Friday, May 18, 2012

Delight is in silence .... :(

Yeah I know it's been days or should I say months without any Delight update and most of you guys want it so badly.. so I decided to let you know how things here.

Since I promised that there will be new update/s of Delight cfw for N8 in future but only where there is any official firmware available and so far, it doesn't look really close ..

There are few mods and stuff available that could be worthy for a new update but that would not be too much and it's a possibility that few of you won't flash with it just because it won't be a huge update.. however I might work on that and release it in coming weeks.. I would love to release it today but I haven't started working on it yet..

My life is so hectic these days and I can hardly find time for myself rest alone for making a new update.. but I will surely try and spend some time on it and will update you guys how it goes..

Till then you enjoy what you have and hope for the best.. take care.