Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Disappointed? Don't ... :)

I know most of you were waiting for it and believe me I was working on it the whole day.. Now why it's not still published?

Delight v4.0 was already finished last night and I was beginning to upload it today and while uploading it I experimented with something and it came positive thus I stopped uploading and the whole day I was working on it only..

The good news is that I have accomplished it now and Delight v4.0 with much more extra features is ready..

What I was trying to do was to eliminate UDA completely so you can hard reset your handset anytime and don't need to worry about important files in UDA like Push To Notification ..

I know Push To Notification isn't really useful for some of you, but as my main aim is to make Delight perfect for every single user not individuals or a group of people, I try to fix every bug and provide full functionality to it's users.

I am really happy that I am able to achieve that finally as I was constantly trying to achieve that since a long time.

Since I have been working on this version from few weeks, my PC is all messed up and I need to gather stuff and organize it properly to update Change log section.. Unfortunately I can't do that today as I have been sick with cold and not feeling good so please wait till tomorrow as it will be available tomorrow.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine's day with your loved ones.

Good night now and take care...


  1. Hey mate! Take you're time to get well soon. Wanted to flash tonight but that's not a problem at all. Thanks for you're hard work! By the way, can we use the translation files from delight 3.9 or has freaxs to do new ones...? Have a good sleep mate!!!

  2. take care & upload the CFW at earliest..GN

  3. have medicine, get well soon bro. We know u do better always.

  4. Hey take medicine and get well soon .

  5. wish to recover from this sickness, God bless

  6. Get well soon! You deserve it!

    Thanks for your ongoing efforts!

    A few requests I have are:

    I just flashed official Belle and the Pulse Notifications are shown in the dropdown menu instead with that annoying popup. That might be a sight effect of Nokia Notifications Support Package Belle PU but I guess it rather comes with your backport of the Anna Notification Widget which screws with Belles way to handle those! I'd rather have the Anna Widget and all the special widget skins in an extra installer package so that the standard stuff is there. Is there any chance that your Delight CFW will feature stock widgets by default and only offer the modded widgets as an option!? Because that is so much dependant on taste?!

    Would really love that!

    Also your CFW lacked the Video Editor Icon.

    Will your CFW be clean of Social!?

    Will there be file opening associations from QuickOffice and AdobeReader reassignable to Picsel Smart Office or other solutions? I have no Idea if you implemented QO and AR by default but if you don't please consider ripping off ther file opening associations and simply leave them empty. Without QO and AR you can't generate your own.

    That's it for now.

    Would love some clarification on those and if you can offer the time to point me on how to remove the modded widgets to have the default ones back...

    Cheers and GREAT WORK!!!

    1. Unfortunately I have already fix all the widgets new or old to be installed during Flashing thus no, they are not optional although how to get back some default ones are explained in FAQ..

      I am not sure whether it was there in v3.9 or not but it's in v4.0.

      Yes, No Nokia Store and No Social. You got to install them separately, I guess in v3.9 there were no Social widgets even after installing Social manually, so that's fixed.

      Yes, I removed QO and AR., they are available as a separate standalone installer.

      As I said getting back the default widgets will be there in my FAQ as always.

  7. Is the phone ready to install any app ? Regardless the fact the app is signed or not ? (What I want to ask if that if it's already hacke.d)