Known Bugs

Known Delight Bugs:

C7 v6.x:

  • enabling/disabling flashlight via Lock Key doesn't work.
    -> Use the Homescreen widget as workaround, we still try to fix it.

General on Delight:

  • (Happens sometimes, not always:) Nokia Maps works fine, but Drive doesn't stop loading? Open the taskmanager (long hold menu key) and choose drive, it should work fine again.
  • Some users have problems with download the offical Facebook Java App .jar via the .jad file, if it doesn't work for you use the direct .jar download from here:

Not Working applications on Belle : (Some newer versions could be working):

  • Natty (Java Calculator)
  • WeatherBug
  • Sygic Mobile Maps
  • Chords 2.0 by Tunerific
  • Foliant reader by foliant
  • Albite reader by Svetlin Ankov
  • Netflix (Won't Sign In)
  • Poynt
  • Ebuddy
  • How to fix Garmin Mobile XT keypad problem:
    Long hold menu button till open application window comes up --> select Garmin XT --> Keypad should work now. Credit to guys from and vitaly for informing me.

    Do you know more?

Not Working Games on Belle : (Some newer versions could be working):

  • Horus
  • Yumster/lite by HeroCraft
  • Snake free by Vanixon GmbH
  • Skiller 12pack by skiller
  • MyTicTacToe by Octacore games
  • Phit droid lite by mToy
  • Absolute 80's
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Hangman
  • Mahjong
  • OpenTable (Won't Connect to Internet)
  • iStunt2
  • Let's Golf 2 HD

    Do you know more?

General Symbian bugs/issues:

  • Your FP2 phones resortes the access points after each reboot?
    That's a known FP2 bug (check the Nokia forums) and it can happen from time to time. Only a hardreset (press camera, volume down and menu while booting) will fix this. 
  • Nokia Store shows old apps: Nokia killed Nokia Store at 1.1.2014, only a few partners will be able to publish apps into it. Check out Symbian Store and AppList
  • Nokia/Microsoft killed the following services: Nokia Weather, Nokia Internet Radio (you still can enter direct stream URLs), Maps Guides, Nokia Betalabs, Skype, Belle FP2 share images/videos via Gallery.
  • Dopbox Login crashes QtQuick based apps: Read on Delight Blog (first article) or All About Symbian

    Symbian is closed source, we can't really do anything except bombing Nokia Care and hoping for updates, the chances a low ... Most of this stuff happens on purpose, they want to push us to buy new phones

Expected behaviour:
Some things might look like bugs for CFW/modding newbies, e.g.

  • Phone not connecting  in PC Suite Mode:
    If you are having problem connecting to your pc in Nokia Ovi Suite via usb, make sure you don't have ReadFullC by xCape, Open4All by wadowice or UnlockFilemanger by huellif patch activated in Rompatcher, disable it and you will be able to connect.
  •  your FP2 Delight phone will reboot if you long press the power key. That's a sysap mod and we want that, otherwise you need a 3rd party app to reboot your phone.
    Contact us if you don't want that and we will make an extra ROFS3 for you, you can enable that without of a full flash and loosing C:\.
  •  opening the first image/video in FP2 gallery after launching shows a short black screen: That happens by default, this way your phone doesn't need the always running background process aknspasrv.exe and saves a lot of battery.
    However, Delight App v1.3.1 final will allow you to switch between that and the original Nokia config.
  • the widget skins look diffrent: You can revert them in Delight App, choose FP2 or FP1/Refresh skins.
  • there are strange transitions going on: We decided to use fast and decent theme effects by Allstar12345, however some users won't like them. You can disable them in settings (also on FP2, we are using a ported theme settings app for that) or put own effects into E:\effects\
  • After enabling UnluckFilemanger Music Player's search, Profile app's ringtone search and installing .sis(x) packages will behave buggy: This patch changes a system .dll which controls the visible drives and folders, some apps aren't made for that and do stange stuff. So only enable it if you need it.
  • the menu has the old Symbian Anna folders: We set that up because it's more organized and faster, the system doesn't have to cache all icons. If you like the classic menu check Delight App's selector.

Other problems/questions?

Please read the FAQ which is included into Delight App and go sure you didn't enable any patches except you really know what they are doing. Otherwise disable them (and their autostart), reboot your phone and recheck your issue.
We also can't fix most Nokia/OFW issues or disabled services like Nokia Weather or Internet Radio, sorry for that.
If that didn't solve your problem: Go sure the behaviour is diffrent as on OFW(other CFWs and a Delight causes bug, than email Eric or Fabian or write a comment under the latest release post of the Delight version you are using. Please give us a proper step to step tutorial how to reproduce the issue, when you faced it the first time and what you did before (installed app x, mod y, changed setting z etc.).

Thanks for your patience!