Monday, February 13, 2012

Time limit for Phone's auto lock?

Hey guys,

Since some of you asked me to increase the phone's auto lock time to about 10 minutes, it's been done but I am still unsure whether to keep it or not as if you leave your handset without locking it, it will drain your battery fast enough thus locking it always is the only option and a necessity to somehow.

So what do you reckon guys, should I keep it as a feature or set it to it's maximum value as 5 minutes.


  1. Please dont increase it.. earlier was fine.. Battery is one issue but pocket dials are bigger problem..

  2. Something like this should be optional.

  3. Thanks for your comments guys.. I guess then 2-3 minutes should be fine..

  4. yes, 2-3 min. are great

    and,.. Thank you for your hard work nicesoni_ash :)

  5. I agree, 2-3 min is welcome.
    Anyway I'm not sure about the chance we have to change this value manually..
    Anyway I suggest, if possible, to create a little .sis file that as a MOD will ask during the installation how many minutes and it change the values.
    Waiting for release :)

    1. Making it possible to ask during flashing will take a lot of my time and I better not spend on this simple mod. I would better provide this as an option to install as your own if you are interested to have more then 2 minutes of auto lock.. But before that, I will have to test whether this will work without flashing or not.

  6. 2 minutes is ok.thanks for your hardwork.

  7. 5 min is better... 10 mins is way to long... if your phone is in your pocket a lot of things can happen in ten minutes...

  8. let it be same as last version,, lets not spend time on this as we're waiting eagerly for your new release :)

  9. Yea, don't wast your time, 5 min is enough.