Pulse v0.09(2) in CORE, upgradable. (Only in English version)
  • Digital Footmark Quick Lock v0.02(0) in CORE, upgradable.
  • EmulOFF v1.00 in CORE.
  • LanternSoft AlarmClock Screensaver v1.00(0) in CORE, upgradable. Can be uninstall through application manager.
  • Delight Belle Blog's RSS added.
  • Latest Nokia Store v3.24.050 in CORE, upgradable. Can be uninstall through application manager. (Only in English version)
  • Whole new script for Backup and Restore. A separate document will be available for more explanation about it with the official release of Delight Belle v5.0.
  • New tool introduced called Delight Resolver that will help you to sort out minor/major problems yourself. (It will also gives you an option to backup your registry so once you hard reset or flash your handset, your apps in E drive won't be gone). A separate document will be available for more explanation about it with the official release of Delight Belle v5.0.
  • Phone_as_modem.iso is in E drive now so saving 7+MB from your C drive.
  • Set performance and battery usage to medium so it won't be lagging as well as won't consume too much battery result in better battery power management.
  • Backup/Restore and Resolver apps icons moved to Tools - Xtras.
  • Times of restart your device after flashing for further processes reduced to one from two.
  • Unwanted images in Wallpaper selection and gallery widget walls selection fixed. No more unwanted images in Gallery, Wallpaper selection and Gallery Widget walls selection. 
  • Two new patches added to RomPatcher+.
1. RemoveHashCheck - will help you to run apps after a flash or hard reset which were in your E drive that you don't need to reinstall. Just take a backup of your registry and then restore it using Resolver and your apps will be there as it is.. Just run it. This patch will help in that. It will avoid system to check hash values for C:\sys\hash.. More info in Resolver document.
2. Installserver Patch v1.7 - Avoid most common Nokia Smart Installer error "Download Failure". You can now install any app easily which needs Nokia Smart Installer without afraid of download failure. Do remember that installserver.exe patched by CodeRus moved to C:\data\ so in case you want that, you can simply put it in C:\sys\bin and you are good to go, though then you may face Download Failure error while installing apps through Nokia Smart Installer which you can avoid using your GPRS/3G data connection instead of Wifi.
  • Some default Belle ringtones removed to gain more space. Get them from Downloads section.
  • More changes will be added later. 
Bugs fixed
  • Bug of problem of Nokia Maps navigation voice coming from headset fixed.
  • Battery consumption was too high, Fixed now.
  • My Location and Places Widgets added. Missing in earlier version.
Bugs known
  • Sometimes after a restart, Nokia Login screen can come up asking your info. Just enter your info and all will be fine. This happens 1 out of 20 times.(Faced only once)

Delight Belle v4.1
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • This firmware is based on necy's CORE (21.02.2012) with NFC related files removed so the battery life surely feels a lot improved.
  • New Animation Screensaver (to set Gif as Screensaver) from Anna by Lovelas
  • Anna Video Player by Kalininvs (Read FAQ to know how to get Belle Video Player back)
  • More widgets.
  • 2 Big Clocks (One default and other one is Plangi BigClock Widget by IND190) + 1 Mechanical Clock + 1 Medium Clock + 1 Small Clock = 5 Analog Clocks
  • Nokia Notifications Support Package v1.04(31206) integrated.
  • Nokia Maps Suite v2.0 (21-02-2012) integrated. (Only for English Version) For more info.
  • Two New Small Email Widgets by Lovelas (Small one may not work sometimes, bug in the widget itself so don't report)
  • Adobe Reader and Quick office (from original Belle UDA) added and can be removed through application manager.
  • Alarm.twk and Sysap.twk are in E:\Tweaks-Plugins. Install Tweaks and set their options manually. (Tweaks Homepage)
  • Default Big screensaver changed if you set your clock in Digital mode.
  • Loudspeaker set as the default speaker for Beep tone.
  • When you press menu in lock mode and rotate your handset, locked screen will rotate according to that and will stay the same.
  • Any profile's name can be edited now.
  • All new widgets including few older ones are in C drive now so it's easy to install a new one or change their mif files.
  • Phone_as_modem.iso is being moved to your E:\System\ as Delight.iso so about 8 MB of C drive is free and yet you are able to use your N8 as modem.
  • Rename any ISO you want to mount on your PC and name it as Delight.iso and put it in E:\System\ then connect your handset in "Use phone as modem" mode and that new ISO will be mounted.
  • Nokia Pulse v0.91.21 added to CORE. (Only in English version)
  • Newly installed widgets are organized in proper alphabetical way.
  • I will update this list as I may missed some more changes .. ;D
Bugs fixed
  • QML apps crashing bug fixed while dropping top bar e.g. Nokia Store.
  • Battery consumption was too high, Fixed now.
  • Push to Notification libraries are fixed. All Push to notification related app works just fine.
  • When on Nokia store, icons of WLAN doesn't show up on top bar - Fixed.

Delight Belle v4.0
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • 216+MB in C drive. Remove "Phone_as_modem.iso" if you don't use your N8 as Modem from C:\private\2000fda7\ and you will have 7mb more space.
  • Auto Lock time set to 2 minutes.
  • Nokia Maps Suite v2.0 (Nokia Maps v3.09). For more info. - Will only be available in English version.
  • Start up Tone Changed.
  • Read/Write Full access to c:\ drive (instead of just c:\data) from original Belle File manager.
  • Disabled the query dialog when you save a site certificate.
  • Sms sending retries to unlimited, when the sending got error.
  • Allow applications renaming in menu and creating folder under folder.
  • Push to Notification files exist even after a hard reset so apps like Nokia drops etc will work even after a hard reset.
  • New Fonts with bigger smiley size.
  • Jinhao Theme Effects v3.
  • Backup and Restore options added. (Check FAQ for more info.)
  • Alarm and Syasap Tweaks Plugins added to E:\Tweak-Plugins.
  • Phone as Modem functionality added to UDA.
  • All v3.9 widgets + new widgets.
  • Few Translucent widgets of DAEVA112. (Check FAQ on how to get default Widgets back)
  • New Notification widget with Black icons by kalininvs
  • Translucent Small Calender widget by Novag with orange and white font.
  • New Compact Email widget by kalininvs.
  • Small Analog widget by L0VELAS.
  • Small Contact widget by L0VELAS.
  • Blue Toggle widgets from Zinox
  • Transparent Mechanical Clock widget by Zinox.
  • Playing location of the "Beep" tone changed to loudspeaker.
  • New Slide Animation Screensaver from Anna by L0VELAS.
  • New B&W Music Player Screensaver from Anna by L0VELAS.
  • No Nokia Store, no Nokia Social.. Install them manually.
  • I will update this list as few stuff is still missing here.. ;D
Bugs fixed
  • Nokia Social widget was not visible even after manually installing Social, it's fixed now.

Delight Belle v3.9
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • 218+MB in C drive.
  • Nokia Sleeping Screen removed.
  • White Digital Clock Widget with Black Font by Baroda.
  • Transparent Digital Clock Widget with White Font added as an extra widget.
  • Transparent Profile Widget added as an extra widget.
  • Transition effects from Delight v3.4.
  • All widgets are now free from any instance restriction. i.e. Place any number of the same widget on any home screen or on the same home screen.
  • UDA is cleaned and now has only Push to Notification related files thus more C drive space..
  • Nokia Store is in UDA now.
  • All Belle default ringtones back now.
  • All widgets will be there even after a hard reset.
  • GPS location locking is fastest as ever, in my phone within 2 seconds.
  • Rofs2 is cleaned with unwanted stuff. (That may not concern you but it was needed)
  • New Delight Startup tone from v3.7 is back again. - Provided by freaxs_r_us
  • New Quickoffice package unlike the posted ones and I made it with the files available in original UDA thus it's the latest one. 
  • Default fonts will be there as I couldn't get the font I wanted to put fixed, though it will be available in Downloads section and you can use that with apps like Somyac Font Zoomer.
  • More will be added soon as I am trying to recall what changes I have made.. ;D
Bugs fixed
  • Some tones were missing and the error was there cause of that. Fixed now.
  • Nokia Reader Widget is back after installing it and every notification releated app works fine.

Delight Belle v3.8
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • 220 MB in C drive. 
  • No Mass Memory clean up in this version.
  • Everything is in Core except Notification APIs i.e. means you have to flash everytime with UDA to get apps like Nokia Drops to work else after hard reset everything is working fine.
  • Nokia Store v3.20(50) added to CORE.
  • Nokia Social v1.03(237) removed. Get it from Downloads section.
  • Nokia Music Store removed. Get it from Downloads section.
  • Quickoffice and Adobe PDF Reader removed. Get them from Downloads section.
  • All new widgets will be there even after a hard reset including all old ones.
  • Domainsrv will be there even after a hard reset.
  • Nokia Maps registry files will be there even after a hard reset thus there won't be any Feature not supported error.
  • Belle default ringtones removed to get more space. Get them from Downloads section.
  • Edit option will be there in Gallery even after a hard reset, so does Nokia Maps synching files.
  • New Black Digital Clock Widget by Boroda.
  • Translucent Weather Widgets By Boroda.
  • Translucent Music Widgets By Boroda.
  • ** I may have missed few changes yet which I will update in future as my PC is a mess right now and I can't find out what's where.

Delight Belle v3.7
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

  • Mass Memory automatically will be cleaned.
  • Nokia Store v3.20(50) added to UDA.
  • Nokia Social v1.03(237) with Widget added to UDA.
  • Nokia Music Store added to UDA.
  • Needed files moved to CORE so no problem in installing Nokia Store after a Hard reset.
  • My Location Widget will install automatically after first boot up.
  • Notification Widget will install automatically after first boot up.
  • Search Widget v3.02(6) will install automatically after first boot up.
  • Nokia Maps Sync Problem resolved, no need to do anything manual now.
  • Video Editor and Picture Editor plugins will install automatically after a hard reset.
  • Allow rename applications in Menu - Mod by iExtraX7 added.
  • Keylock Vibration mod moved to C drive so it can be restored easily. Read FAQ for more info.
  • Tactile Feedback mod moved to C drive so it can be restored easily. Read FAQ for more info.
  • Kinetic Scrolling mod moved to C drive so it can be restored easily. Read FAQ for more info.
  • andrenlsbr + BlackDare + djmy19881225 Effects.
  • New Delight Startup tone - Thanks to freaxs_r_us.
Bugs fixed
  • Notification widget works even after enabling c2z4bin Patch.
  • Nokia Store doesn't crash while installing apps through it. 

Delight Belle v3.6

  • Latest Nokia Store v3.20(44) added to UDA.
  • After installing future Nokia store, it won't crash after pulling down the notification top bar.
  • Connection pop up mod removed from the core file., Use it with c2z4bin if you want to use it.
  • Existed c2z4bin patch in Core replaced by New c2z4bin fixed by iExtraX7.
  • C Drive space extended to 207.** mb.
  • Theme effects still same but effect for options popup replaced.

Delight Belle v3.5

  • 206 MB free space in C drive.
  • 134+ MB free RAM.
  • Restart option with logo.
  • Disabled cleaning Log after changing SIM.
  • Disabled notification when changing profile from Offline to any.
  • Disable notifications about power saving events.
  • Power Saving enabled/disabled automatically according to battery power.
  • FM Transmitter notification popups disabled.
  • Disabled call recording beep by default without Rompatcher patch
  • Full access to system folders without RomPatcher by default.
  • Switch off and Reboot speed boosted to maximum.
  • Removed shutdown animation feature. You cant return it back.
  • Sysap in Portrait mode always.
  • New Rompatcher+ Patches
  • Alarm Snooze Time 10 minutes.
  • Calender Event snooze time 10 minutes.
  • Alarm and Calender default tones changed.
  • Auto Lock Phone increased to 2 Minutes.
  • Headset is default now in Accessory settings.
  • MyNokia is hidden from Menu.
  • Display Brightness is 80%.
  • Video Player volume to maximum now.
  • Smoothness in Video Rendering increased up to three times.
  • RAM and Drive Memory threshold settings Changed.
Good RAM Threshold - 133 mb. - Set to 110 mb.
Low threshold for RAM  - 100 mb. Set to 80 mb.
Low threshold of disk space where a warning issued is 95% - Increased to 98%.
Time interval for which the program should crash increased to double.
  • File manager backup settings predefined if you have an MMC in your N8.
Backup Content. Messages, Contacts, Calender events, bookmarks.
Daily at 6.30AM.
  • Disabled installing of unneeded files from \Private\10202DCE.
  • USB OTG notifications disabled.
  • Return Discreet Popup of Connection.
  • New Analog Clock by zinox
  • Notification Widget by Peoresnada. (Ported by kalininvs).
  • Nokia Maps updated to latest v3.08 (140) wk45.
  • New theme effects by Jin Hao + HS switches effect by John CHN.
  • Perfect UDA. All notifications related apps working fine e.g. Nokia Drop/Reader/CNN etc.
Bugs fixed
  • F-secure Anti theft working fine now. - Special thanks to dude2009

Delight Belle v3.4

  • Theme effects by andrenlsbr+BlackDare.
  • DEffects restored with original Belle Theme effects.
  • Most of the widgets are semi-transparent now.
  • Digital Clock with bold font for hour so it will look stand alone.
  • 50% CPU power for alfappserver.exe. More will weaken your battery power, It's best now.
  • Beautiful ringtone is back as default ringtone and Cute Sms tone is back as default message tone for Delight profile.
  • Nokia Sleeping screensaver v1.03.
  • Image Sliding theme effect replaced with default theme effect for that action.
  • Latest Qt Nokia Store without any bugs in UDA.
  • No Social app to save C drive space.
  • No Nokia Music Store, install it from the attached installation file.
  • Latest Nokia Maps with my location widget added to UDA.
  • Ability to uninstall Adobe Reader and Quickoffice to save more space in C if you don't need these apps.
  • Default analog clock widget is back with bigger analog clock widget as separate widget.
  • No restart option in power menu as latest sysap mod is not supported with latest leak.
  • Restart option is available when you press Power key until you feel vibration once.
Bugs fixed
  • Needed to set power saver on when connected your handset to HDMI output.
  • Wallpaper stays even after you disconnect your device from your PC if the image is in Mass Memory.

Delight Belle v3.3

  • Ovi Maps sync files are in UDA now so you don't need to do that manually.
  • Added Background slider theme effect + Twirling effect by BlackDare.
  • DEffects folder removed from C:\Animations\. Copy default effects from Z:\resource\effects.
  • N8 Default fonts. (If you don't like them then replace them through this method).
  • Silent symbol stays even after a restart.
  • Transparent Profile Widget.
  • Transparent Digital Clock with bold font so it will look better on light background.
  • Unlimited Alarm tone time.
  • No more snoozed notifications once you select snooze.
  • No request windows while using USSD e.g. while checking balance.
  • No more 'Done' notification when using USSD.
  • New Kinetic Scrolling mod from ancelad for Belle.
  • Send "Protected files" from default file browser.
  • Turn Off Predictive Text Input by default.
  • The rate of 50 frames per second.
  • 90% CPU power for alfappserver.exe. More will weaken your battery power, I tried to keep it balanced.
  • Rendered OpenGL ES2.0.
  • Unlimited cache.
  • Number of sent messages limit increased to 2000.
  • Added server for GPS.
  • Resume broken downloads in web browser.
  • Added User Define Call Image by default while calling in Anna style.
  • Improve Call Handset and Loud Speaker Volume.
  • New special and unique Delight Belle startup animation.
  • No image quality mod. 
  • Delight N8 as default bluetooth name
  • New Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition as default ringtone in Delight profile. 
  • Corning GorillaGlass VictorsGmix as SMS tone.
  • Original N9 startup tone added as startup tone.
  • Social Widget is now available in widgets window.
  • Nokia Sleeping screensaver v1.00
  • 12 Hours Time format by default instead of 24.
  • Image Sliding theme effect when you change Home Screen.
  • Putting new Qt Ovi Store in rofs was building some bugs, so Ovi Store is still the old one.
Bugs fixed
  • "Maps not installed" error while opening location from contact details.
  • "Feature not supported" error while adding a calender event using Maps location.

Delight Belle v3.2

  • English language only.
  • All v3.1 mods are still intact unless I forgot something.
  • SyncProblem folder location is Z:\data\SyncProblem now to save C drive space.
  • New theme effects.
  • MheiM Fonts. (If you don't like them then replace them through this method).
  •  Ringtones from 701.
  • Added in suffix in browser - for Indian sites.
  • Disabled "allow *widget* to access network?" query (always yes).
  • Shutdown animation is removed and you can't get it back.
  • Full access given to all drives by default, to disable it apply CloseAccess patch in Rompatcher.
  • Recording beep tone disabled by default without Rompatcher patch.
  • Big Analog clock widget added, you can't get normal size clock back though.
  • Proper English Language .r01 from 701.
  • Chinese writing languages removed from rofs3 as having some problem.
  • Removed captions under shortcuts at Homescreen.
Bugs fixed
  • Silence symbol on Silent Profile.
  • White screen problem fixed while shutdown. (Not everyone was facing it).
  • Draft Problem fixed - Once you save message in draft, won't access later.
  • Log icon in the application settings that's missing fixed.
  • Tweaks working fine now.
  • Web browser loading status. (It's not a bug but theme problem so change to any other theme). 

Delight Belle v3.1

  • Effects folders are moved to C:\animations\effects now.
  • Start up animation and tone moved to C:\animations\.
  • No more effects folder garbage mbm in gallery.
  • Better aligned RoseM by Geevara font attached to the post.
  • Better Menu structure - Reorganized.
  • Maximum of 10 Homescreens now, I don't think more then that is required.
  • Now you can write up to 4590 characters and it'll still be a text message and won't change to Multimedia message. By default the limit is 1530.
  • New Message and missed call notification enabled, those who love it can install it as a separate file through attached sis file.
Bug Fixed:
  • Delivery report is On by default now..
  • Delivery report notification is displayed now.

Delight Belle v3.0

  • 198+ MB Free in C:
  • English Language only.
  • 135MB+ free RAM at Startup.
  • Menu structure reorganized. - Default menu organized here. Extract to your C drive.
  • Welcome message disabled.
  • No more Ovi activation screen after startup, it’s disabled.
  • Added folder Patches.
  • Change Startup animation & tone location to C:\data\Animations with special and unique Delight Belle startup animation.
  • Shutdown animation and tone removed.
  • Added Installserver (for installing apps with any privileges, never been posted anywhere before by CodeRUS)
  • Video Editor and Photo Editor moved to Rofs from UDA so that they will exist even after a hard reset.
  • Messaging settings Predefined.
    Character Encoding to Full.
    New messages will open in Inbox directly, not in conversation.
  • General and Meeting Profiles modded by default.
General Profile name changed to Delight.
Beautiful tone.mp3 added as default ringtone for Delight profile.
Cute sms.mp3 added as default SMS tone for Delight profile.
Vibration alert set to on, Ringing volume is default, Keypad tones set to level 1
Warning tones set to on and Touch Screen Vibration set to level 1.
Beep Twice.aac added as default tone for Meeting profile.
Ringing type set to Ringing, Keypad tones disabled, Ringing volume set to level 7
Vibration alert set to on and Touch screen vibration disabled
  • Removed few processes from startup thus making startup a bit faster as well as save more RAM.
  • CodeRUS's domainserver added to UDA so that you could use c2z4bin easily.
  • Shutdown & Restart Logo when you press Power button.
  • Theme Effects added from C:\Animations\Effects.
  • Time format is 24 hours.
  • Added Black Neon Touch Default Icons Theme (As requested by most of you) (Purchase it Here). It's a premium theme and you can't use it in your cfw without Mandeep's permission, I already got that from him..
  • Ability to remove first Home Screen if more than one Home Screen available.
  • Only Messaging and Contacts will remain in memory after exit. (I want them to start fast as well as they start at startup).
  • No Vibration on Key lock. (Restore Default from here.)
  • Call summary on by default.
  • Call duration on by default.
  • Equalizer editing mod.
  • Restart added to switch off menu.
  • Fixed GPRS/WiFi information in Logs.
  • Auto enable Power saver mode if low battery.
  • Auto disable Power saver mode if good battery.
  • Alphabetic-numeric keyboard writing delay for writing letters changed from 1s to 0.4s.
  • Alphabetic-numeric keyboard delay for writing number changed from 0.6s to 0.2s.
  • Log cleaning up after changing SIM card is disabled.
  • Display light time out is half an hour now.
  • FOTA removed.
  • Few applications volume increased to maximum.
  • No camera process in background.
  • Voice Recorder - Set Recording Quality to High, Duration to 12hours and storage to E drive.
  • Camera tone off option added.
  • Browser's cache moved to E:\ and set the amount to 32MB.
  • Music Gallery Folders - Music player will only search for files in E:\Music, F:\Music.
  • Fast Screen Rotation.
  • The FM Transmitter now sends RDS "Nokia N8" and not just "Nokia".
  • Java Permission Mod (Just change the settings from App Manager and no more annoying pop ups in Java Apps).
  • Custom Logs Age Mod - Mod for changing days for storing logs. Enter your own value now. :).
  • Java Fix added.
  • Modded Device Manager info (only Custom firmware areas modified).
  • Shutdown animation is removed and you can't get it back.
  • 30fps & 95% Image mod.
  • Tactile Feedback (Phone vibrates once after call connected).
Notifications Related Mods
  • Divert Call Notification disabled.
  • New message or missed call notification disabled though you would get them in top bar.
  • Power Saver Activate/Deactivated notifications disabled.
  • Notification when switching from offline to active profile disabled.
  • "Use Bluetooth in Offline mode?" query disabled.
  • "Use Wi-Fi in offline mode?" query disabled.
  • Play via radio turned on/off notifications disabled.
Added applications
  • RomPatcher+ 3.1 (with working Autostart)
  • Nokia Sleeping screensaver v0.55(9) - Screensaver (in UDA)
  • Nokia Maps v3.08(112)
  • Nokia Ovi Store v2.12(45)
  • Qt Components v1.1 added to rofs so Sleep Screen can work perfectly and other qt apps.
Applications removed from UDA
  • Photo Editor and Video Editor (Moved to rofs)
  • Nokia Ovi Maps (Latest version added to rofs)
  • Shazam
  • Youtube Launcher
  • Topapps
  • Microsoft Communicator
    You have questions, suggestions, feedback or something else? Please comment under the N8 Delight latest release post.