Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Delight Belle v5.1 Change log..

Change log section is updated with Delight Belle v5.1 changes.

Check it out now.. :)


  1. download links today??


  2. Hi Ashok... Wats the release date... I cant wait to check Mail App... From where you get this?? Is this released by Nokia for Belle??

  3. Delight Belle v5.1 RELEASE DATE........?

  4. Replies
    1. nicesoni_ash, I don't know how to say this without looking ungrateful. Your work is amazing and you make our N8's better, but if releases are very near in time, it's a little bit annoying to flashing so much times. It's only my opinion, and you have my respect.

      Changing the subject, I'm very interested in C7's CFW. Could you tell us more details, a possible release date, etc?

      Thank you very much, and sorry for mi bad english ^^

    2. Don't worry.. There won't be enough releases as they used to be in past because soon enough I won't have my N8 with me.. :P

      Anyways I understand your concerns but if I find out some bugs then I try to fix them up right away instead of waiting for the right time.. as for me, right time is as quick as possible when you can fix them.

      I know this could be a little bit annoying to flash every time and that's why Delight Resolver is added to my firmwares so you don't need to install everything again and again.

      I haven't started on C7 yet., but as one of my friend requested me I am going to make one since many other C7 users asked me for the same. I like to know one thing though, it's C7-00 (RM-675), right?

    3. It's very good that updates are so quick and that nicesoni_ash try to repair all bugs so fast - all respect for that!

      If you don't want to flash so often - you don't have to! You can also flash every few updates or every major update if that is better for you! ;)

    4. Please release it.. cant wait...

  5. hope it'll be in the morning (gmt time) as i got nothing to do at work tomorrow

  6. nicesoni_ash, correct, C7 is RM-675!

  7. default fonts pls in v 5.1