Thursday, July 26, 2012

No one anymore interested in Delight for 808?

It looks like not many people are interested in having Delight for their 808 devices or not many people have this device.. Well I would go for first part..

I feel bad for the ones who have already contributed to Delight for 808 as till this pledge won't be completed, there won't be any Delight for 808 devices..

This feels really bad as Delight was used by so many users and hardly very few tried to contribute..

Anyways, I am still thankful to the ones who contributed but this blog will be closed after a month if this pledge won't be completed ..

I will spend my time on Android development ..

take care..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No more Delight for N8/C7 users.. :(

Yes.... Bad news but unfortunately true..

I am giving up any kind of modding on Delight series for N8 / C7 devices.. Cfw making really needs a lot of time and dedication which I don't have right now.. I was hoping that Nokia would release next firmware for N8 and C7 soon enough so I could do the last bit for N8 and C7 users but unfortunately it's taking too much time and I can't linger on it much longer..

Fortunately few good custom firmwares are still available publicly which you can try and test ..

It's been great with N8 .. everything was Delightful ;)

Good luck with your N8 and C7 friends and enjoy them fully..

Delight for 808 is still under clouds and could take months based on donations.. so if you are waiting for it, consider donating to complete the pledge.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

808 Delight !!!

First of all I would want to say thanks to all the generous ones who are contributing for a Nokia 808 for me.. It's a really nice gesture.. We are going pretty fine right now and hopefully within a month or so, or may be before that I will have a Nokia 808 for myself.

Now I was thinking about how to specially thanks to you people who are contributing for this and I came to the conclusion that all the donors in this campaign will have my first 808 Delight custom firmware a week before I will release it publicly.. That may not be the best way to thank but I hope that it will make you a bit cheerful for your contributions.

Thanks once again..

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Error while donating through Pledgie !!!

Hey friends..

I noticed that few of you trying to donate through Pledgie must be getting some kind of error on their website.. well you can donate directly through this page also if that's the case and I will deduct the amount from Pledgie's final total so we would know how's things going on so far..

Thanks for your contribution once again.. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Make it possible?

I wasn't sure neither I expected to ask this but since one of Delight user (Gazzasore) from Dailymobile started this campaign I decided to act on his wish.

As most of you know that I decided to move to Android since my budget didn't approve me to buy both SGSIII and Nokia 808 at the same time and I could only afford one device at this time I decided to go for Android since I wanted to explore new things this time.

But I guess most of Delight users still love to have Delight series on their new Nokia 808 .. thus I started a new Pledgie page for all Delight users to contribute and make it a success so I can purchase 808 along with my SGSIII.. I ask to contribute the best you can for 808 for me so I can continue Delight series on Nokia 808 too..

It's not a pressure and not necessary for everyone, it's something few users asking for and to fulfill that I must have a device physically thus any contribution is appreciated..

I am not greedy for sure but yes getting a device this way would certainly be a nice gesture and a surprise and would help me to make Delight more Delightful for 808 too..

Anyone who wants to contribute can go ahead and contribute on this link.

though it would be better if you donate directly through my blog.. I will deduct any donation I received through here from my pledge amount.

Thanks once again.