Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Delight Belle v4.1.. Soooooon..

Hey friends..

I know v4.1 has been delayed a lot and all of you are waiting for it patiently.. Thanks for that.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Donation option added for freaxs_r_us :)

Hey friends..

As you all know that all my Delight Belle releases were being translated by freaxs_r_us and hopefully future ones too for all you guys ;)

A new donation button is added to the blog for freaxs_r_us in case you want to show your appreciation towards him.

Info about next update and few screenshots will soon be published.

Stay tune..

Friday, February 24, 2012

Update about my phone and release!

Hey friends..

Well visited Nokia Center today and as I expected flashing there also didn't solve the problem so they asked me to submit the handset there and asked me to visit after 4-5 days.. That's frustrating and very upsetting.

Anyways, that's needed to be done so now I am without my N8 and I can't upload any sneaks or something for next few days till I get my N8 back..

take care..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Phone Dead - Release delayed again :(

Looks like today isn't a good day for me .. Bad news.. Fortunately my bro managed to have one of his friend's phone and I kept going on testing my next update. Unfortunately something bad happened and now my phone is not going after the boot screen, I tried everything. So tomorrow I am going to Nokia Center hoping they would return it after flashing and there won't be any other problem. If it will take long, you guys have to wait much longer..  Sorry but I am very upset :(

Bad News :(

Well not that bad but the release will delay a bit longer, may be couple of days then I expected.. Although it's almost ready and I just need to fix up one issue before I release it .. it's delayed. Reason is my brother's handset got damaged and he asked me my N8.. Well I gave him of course and coz of that the testing delayed. But don't worry, it will soon be back to me and I will start fixing that problem I am having and will release it thereafter..

Just hang in there, you will be happy to wait for that..

take care ..

Info about next version!

Hey friends.,

In case you are wondering where am I or what's the status of next update, well this post is answering those questions.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New update!

Yesterday MoritZ told me that the official firmware on which my Delight v4.0 is based missing some updated files which are in official EURO firmware, I flashed with it and noticed those changes. I can't say they are better yet they are latest files and Nokia tried to save some space which could be helpful in near future, thus I will have to start from the scratch and make my next update based on EURO firmware. Of course all reported bugs will be fixed in next update. If I will be able to fix Push to Notification problem then it will be in Core else I will provide UDA file with these needed files.

So have patience guys and instead of reporting anymore bugs wait for my next update. Since there is weekend coming, my update will be delayed but it's pretty fast then then my official build. So I guess it will be better. More updates are on it's way.

You can see the difference between my build and Euro one. Check out the wifi icon place in both these images.

Screenshot provided by Moritz

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New rofs3 for other Writing Languages and rofs2 without Nokia Maps

Main post is updated again with new rofs3 with more Writing Languages as well as with new Rofs2 without Nokia Maps. Do note that if you want other writing languages, you need to flash with new rofs2 too without Nokia Maps.

New translated rofs2 will soon be available..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FAQ updated again.

Hey friends..

I forgot to put info about Backup and Restore in my FAQ file so I updated it again and refreshed the link on v4.0 post.

Also Default widgets pack updated, forgot to put some needed files in there. Do check that again if you faced any problem.

Have fun..

Wait is finally over .. Delight Belle v4.0 ;D

Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v4.0 released on 15.02.2012

Change log section updated with v4.0

Visit Change log section to know what's coming in v4.0..  It will be available soon. Drafting the final post..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Disappointed? Don't ... :)

I know most of you were waiting for it and believe me I was working on it the whole day.. Now why it's not still published?

Sneak Preview - Delight Belle v4.0 :D

As promised, posting a sneak preview for Delight Belle v4.0

Monday, February 13, 2012

Status about Delight v4.0?

Hey friends,

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day.. Hope you have a lovely and romantic day ahead.

Delight v4.0 is ready now and later today I will post sneak preview of it, right now I just need some sleep. Too tired.. :(

If it will be possible for me, I will try to upload the files today itself and let you have it as a Valentine gift from me..

Till then you take care of your loved ones and enjoy the day.. Take care.

Time limit for Phone's auto lock?

Hey guys,

Since some of you asked me to increase the phone's auto lock time to about 10 minutes, it's been done but I am still unsure whether to keep it or not as if you leave your handset without locking it, it will drain your battery fast enough thus locking it always is the only option and a necessity to somehow.

So what do you reckon guys, should I keep it as a feature or set it to it's maximum value as 5 minutes.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Info about Next update!!

Hey friends..

Just to inform you that next update is almost ready .. Completed most of it, unfortunately I will be busy for this weekend,.. enjoying with my friends ;) so the release will take some extra time.

I am expecting it to be completed before next weekend.. I may release it before then .. but if not, then it will surely be released between 20th Feb - 26th Feb.. as I would like to keep it under observation for some time too after I will finish it..

Of course before that may be on Monday or Tuesday, I will post a sneak preview like I did earlier just for your delight :P

Got to go now, you all take care.

Nokia Maps Suite v2.0 integrated :)

It took a lot of my time but finally I am able to put it in rofs to save almost 30mb from C.. Do note that Maps will only be available in English version of Delight not in translated ones coz it will be only in English in other languages and I want to give users who use my translated versions complete freedom to install Maps in their own language. I found that if I put English version in rofs, users were not able to install their own language Maps app, so I may leave translated versions without Maps.

I am working on other stuff now.. Stay tune ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What now?

As I promised earlier that I will publish a new update as soon as Nokia release Belle officially and now as they did it, I have started to work on my next Delight version which will be v4.0.

Intensity of testing would be low as I am quite busy with my personal life at the moment but rest assure that it'll be in my higher priorities.

Today I flashed with the official Belle and testing it now and then later today I will start putting mods in it to test it.

I welcome all bug reports you guys made in past in v3.9 so I can test them before releasing my next update so you guys won't have to report it again as unfortunately I didn't make a full list of all those bugs, minor or major.

Also I would like to know about your view on whether I should really need to release a new update if everything seems to be same as the last leaked version since there is no new widget even the ones in leaked version in this new official one or would you be really happy to be on that leaked version as that's pretty much same as the official one.

Do comment. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nokia rolled out Belle officially - v111.30.609

Finally Nokia release Belle officially on their firmware servers, strangely Navifirm+ doesn't show any updates but if you use NaviFirmEx, updates are there. I have started to download them already and will update about what's been changed or added or is it the same version leaked last time.


Get NavifirmEx from Here.


Monday, February 6, 2012

I am back.

Hey frnds,

After almost a week I am back and as soon as I am finished with your comments, they will be published as I said before.

I was not in constant touch of current happenings but I know that Nokia Belle is yet to release officially, of course within a week or so and then you can expect another update for Delight.

Till then take care.