Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Future of Delight series..

I was expecting to get enough fund raised by donations to get a new 808 so I could keep making custom firmwares for N8 and 808.. Well it didn't work as expected .. .also since there is a new Belle Refresh released, people are expecting and asking me if there will be any update for Delight series for the same.

This post is to make clear that I am not thinking to work on Delight series anymore., however if circumstances changed somehow because of any reason., I will make sure I will let you know guys about it here ..

I will provide all my resources to freaxs_r_us so he will keep updating it for you guys within a week.

Hopefully you might get a new version of Delight soon enough..

take care..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

No one anymore interested in Delight for 808?

It looks like not many people are interested in having Delight for their 808 devices or not many people have this device.. Well I would go for first part..

I feel bad for the ones who have already contributed to Delight for 808 as till this pledge won't be completed, there won't be any Delight for 808 devices..

This feels really bad as Delight was used by so many users and hardly very few tried to contribute..

Anyways, I am still thankful to the ones who contributed but this blog will be closed after a month if this pledge won't be completed ..

I will spend my time on Android development ..

take care..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No more Delight for N8/C7 users.. :(

Yes.... Bad news but unfortunately true..

I am giving up any kind of modding on Delight series for N8 / C7 devices.. Cfw making really needs a lot of time and dedication which I don't have right now.. I was hoping that Nokia would release next firmware for N8 and C7 soon enough so I could do the last bit for N8 and C7 users but unfortunately it's taking too much time and I can't linger on it much longer..

Fortunately few good custom firmwares are still available publicly which you can try and test ..

It's been great with N8 .. everything was Delightful ;)

Good luck with your N8 and C7 friends and enjoy them fully..

Delight for 808 is still under clouds and could take months based on donations.. so if you are waiting for it, consider donating to complete the pledge.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

808 Delight !!!

First of all I would want to say thanks to all the generous ones who are contributing for a Nokia 808 for me.. It's a really nice gesture.. We are going pretty fine right now and hopefully within a month or so, or may be before that I will have a Nokia 808 for myself.

Now I was thinking about how to specially thanks to you people who are contributing for this and I came to the conclusion that all the donors in this campaign will have my first 808 Delight custom firmware a week before I will release it publicly.. That may not be the best way to thank but I hope that it will make you a bit cheerful for your contributions.

Thanks once again..

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Error while donating through Pledgie !!!

Hey friends..

I noticed that few of you trying to donate through Pledgie must be getting some kind of error on their website.. well you can donate directly through this page also if that's the case and I will deduct the amount from Pledgie's final total so we would know how's things going on so far..

Thanks for your contribution once again.. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Make it possible?

I wasn't sure neither I expected to ask this but since one of Delight user (Gazzasore) from Dailymobile started this campaign I decided to act on his wish.

As most of you know that I decided to move to Android since my budget didn't approve me to buy both SGSIII and Nokia 808 at the same time and I could only afford one device at this time I decided to go for Android since I wanted to explore new things this time.

But I guess most of Delight users still love to have Delight series on their new Nokia 808 .. thus I started a new Pledgie page for all Delight users to contribute and make it a success so I can purchase 808 along with my SGSIII.. I ask to contribute the best you can for 808 for me so I can continue Delight series on Nokia 808 too..

It's not a pressure and not necessary for everyone, it's something few users asking for and to fulfill that I must have a device physically thus any contribution is appreciated..

I am not greedy for sure but yes getting a device this way would certainly be a nice gesture and a surprise and would help me to make Delight more Delightful for 808 too..

Anyone who wants to contribute can go ahead and contribute on this link.

though it would be better if you donate directly through my blog.. I will deduct any donation I received through here from my pledge amount.

Thanks once again.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something New, Something Different.. Something Good, Something Bad..

Hey Delight users.. 

Today I want to announce my future road about Delight series and it surely would somehow make few or most of Delight users unhappy.. of course that doesn't make me happy at all as I used to love the love and affection I was getting from you guys because of Delight firmwares.. It was something I did for the first time and I never thought that it would be cherished so much.. and that's the main reason I am feeling quite low announcing that I am moving on to Android this time ... 

Despite how much I wanted to stay with Symbian and get a new 808 I just couldn't like it.. I read so many reviews, so many praising posts and yet as soon as I get it in my hands couple of times, both times it had Purple tint issue.. Few of you already know about my bad experience with it and so I don't want to face that again.

It is a great device but perhaps I was expecting much more that just great device.., it hasn't got awesomeness in it which I was expecting .. Anyways I won't say anything negative about it coz I know few of you already got it and few of you are planning to get it.. Well if I had enough money, I would have certainly get it as well as the one I am planning to get.. but unfortunately I don't and thus I will have to leave Symbian for the moment.

I am moving on to Android this time and since this will be my first time with Android, I am in no state to declare which is better and why, nor I have any plans to do that in future.. Of course I am moving on to Android expecting something better in mind but still, Symbian will still be my first love despite moving on to other OS.. 

Delight was a wonderful experience and perhaps after a lot of reading and learning I might release something Delightful for Android users in future too but right now I am a noob and I have a lot to learn about it.

What will happen to Delight ...??

Well clearly there won't be any Delight custom firmware release for Nokia 808, perhaps a last good bye gift for N8 users once Nokia officially release their firmware.. I will discuss with my teammate and Delight translator if he could keep Delight alive and release future versions as he is getting 808 himself.. 

That'll be all for now.., if there is any change of plans which I doubt, I will post on this blog.. 

You guys can still contact me if you need any help and I will try to answer most of the times.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Delight is in silence .... :(

Yeah I know it's been days or should I say months without any Delight update and most of you guys want it so badly.. so I decided to let you know how things here.

Since I promised that there will be new update/s of Delight cfw for N8 in future but only where there is any official firmware available and so far, it doesn't look really close ..

There are few mods and stuff available that could be worthy for a new update but that would not be too much and it's a possibility that few of you won't flash with it just because it won't be a huge update.. however I might work on that and release it in coming weeks.. I would love to release it today but I haven't started working on it yet..

My life is so hectic these days and I can hardly find time for myself rest alone for making a new update.. but I will surely try and spend some time on it and will update you guys how it goes..

Till then you enjoy what you have and hope for the best.. take care.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bugs in Delight Belle for C7 fixed.

Hey friends..

Delight Belle v5.2 for C7 post is updated with new fixed rofs2 for English and other languages as well.

Led and flash light related bugs are fixed and all is working fine now..

So flash again and enjoy.. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Translated ROFS2 for Delight Belle v5.2 - C7 published.

I know it's a bit late since they have been already uploaded and posted on other forum but I couldn't update it coz I have been quite busy.. Anyways, they have been published and any C7 user now can flash with them.. Just visit the same post for Delight Belle v5.2 - C7 again.


Ooopss.. Downloads links are messed up right now, fixing them.. wait..

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What about Delight's next update?

As most of you already know that I don't have any N8 with me anymore.., Hell I don't have any descent phone with me anymore.. except my old 3rd edition phone.. and because of that I already told you guys that v5.0 could be the last cfw of Delight series for N8.. Yet I published v5.1 and then v5.2 later to fix up few issues.

Because I promised to few die hard fans of Delight custom firmwares that I will try my best to release future updates time by time for their N8s so that they will get the best out there, yet I hope you understand it isn't easy to do without having a phone in your hand to make a cfw..

I know Taylor has again leaked a new firmware for N8 but it's not in untouched form but he released it in modded form ... thus it's a mess to first fix up that firmware and then work on it to make it the best .. specially when you don't have any N8 to test it further..

I am not completely giving up N8 yet as I know many of you love Delight the most and because of that I will surely release an update., however I don't have any specific date for that..

Many guys asked me the same through different platforms and I am giving them the same answer that as soon as Taylor release untouched files or when there will be an official release, I will start working on my next update for N8...

I hope you guys understand and could wait for the best as waiting is always sweet and Delightful.. ;)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Was out of station... :)

Hey friends..

Sorry I couldn't publish few comments in the past as I was out of station and a sudden holiday trip.. Just got back today itself and will start reading out what have I missed in these last few days.. Will update my blog soon..

take care.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mods Section..

Finally after days and days, I updated Mods section .. Right now only few widgets and a single mod is uploaded.. It will be updated with lots of other stuff in near future..


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Translated ROFS2 for Delight v5.2 - Released

Hey friends..

Check out Delight Belle v5.2 post again as all translated ROFS2 has been published along with few special translations..

Enjoy ;)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Delight Belle v5.2 Sneak Preview and Change Log

Check Change Log section for what's been fixed/changed and updated in v5.2.
Here is a Sneak Preview of Delight Belle v5.2..

Thursday, March 29, 2012

v5.2 is coming soon.. - Both for C7 and N8.. :-)

ok, ok.. I know I said there won't be any updates as of now for N8 but since I got few bug reports and I wanted to put few new stuff too.. I worked on my next update which I am going to release soon..

So stay tune and wait for a sneak preview soon.. Will publish it's Change log soon. Some of you will surely love it ;)

One exciting news for C7 users..  - I have almost finished C7 version also and it's coming soon too ;)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

In next Delight update ;D

I know that Delight's next update for N8 is still not assured and it's possible that there won't be any update for N8 as of now.. but still if there will be any.. I am going to put this mod in there ;D

Otherwise you will surely get it in Nokia 808's first Delight version ;D ;D

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Porting Delight for C7 - Postponed / Cancelled


Porting of Delight firmwares for C7 is postponed right now as I am too busy and won't be having enough time to spend on C7..

I may finish it in future as almost half of porting was done..  If there will be any update, I will let you know ..

take care.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Delight Belle v5.1 Change log..

Change log section is updated with Delight Belle v5.1 changes.

Check it out now.. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

News about Delight Belle v5.1..

Hey friends..

I noticed few glitches in v5.0 which have been fixed and improved, added few RAM and performance related tweaks and new email application with a new widget support. Other minor changes will soon be added to Change log.

It will still take about couple of days to publish this version though so stay tune .. Hopefully this won't be the last version for N8 users.

After this release I will be working on a C7 port of Delight Custom Firmwares to C7 users. More info will be published later about that..

More Translations..

Delight Belle v5.0 post is updated with more translations.. :)

Check it out.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Important Info..

I have added one more ROFS2 for English (without Nokia Maps and other apps) so that you can flash it with Writing languages Rofs3 to get more writing languages.

Delight Belle v5.0 .... Enjoy ;)

Sneak Preview : Delight Belle v5.0

As promised earlier, I am publishing Sneak preview of next upcoming Delight Belle v5.0...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Check Downloads section..

Hey friends..

Downloads section is updated with latest versions of app along with Special edition of Background walls for Delight Belle v5.0..

Check it out ..

Change log updated for Delight Belle v5.0 :)

Hey guys and gals..

Change log for Delight Belle v5.0 is updated. Visit Change log section for more info..

Sneak preview is on it's way soon.. ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update about Delight Belle v5.0.

Hey friends..

Delight's next version is almost complete. Final testing is going on.., although only English version is ready right now and I will send the finished files to freaxs_r_us for translations but it will take time..

In the meantime I will update the Change log section as well as post a Sneak Preview of next upcoming version..

You are gonna love it ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anyone interested to make Delight's next startup animation?

Hey friends..

I am planning to put a new Startup animation for Delight Belle v5.0 as that could be the last update for Delight Belle firmwares for N8..

I will talk about it later, what I want to know right now is if anyone of you is intersted to create one for Delights next version.. if so you can send me a mail with your result. It could be a gif or mbm file..

Whoever entry I will select get Delight Belle v5.0 (English version only) before the official release.. ;)

Take care and enjoy :)

Poll added..

Kindly vote for your views about what kind of translation file should be made in next upcoming version of Delight Belle..

That will help me decide on what kind of translations should be released.


Monday, March 12, 2012

News about next updated version!!

Hey friends..

This is just to update you about the next upcoming version of Delight Belle.

It will be huge improvement compared to the current version so instead of calling it v4.2, I will be called v5.0.

It's still going under development so the release will take some time however good news is that it's 75% completed. One of the most difficult task to implement was to avoid UDA and finally I am able to do that.

Now I just need to work on few other areas. Will update you about the progress.

Soon it's change log will be published and although I couldn't publish any sneak preview last time I will try this time I will be able to..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wow... Never expected this..

Hey friends..

I am just too excited right now, why?

Well I sent my legal notice to Nokia India today along with an electronic copy to the senior officials of Nokia internationally including Mr. Stephen Elop and guess what, I got a reply from himself assuring me that he will ask his team personally to assist the case.. 

Well as I already said, I never expected this and this all was a totally nice surprise for me.. Now I am sure that my phone will soon be replaced with a perfectly working unit ;)

Meanwhile, don't think that I am not working on next update as I am still testing it right at the moment and it's all going very fine..

Stay tune for more updates :)

Delight Belle v4.2 will be delayed

Hey friends,

As you all know that I just got my phone back from Nokia service center about a week ago and it was a faulty one with slight purple tint issue. I was in constant touch with their officials and finally they disappointed me by not providing any resolution for the said problem.

Thus I will be busy for couple of next weeks for preparing legal documents to sue them and related stuff.

Stay tune for next update.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Holi

A very happy Holi to all of you friends..

Enjoy a Safe and Prosperous Holi..

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Future Delight Belle v4.2 Change log ... ;)

I know I know.., I just today released v4.1., but as you know I want the best always.. so I updated Change log section for future v4.2 updates.. Have a look at it., more info will be added later..

Take care..

Finally... Delight Belle v4.1 - 03.03.2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

One more post ..........

Hey friends..

Just wanted to post a little note before I finally release the next post..

Since it's weekend now and as usual I will be hell busy for next two days, .. I am going to publish it today itself., everything has been organized., the post has been drafted.. Now I just need to take few more screenshots and then put them in the draft to finally publish it.

It's been tested enough yet as I have made few changes in English version, there could be few bugs though I am not expecting anything but you never know.. So do report about them if you find any.

It will be published today about 9 - 10 am..

Till then good night and take care.

Release may get delayed :(

Hey ...

As I got my N8 yesterday I started to do final testing and found a bug, fortunately it's only in English version and I also found the reason for that.., so I will fix it soon.. and because of how long it will take, release of English version may get delayed however as the same problem is not in translated versions since they don't have Nokia Maps integrated, they will be published as promised.

I will try to fix this bug in English version as soon as possible.

Stay tune..

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nokia Service Center and my N8 :(

Hey friends..

Well the good news is that my N8 is with me now, however the bad news is that it's not well.. :((

Story goes like this..

I got a call from Nokia center that my handset has been repaired and I can collect it, I went there and checked it and as expected it was a swapped handset with my old body. Well other then that they physically damaged my handset and purple tint issue was back there was no problem.. >:(

Anyways I had pretty hot arguments with the head of that center and eventually my phone's body was replaced with a new one and as well as display too which at the moment satisfied me as there was no purple tint issue visible.

Now I am sitting at my home and was flashing Delight Belle v4.1 for final testing purpose and it struck me again, I tested it for few more examples of purple tint issue and there it is, slight purple tint issue is still there., grrrrr... I am really pissed off now.

I will visit them again tomorrow for the same cause but you don't worry, Delight's next version will be published before or on the same date as promised.

Let's just hope that this time my phone will be perfectly fine.


Delight v4.1 will be published on

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Delight Belle v4.1.. Soooooon..

Hey friends..

I know v4.1 has been delayed a lot and all of you are waiting for it patiently.. Thanks for that.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Donation option added for freaxs_r_us :)

Hey friends..

As you all know that all my Delight Belle releases were being translated by freaxs_r_us and hopefully future ones too for all you guys ;)

A new donation button is added to the blog for freaxs_r_us in case you want to show your appreciation towards him.

Info about next update and few screenshots will soon be published.

Stay tune..

Friday, February 24, 2012

Update about my phone and release!

Hey friends..

Well visited Nokia Center today and as I expected flashing there also didn't solve the problem so they asked me to submit the handset there and asked me to visit after 4-5 days.. That's frustrating and very upsetting.

Anyways, that's needed to be done so now I am without my N8 and I can't upload any sneaks or something for next few days till I get my N8 back..

take care..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Phone Dead - Release delayed again :(

Looks like today isn't a good day for me .. Bad news.. Fortunately my bro managed to have one of his friend's phone and I kept going on testing my next update. Unfortunately something bad happened and now my phone is not going after the boot screen, I tried everything. So tomorrow I am going to Nokia Center hoping they would return it after flashing and there won't be any other problem. If it will take long, you guys have to wait much longer..  Sorry but I am very upset :(

Bad News :(

Well not that bad but the release will delay a bit longer, may be couple of days then I expected.. Although it's almost ready and I just need to fix up one issue before I release it .. it's delayed. Reason is my brother's handset got damaged and he asked me my N8.. Well I gave him of course and coz of that the testing delayed. But don't worry, it will soon be back to me and I will start fixing that problem I am having and will release it thereafter..

Just hang in there, you will be happy to wait for that..

take care ..

Info about next version!

Hey friends.,

In case you are wondering where am I or what's the status of next update, well this post is answering those questions.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New update!

Yesterday MoritZ told me that the official firmware on which my Delight v4.0 is based missing some updated files which are in official EURO firmware, I flashed with it and noticed those changes. I can't say they are better yet they are latest files and Nokia tried to save some space which could be helpful in near future, thus I will have to start from the scratch and make my next update based on EURO firmware. Of course all reported bugs will be fixed in next update. If I will be able to fix Push to Notification problem then it will be in Core else I will provide UDA file with these needed files.

So have patience guys and instead of reporting anymore bugs wait for my next update. Since there is weekend coming, my update will be delayed but it's pretty fast then then my official build. So I guess it will be better. More updates are on it's way.

You can see the difference between my build and Euro one. Check out the wifi icon place in both these images.

Screenshot provided by Moritz

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New rofs3 for other Writing Languages and rofs2 without Nokia Maps

Main post is updated again with new rofs3 with more Writing Languages as well as with new Rofs2 without Nokia Maps. Do note that if you want other writing languages, you need to flash with new rofs2 too without Nokia Maps.

New translated rofs2 will soon be available..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FAQ updated again.

Hey friends..

I forgot to put info about Backup and Restore in my FAQ file so I updated it again and refreshed the link on v4.0 post.

Also Default widgets pack updated, forgot to put some needed files in there. Do check that again if you faced any problem.

Have fun..

Wait is finally over .. Delight Belle v4.0 ;D

Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v4.0 released on 15.02.2012

Change log section updated with v4.0

Visit Change log section to know what's coming in v4.0..  It will be available soon. Drafting the final post..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Disappointed? Don't ... :)

I know most of you were waiting for it and believe me I was working on it the whole day.. Now why it's not still published?

Sneak Preview - Delight Belle v4.0 :D

As promised, posting a sneak preview for Delight Belle v4.0

Monday, February 13, 2012

Status about Delight v4.0?

Hey friends,

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day.. Hope you have a lovely and romantic day ahead.

Delight v4.0 is ready now and later today I will post sneak preview of it, right now I just need some sleep. Too tired.. :(

If it will be possible for me, I will try to upload the files today itself and let you have it as a Valentine gift from me..

Till then you take care of your loved ones and enjoy the day.. Take care.

Time limit for Phone's auto lock?

Hey guys,

Since some of you asked me to increase the phone's auto lock time to about 10 minutes, it's been done but I am still unsure whether to keep it or not as if you leave your handset without locking it, it will drain your battery fast enough thus locking it always is the only option and a necessity to somehow.

So what do you reckon guys, should I keep it as a feature or set it to it's maximum value as 5 minutes.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Info about Next update!!

Hey friends..

Just to inform you that next update is almost ready .. Completed most of it, unfortunately I will be busy for this weekend,.. enjoying with my friends ;) so the release will take some extra time.

I am expecting it to be completed before next weekend.. I may release it before then .. but if not, then it will surely be released between 20th Feb - 26th Feb.. as I would like to keep it under observation for some time too after I will finish it..

Of course before that may be on Monday or Tuesday, I will post a sneak preview like I did earlier just for your delight :P

Got to go now, you all take care.

Nokia Maps Suite v2.0 integrated :)

It took a lot of my time but finally I am able to put it in rofs to save almost 30mb from C.. Do note that Maps will only be available in English version of Delight not in translated ones coz it will be only in English in other languages and I want to give users who use my translated versions complete freedom to install Maps in their own language. I found that if I put English version in rofs, users were not able to install their own language Maps app, so I may leave translated versions without Maps.

I am working on other stuff now.. Stay tune ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What now?

As I promised earlier that I will publish a new update as soon as Nokia release Belle officially and now as they did it, I have started to work on my next Delight version which will be v4.0.

Intensity of testing would be low as I am quite busy with my personal life at the moment but rest assure that it'll be in my higher priorities.

Today I flashed with the official Belle and testing it now and then later today I will start putting mods in it to test it.

I welcome all bug reports you guys made in past in v3.9 so I can test them before releasing my next update so you guys won't have to report it again as unfortunately I didn't make a full list of all those bugs, minor or major.

Also I would like to know about your view on whether I should really need to release a new update if everything seems to be same as the last leaked version since there is no new widget even the ones in leaked version in this new official one or would you be really happy to be on that leaked version as that's pretty much same as the official one.

Do comment. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nokia rolled out Belle officially - v111.30.609

Finally Nokia release Belle officially on their firmware servers, strangely Navifirm+ doesn't show any updates but if you use NaviFirmEx, updates are there. I have started to download them already and will update about what's been changed or added or is it the same version leaked last time.


Get NavifirmEx from Here.


Monday, February 6, 2012

I am back.

Hey frnds,

After almost a week I am back and as soon as I am finished with your comments, they will be published as I said before.

I was not in constant touch of current happenings but I know that Nokia Belle is yet to release officially, of course within a week or so and then you can expect another update for Delight.

Till then take care.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Off for a week!!

Hi frnds,

sorry for the late intimation but i am off for a week atleast, so all posted comments will be published after i'll be back.
Hope Nokia will release balle officially before dat so we would have something to discuss.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Alphanumeric Keyboard Bug fixed in translated v3.9 rofs2

Hey guys,

I am sure few of you must be having problem in few translated rofs2 of alphanumeric keyboard bug.. well it's been fixed by freaxs_r_us and all same fixed translated rofs2 being uploaded again, so you can download the files and reflash if you really want alphanumeric keyboard else you can still enjoy with qwerty without a need to reflash.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's going on.... ??

Hey guys,

I know you guys must be wondering about next update or the timing about it.. I received some mails asking about the same.. I am sorry for not updating this blog regularly, I guess I was a bit busy.

Hell, I am still quite busy as it's beginning of a new year and the work load is quite up.. I will soon try to find some time to update this blog a bit ... few sections are still under construction.., will try to update them with the relevant info.

About any newer update, well right now I am not working on any since you can see that there is no newer Belle leak or any official Belle release nor I could find out something extra ordinary that could be a reason for a new version.., so eventually I will start making my next update only if there will be an official Belle release or if someone leak any newer Belle leak though I doubt it as news is that the official version will be 609 which is same as my last v3.9. It may have some improvement but the version would remain same, yet I will make a newer version based on that hoping that they would be releasing it fixing some minor bugs or twitching some tweaks..

Well we can only hope and wait so see you guys later.. Will publish any info if find something relevant.. take care.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New translated rofs2s

freaxs_r_us finished up all translations and they were posted in v3.9 post and he is now working on some bug fixes in the translated rofs2..