Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update: Delight 808 v1.1 Release

Delight team:
- huellif - main cooker
- freaxs_r_us - translator and second cooker

Special thanks goes to nicesoni_ash, for his help, knowledge and support.
This CFW has been created with NokiaCooker. Consider donating for Free and High Quality softwares.
If you want to use our files as a base to your custom firmware, kindly ask for my permission first, 
it's a lot of hard work so do respect that.


please don't forget to share us, like us, twitter us on the links below this line

Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

- Allstar12345 - theme effects maker
- Apex666 - theme maker

Link your post to our blog for files and changelogs if you want to post it somewhere else
FAQ, Flashing Tutorial, Backup and Restore Documentation, Delight Resolver
Documentation are in Addtionial Files folder on Mediafire.

This is a completly new CFW, based on Belle Fp2 113.010.1508, product code

cooked by huellif and freaxs_r_us
Special's in this CFW:
After Flashing complete, 
your phone will restart once showing you different
notifications. Let it do its work. 

After restart, you are all set to go.

What does this mean?
Simple answer, the UDA is empty, all files form UDA are in ROFS and get copied to C:\ after first boot or a hardreset.
- in Menu, Tools, Xtras you will find three apps: Backup&Restore, Resolver and Updater
Check their documentation in Additional Files folder.

C:drive after flash is minimum 600mb
RAM: 288mb - 290mb

How to flash:

when coming from Delight v1.0:

flash via "Update Software" and without of UDA
After first boot Updater app from menu, applications.
Select v1.1 and enjoy all changes without of a Refurbish.

You didn't use Delight v1.0 before? 

Than you have to Refurbish the whole CFW.


Updater app:
  • added
  • integrated v1.1 script
  • integrated VPN script (will install VPN update, you can only run this once after hardreset/refurbish, else you get the error note "already installed")

  • split the into 3 sub programms:
    - classic resolver
    - garbage and lanuage cleaner
    - selector
  • contains two new options for selector sub app:
                 a)full close system apps (Delight default)
                 b)keep only contacts and messaging in RAM (less RAM, but faster Messaging/Contacts)
  • added FP2 widget skins to Selector
  • added log extender mod (999 days)

  • added Updater to Xtras folder

  • Updated, big thanks to Allstar12345

  • added homescreenupdate .stubs to ROFS
  • fixed fmradio widget mif by Kang shao
  • fixed Delight cellular toggle mif
  • removed unneeded language files:
    german writing from english only version
    some nonenglish TTS files
    some writing TTS files
Translation fixes:
  • internet radio fixed
  • search widgets fixed
  • mirror widgets fixed
  • adaptiv search port fixed
  • some other small fixes
  • cleaned some files out
  • added missing strings to QML mirror app
Other Changes: 
  • new Delight VPN toggle widget mif Kang shao style by Teom@n
  • new Delight Operater widget mif Kang shao style by Teom@n
  • moved operatorwidget to C:\
  • moved nfc skin to C:\
  • moved fmradio skin to C:\
  • moved mirror skin to C:\
(english only version - for translations go down)
- FAQ download here
Please don't reupload/mirror this CFW, this isn't a slow hoster or an adversitment page like

Translations & Info
  • Instructions:
Notice: only english version has all files needed
1. Just get the download from above
2. get the translated rofs2 = Ui translation from me if desired
3. exchange the rofs2 you got from me with the one in the full cfw set

4. get a writing file rofs3 if you need additional writing files 
   (the rofs2 translations has the chosen writing files)
5. exchange the rofs3 you got from me with the one in the full cfw set
  • Translation features:
- ALL needed standard files in your language (if provided by Nokia)
- ALL needed modded files that need translating to work
- IF TTS (text to speech) is available in your language, then it is included
- ALL translations have english as base files
- all writing and keyboard files
- all dialer files
- added ecom-3-0.spi which can handle ALL languages
- translated all new widgets and corrected old ones (I corrected over 500 strings)
- text clock widgets in your language; translations by wirer
   for now only 02, 03, 04, 17, 18, 25, 27, 42, 54, 68, 76, 79 ... maybe more later
  • Known "Issues":
- Third party Applications, for example: ROM patcher+, are not translated
- in more than 1 language packages there will be only english text clock
- metadatamod equalizer mod in english
- rarely used languages, such as galician, basque, canadian french, chinglish & taiwan english are not made

Delight testers:
- MoritzJt
- nedego
- leomate
- darkydawson

Thanks for your help :)

Mod providers:
- Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia Cooker and a lot more.
- CodeRUS - A lots of mods.
- iChris701 - For his mods and help
- iExtraX7 - Several mods.
- Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
- witcher3 - Menu organized
- xCape - Mod and few tips on widgets and a lot other stuff.
- Lovelas - few ported screensaver.
- moki - Fixed font problem.
- Cigiampa/xCape - Script files
- 7b - More Icons in Power Menu
- Stephan020793 - his tutorials were my first step into Symbian modding
- strategist - for his camera mod
- MoritzJT - his help with fonts
- Symbian Fan - for help with product improvment
- Robo3737 - for his widgets
- Skull-ATOS - for screensaver
- Joe3, M4C351, peoresnada - for notifications widget
- RedX - for his legendary cenrep informations
- omkarkul - for his mods
- BelleXDesigns - for X-Plore icon & NEW backup, resolver, restore, updater icons

- aniket - single communication contact widget
- haqanguven - the web browser fix
- Turek - Notification lights ON, Menu Lights OFF mod
- TheOne - Text under HS icons sis - installer/deinstaller
- aamirx64 - for original TransBelle theme
- MMMOOO for transparent icon sets

and everyone who helped me in one way or another..

Let me know if I missed something and I would add your name in here. Thanks.
Hope you enjoy this version too.. :D
Post your views, suggestions or any bug report... Thanks.

read FAQ file for your troubles and if you don't get the answer of your
problems in there, than only put your question here.

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  1. absolutely stunner brother.. Keep going. Device stays superb stable with very good battery back-up. Thank u all for this wonderful work.. Already 808 stayed attractive and powerful now it glows in delight... Thank u all once again:):):):):):):):)

    1. Hi Siva,

      I want to flash my Nokia 808 with Delight V1.1 but i don't know anything about flashing.Can you help me with quick tutorial.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. no links to warez sites, siva

      there are other flashing tutorials all over the web
      just google "phoenix flashing"

  2. OMG!!! you did it !! thank you to what you done for TW 808 users!!!cant wait to try!

  3. Nothing I can said more than thank you very much!!!

    Great Job dude!

  4. Flashed v1.1 from delight v1, have used the Update Software in Phoenix.. i have the same problem as monte0, "updater" is not there.

    have searched in Menu>Tools>Xtras and also in Menu>Applications

    1. If you can't find the Updater in the Menu, then make a homescreen shortcut. It's in that List ...for sure

  5. Hi Eric, I have a few questions for you. You said in the Section "how to flash" that if someone has already installed delight 1.0 on nokia 808, he must flash without uda and use "software button" instead of refurbish. First question: on phoenix he must use "dead mode" or "normal mode" (i mean phone turned on, connected to pc with usb cable, open phoenix, select product, select flash files without uda and software update) for flashing? Second: all apps and games installed on delight 1.0 will be deleted after flashing to delight 1.1?

    1. 1. you can't Update software in dead mode. so it is update software in live mode.
      2. no, everything, EVERYTHING will be the same using the update software and updater app

    2. Hi Eric,

      Can i install Nokia Music after flashing with v1.1 as i use it extensively ? also can i revert back to stock firmware after flashing with v1.1?

    3. install music over software update. You can flash ofw, to get back anytime, you need to refurbish though

  6. Update from v1 to v1.1 using the Software Update route as you suggested. Can't find this updater app anywhere though, neither in the menu nor in the Add Shortcut list on the homescreen. What gives?

    1. if you downloaded and flashed the full set via Software Update, then it should be there, since it is running off Z. I will flash ofw tomorrow and flash back to v1.0 and then to v1.1 for testing once more.

  7. the same here. flash to 1.1 from 1.0 using software update and cannot find the updater app anywhere as said by Yash Maheshwari and Mahesh Reddy. please eric tell us what to do!

  8. for those who cannot find the updater app i want to share you what i did - in my search i do not know which of my action triggered the updater app to appear: first i used xplore and went to z:vlls and opened and closed one by one updater.txt, updater2.txt, resolve.txt, delight.txt and config.txt. then i went to c:data and installed text under HS-icons 2.0.sis (to have text under icons on desktop screen). then i went to apps folder and there it was by miracle the updater app that eric was talking about. i ran it, did its job and then after 2 restarts it moved to xtras folder. i hope that my clues would help others to get that updater app.

    1. Lo and behold! This did the trick. No idea why though ;)
      Opened the text files as mentioned by you, installed HS-icons file, and the updater icon showed up in the apps folder.

    2. thanks for testing around a little bit. I guess it was the.sis, because opening a .txt won't do anything

    3. I thought you were just joking, but I tried your trick anyway, and voila the updater icon appeared in the Applications menu. Thanks buddy. And to everyone having the same problem, just try the above trick by tomy boy, it works.

    4. Thanks much buddy, followed your instructions and it worked!!

  9. brother i need a clarification. Updater app is there. Can u pls explain its role.

  10. Can I use this CFW to my Nokia 808?? My Software Version is 113.010.1507. Thanks..

    1. yes, you can... but you can't go back to 1507 afterwards
      but I would never want to or need to go back anyway

    2. RM-807_M002.11.emmc.fpsx is not found? what that this mean sir Eric? thanks

    3. just push options in the bottom left corner and then click the red file, push delete button and then OK and then flash

    4. thak's boss!!! you're the man!!!! CHEERS!!!!!

  11. I cannot find the updater app, and I don't understand the procedure tommy boy gave.. can anyone clarify? I can't find HS-icons 2.0.sis anywhere, where is it?

  12. will installing this custom firmware cause any changes in camera photo quality ? Will I be able to get further updates via fota ?
    I have downloaded cartoon fonts from download section, How to apply them ? Thx in advance !

    1. read the changelog about changes. Yes, ota will still work. Either put the font into rofs2/resource/fonts and flash or on running system c:/resource/fonts and delete c:/private/ 10003a16/lfonts and restart device

  13. the one line and two line email widgets don't work for me... Any ideas?

    The french keyboard is azerty... Even though the settings say qwerty. Anyway to get the canada or quebec french with the qwerty keyboard?

    1. gotta try to fix the widgets once more... they used to work, now they don't again.

      - added canadian french writing rofs3 (french with qwerty, not azerty)

    2. Thank you that keyboard is exactly what I wanted!

      To bad about the widgets... also nokia store won't start up. I am sure it started up the last time I loaded delight.

    3. So you are the same guy that is doing this for theone as well. I can confirm the keyboard is EXACTLY was I was hoping for. woohooo!

      The only thing missing now really would be to fix the exchange activesync to load up html pages. It works for some but not all. I have a feeling this isn't something that's possible. I can keep on hoping!

      Thanks a lot eric D

    4. store was down all day. It is /was a store problem, not a Delight problem

  14. sir how to delete built-in folder like "Xtras"? I moved the cotents to other folder. Or how to move the folder Xtras to root menu? THanks.

    1. you can only delete folders, if ALL contents are put somewhere else. it has to be absolutly empty to delete it

    2. Sorry but I can't delete this folder even it's empty

    3. well, then I guess you have to leave it there, or change the matrixmenudata.xml and reflash

  15. hy eric. something is fishy with 1.1 version of n808 because it draws battery faster than 1.0 - with 1.0 i had 3 days in normal usage, with 1.1 only 2 days same usage.

    1. all the changes we made from 1.0 to 1.1 won't change the battery usage. must be a problem on your side.
      - Any new apps?
      - changed location where you hang out or work or something?
      - checked wlan settings? New wlan settings came with OTA update

      thats the only thing I can think of
      p.s. I never got 3 days of usage ;)

    2. I haven't seen abnormal battery usage.

  16. my latest version of phoenix 2012.50 says install nokia dongle and try again ! i m using windows 7 64 bit ! i ve disabled antivirus ! plz help me !
    what is the meaning of -
    (Windows 7 64 Bit version (Please note that FLS-5 drivers do not support Win 7 64 bit OS, therefore FLS-5 can not be used in this operating system)

  17. I don't know how many times I wrote this.
    time for everybody to read the posts

    deinstall the buggy 2012.50 phoenix

    for generation^1 phones use 2012.04
    for fp1 and fp2 phones use 2012.16

    I'm running win7 64bit... and have no problem at all

  18. the flashing failed. Do you want to retry the flashing?

    HRESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)

    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing.
    I am using my friends laptop and it is new !

  19. 1 question please what about dual language sets really I need it 37_arabic & 94_urdu pleasse tell what to do no & 1 thing else which version of phoenix will used to flash 808 by the way I have Phoenix_Service_Software_2012.50.000.49146 & please tell me about my 1st question ... ;-(

    1. do you really need 2 Ui's? Or do you need 1 Ui with 2 writing files? You need Phoenix 2012.16

    2. yes I need 2 UI's because I'll use it in arabic also need all 3 languages (37_arabic , 94_urdu , 1_english) for writing & my 2 friends needs the UI in Urdu ...

    3. please don't mind asking so many question but I have to ask that what is the changes between version 1.0 & 1.1 !?

      which comes after 2 days after releasing the 1st ...

    4. ok, I'll make a dual Ui set, but not till Tuesday. Read the changelogs in v1.1, to know what was changed since v1.0

    5. on your convenience MATE, OK on Wednesday how it will be !?

      also Thank you in advance DUDE ... ^_^

    6. & please tell me about changing the font to 1 with my choice (adding an arabic font + english) , in official ROM I'm using this font with app (Font Zoomer) , so ... what will be the process to add that font in delight without effecting power symbols & other side effectors !?

    7. You need a font with modded to power symbols. Otherwise no other side effects when changing the font

    8. ok can you make that font modded if I upload it for you ...

    9. & 1 thing else mate which ROFS3 file should I download for the dual UI's language sets ...

    10. I can try. Haven't done it before, but I have fiddled around with Fonts enough to know, I think

    11. about rofs3's:
      I thought you probably didn't understand it correctly, but you said you needed a dual set, so I made it.
      the way it was supposed to be was: you get arabic set with urdu rofs3, so you have arabic Ui + arabic writing and urdu writing
      and your buddys get Urdu Ui set with arabic rofs3
      this way both of you could write, and still would have only english and 1 Ui

      Now, I made a dual set, which has Urdu Ui & writing and Arabic Ui and writing

      so you can use the rofs3 that comes in the base package
      unless you need another ADDITIONAL writing

    12. aha ! you mean after downloading the base file (only english) now I have to download (• 37 arabic & 94 urdu) only & flash it with rofs3 that comes in the base file package right & by the way I just need urdu + arabic + english to write it's enough , it means I have nothing to download from ROS3 column which is in the main thread ha !?

    13. Ok thanks for your guidance mate ! ^_^ and what you advise me about the font !?

      you can do it ha ... if yes then I'll upload it for you what you say !?

    14. send me a link, and I'll see if I can do it. You can still go ahead and install the cfw, and I'll tell you how to install it on a running system

    15. ok friend take the link ...

      also I want know 1 thing R U insert music player mod which reads from sounds & received files only because I have more then 700 sound files which I don't need it in music player it's kind of Quran sound files Hadeeth sound files also there some dictionaries which have sound files so these files R disturbing me in music player & making music playing soo difficult so please tell me about it ,,,

    16. music player reads from /music folders only. Put your Koran sound files somewhere else, if you don't want them to show in music player. For playing your Quran files from a different folder, I advise you to get folder play. I'll try to make the font soon

    17. ok waiting for you to prepare it in next few days , thanks for the information ... ^_^

      but you didn't told in how much days almost ...

    18. i don't give out ETA's anymore. Not sure when

    19. here you go:

    20. thanx mate ! & how to use it now with font zoomer or by adding it in the CFW ...

    21. after flashing the ROM it's not stable enough mate , there are bugs like some apps side effecting from what I don't know such as (Belle extra buttons , opera mini , whats app AIO)every time I tried to open opera mini 7.2 after agreement screen the device reboots & whats app AIO modded version by fabian H. not ready to be INSTALLED at all & this is a good example to believe me try installing whats app AIO which is your own team made... & some times it reboots from its own , ovar all not stable ... :(

    22. 2000 users say differently. I have Wa AIO, Opera, Skype, Opera mini, Nimbuzz, Belle extra buttons and quite a few more apps. I've flashed and flashed and flashed multiple times, refurbish and update software while development and it works like a charm every single time. what kind of sd card do you use? And where do you install your apps to? How many patches are you running and how did you flash?

    23. Aha ! then what is the problem ?!

      I'm using micro sd memory card , every time I use mass memory to install my apps , 2 patches (open 4 all RP+ & Instal server RP+) & I flashed with refubish ...

      every thing was on your commands then where is the problem !?

      & by the way why you removed widgets back ground really it reduced its beauty as well lacks aesthetic ...

      I'm returning to official firmware so I want some mods from you can you attach it here for me to use it in the official ROM , PLEASE DON'T DISAPPOINTED ME ! ^_^

    24. aha! I don't know...
      why does it sound like you are angry?

      It works fine here... and nobody else said that they were having problems. Did you try to re-download your WA AIO .sis? because, it could be a faulty download

      About widget backgrounds - if you would have read the changelog and the FAQ, then you would have known, that you can change backgrounds by Resolver app very easily, or simply drop your taste of widgets skins on C. We have made almost every widget running off C, so you can change it however you like. So if you don't like the transparency, then use Resolver to get back to Fp2 look, or Fp1 look, or anything else

      Really? - I mean REALLY?? you are going back to ofw, just because you lacked to install 3 apps?

      go to to the Symbian^3 modding section and get all the mods you need

    25. there is absolutly no good example for believing you, because nobody else has that problem. and the reboots is probably caused by something else...
      I never had a reboot since a long, long time

      its stable... you can believe me.

      Anyway... even though it sounds like you are mad at us for any unknown reason... sorry it didn't work out for you, but the feedback you gave is simply not true

  20. hello, thx alot ! Finally I have it on my 808 ! It's so stable, everything is good ! I have english + hindi ! I have simple 3*4 menu grid ! How to make it 4*3 ?

  21. Update:
    - added arabic and urdu dual set

  22. Kindly tell me how to flash without including the uda file, I'm a newbie in using cfw's.. Can't see the updater app.. How to deselect the uda file, should I delete it from options in phoenix.

    1. if you are a newbie to flashing, then you probably are not using v1.0 and therefore need to flash v1.1 via refurbish. Otherwise, yes, it should be deleted in options window, just like you do with the emmc

  23. This looks really great, may give it try. Does it allow for wifi hotspots? They're disabled by default. Thanks in advance.

    1. yes, usa tethering mod for hotspots is enabled

  24. hello, this morning I got a notification on screen "software update:system error" phone was become very slow ! Then I just restarted phone and everything became alright ! Is it ok ? And please tell me also if there r extra symbols added and I can get it via resolver !

    1. sometimes that happens if you have automatic software updates running or you tried to install something, that is partially on the phone. I have it with Skype app sis mostly

  25. This looks like great work. Does it restore wifi hotspot? Mines been blocked. Thanks.

    1. restore? where to restore it from?
      just so you know, Symbian makes Ad-hoc connection and Android/iPhone make a different connection. (can't remember the name right now)...anyways, to different connections can't communicate with eachother

  26. Hi Eric,

    Finally i have installed delight v1.1 on my Nokia 808.My 808 is performing awesome.All credit goes to you.Thanks mate.
    I have few queries for you

    1> I'm getting "Unable to sync error" while syncing with Nokia sync.Can you help me with this? while Nokia store and Music are working fine with same user account.

    2>Is there any way to select theme effects as per my choice and disable unwanted?

    1. there is a txt that has to be installed. I want to do it in the next version. It is the 101f874b.txt
      get it here:
      open the core with nokia cooker and include to private/10202be9/

      save and flash

  27. Hi, I'm using the latest Delight for my 808 and it works great. So first of all, thank you guys! I have a little bug to fix though, regarding the use of the Camera pro qt 3 app.. The startup is really buggy experience, almost enough to make you not use the app at all.. I think it has something to do with the removal of the waiting/loading screens when opening apps, but that's just my speculation.. Anyone have this problem too? Solutions?

    1. sorry, but I haven't used it before. Where did you install it to? C or E? may be related to the popup fader mod, but not sure. Go to popup fader mod thread, get original files and test it

    2. sorry, but I haven't used it before. Where did you install it to? C or E? may be related to the popup fader mod, but not sure. Go to popup fader mod thread, get original files and test it

  28. minor bug on 1.1: when you play a song in music player, if you go to options and hit song details it throws you on first screen ("desktop" to say), the music is still playing but if you verify on task manager there is no music player as an app ongoing; the song still plays till you enter again music player when it stops suddenly.

    1. I guess some of the metadata/id3tag translations need fixing. I'll try to get it done before v1.2

  29. hi Eric! How do i know if the rofs2, rofs3 or the core is protected? I just want to edit that. Thanks.

  30. Huh?

    the core is locked, when you open it with Nokia Cooker and push unlock and it is still set to 2b
    if it is 2a or 2c, then it is unlocked

    But cfw's are for sure all unlocked

  31. can i set that in 2a or 2c using Nokia Cooker?

  32. Works great, thank you so much!
    Few questions about the effects. The FAQ hints that effects can be changed without reboot, but I don't see it happening. I am using ThemeFX 1.2 to copy new files to E:/Effects and the new effects are active only after reboot, is this expected behavior?
    Second, how can I restore the original Delight effects? And finally, is there a way to get back the original FP2 effects?


    1. Effects can be changed to On & Off. its a mod/port from belle refresh. you can go to Menu/settings/theme/general --> options Theme effects On or Off

      yes, it is correct, that the effects only get changed after reboot.
      to Restore the effects: turn effects off, delete E:/effects, reboot, turn effects back ON

      to get original effects, go get them and put them to E:/effects, restart the phone

  33. hello, i wanna ask how to add yahoo mail or hotmail in nokia mail? I can only found exchange activesync to choose, did your cfw remove those? Thx!

  34. Well, i just solve the problem, the key is i didn't insert my sim card, after i did, the hotmail, yahoo mail came out, no problem now:)

    1. ok, great. I tested it a half hour ago, and didn't have any problems, so I am glad you could fix it

  35. Hi!

    How can I change all of widget icon? I use joshlog and read from E:/resource/apps like before, but not all icone changed. Mini wifi,nfc,dlna, play on radio widgets stay your original icon style. Changed only 3G, bluetooth, data, silent, on/off widgets.

    1. I never would have used joshlog. almost all of our widget skins run from C, except Email and Contacts, so it would have been easier to just copy your mifs to c:/resource/apps

      not sure about joshlog, maybe because all of our widgets run off c, it loads them first, before loading from E
      if I ever would have used a joshlog at all, then the C one...

  36. Thanks for an excellent cfw! One issue though. I can't select another language than English as default typing language. I've got Finnish as an option, but when I try to set it as default, the selected language remains as English.

    Did I do something wrong or is this a feature? I have to change the key layout every time I type in any application, which is annoying.. :/

    1. sure you are using 808? Which Ui and which rofs3 did you use?

  37. Hi Eric and team.

    This CFW is truly a "delight!" ;-) It seems so much faster than the standard FW - especially the calendar widget. I've got a couple of observations/questions below:

    1. Nokia Transport doesn't function
    After the phone is flashed the icon for this application appears as that grey icon with red centre which I think means it's an application waiting to be installed. Tapping the icon doesn't progress anything. Neither does downloading and installing the app from the Nokia store. The first time I installed Delight, Transport worked but I think it was using files from a previous installation because in my most recent attempt I also wiped the e:\ drive and reflashed for Delight so I could have a completely clean phone

    2. Beep for charging
    It used to in the Nokia FW. Any chance of getting this back? It's quite handy.

    3. Calendar reminders abort
    I used Exchange ActiveSync connected to Office 365. Calendar entries created in Office remind me by beeping once on the phone and just abort. They should keep on reminding (for a short period of time) before being silenced/snoozed. Further testing reveals:

    - If I create a calendar entry directly on the phone, the reminder rings nicely until the silence/snooze button is hit. It doesn't snooze though (i.e. after another 10 mins it should remind me again)
    - The alarm clock function works perfectly with the silence/snooze feature

    4. Shazam
    Anyone know where I can find a SIS of Shazam? It's no longer listed in the Nokia store for the 808.


    1. 1. it was deleted on purpose. here is a .sis installer for public transportation:

      2. I think it is by turning warning tones ON

      3. I have to check and test for myself

      4. I downloaded the Shazam for you:

  38. Hi!

    Is it possibel to download theme effects?

    Thank You

    1. its in the firmware. why do you need to download it separately?

  39. If I want to use on my own cfw. But I think I found it in this RM-807_113.010.1508_79u_prd.core.fpsx file.

  40. And another question is: can I download from the new email widget? Which is show the email message?

    1. check my mods collection in DailyMobile or above in Delight Blog mods section.
      All used widgets are linked.

  41. Greetings to all!

    I have a big problem with nokia 808 It does not work I SYGIC GPS navigation, report me an error (Not enought video memory! Close some application or restart your phone and try again!), I restart nokia and the problem appears again!
    On nokia n8 it works perfectly.
    What would be wrong with Softwere?
    I would like to use SYGIC on nokia 808, I hope to fix this problem I would be very happy and I am willing to donate for your efforts!

    Thanks for the reply!



    1. This app has stopped working in Belle versions :(

  42. Hi Eric,
    thanks for your work. Anyway I have a annoying problem. After flashing your CFW (coming from another CFW), I try to set up my email account : but each time it says : "can't connect to email server" (or somthing like that). I tried wiht V1.1, V1.0, nothing fix it. It tried to flash it several times but it doesn't work.
    It is not coming from the procedure as I tried with another CFW and it works.
    Any help ?

    1. did you install any email related apps/updates?
      and do you use a SIM?

  43. I can't believe that no one has fixed the joikuspot issue for the US. I know for a FACT that you can be connected to a device over ad-hoc AND still be using your ATT internet on two separate apps

    1. it's fixed in this CFW, thanks to the.one89 finding in a indian firmware

  44. how to get this CNN and BBC widgets back ?

  45. nice am loving it alot am just downloading tha v1.1 but tha v1.0 dat am using presently i discover just 2 error don't know what happen
    first is tha icon instead of 4 par row its just 3....and...
    Senondly is tha english and arabic languages i used it and discovered something inside tha navigation folder it doesn't open and still am unable to delete it what do i do pls help....

    1. check the Resolver App, you can easily change the icons from 3*4 to 4*5
      and also you can change to default menu (no folders)

  46. I've got a problem with the e-mail client. I've already set it up twice, but it does neither receive nor send mails. There is no error message, just nothing. On original and other custom firmwares the client always complained about the server certificate. This message is not shown, too. Maybe it silently rejects the certificate and does nothing afterwards?
    I've also tried to set up a Gmail account. This one works fine.

    Any ideas? E-Mail is a must have for me, but besides this problem your cfw is the best I've seen.

  47. I've investigated my previously posted e-mail problem. In fact I can access an IMAP server in my LAN without encryption. Then I've activated STARTTLS in the client and used Wireshark to observe the connection. It's fine until the server certificate is received. After that the connection is dropped ("Starttls negotiation failed").
    Then I've tried the stock browser to access HTTPS websites. This works for sites with known certificate like, but it fails for and (both are using an unknown StartCom certificate).
    Could someone prove this on his phone? Suggestions?

    1. sorry bro, but I am clueless...we would have to mod the browser somehow, to get access to those sites. I tried to access them too and had the same results

    2. The question is: why is there no "do you want to accept the certificate" dialogue, like on original firmware? That looks like a bug in Delight CFW.
      Or as workaround I could add the StartCom certificate to the file system by hand. But I have no idea where.

    3. there is a special sysap mod online somewhere and we will integrate it into the next update that solves restriction issues

    4. Hi, sounds good. Could you also disable FM transmitter on/off notifications?

    5. Could I add this sysap mod to the device myself and where can I get it?

  48. I cannot type please help. When I press on screen, keyboard does not appear.

  49. Also "Chinese sets won't work from rofs3, so get the full rofs2". from where I get rof2?

    1. a little farther above in the translation sets

  50. Hi

    Thanks for your nice work,i hope you can answer me regarding this CFW
    1-How long the GPS can keep the signal with sports tracker and garmin mobile or it loses the signal after it acquire it and never get it back? as in here
    2-When you use SIP ,does Internet call alert turn off random or it stay on? as in here
    3-What files do i need to keep if i want to restore the original firmware from here


  51. Hi, can someone tell me how to turn on menu lights on nokia 808 because I can not find the file 10200c8c.cre in c partition. Thanks..