This page is to show my appreciation for all those who donated to this blog.. Thanks a lot.

Although donation's not necessary and we never expected that we could get something in return for just a little hobby of us, but now it really feels great. Your thanks and good wishes are always a great contribution to my work along with any donation.

These generous people donated on this blog till now. I will keep updating this page so if you don't see your name here it will be here sooner then later..I won't be putting your username (through which I know you friends) here along with your real name for your of privacy.

You also find the donators in Delight App, Options, Credits (in v1.3.1 and later).

Ibrahim Siyaadh
Gary Nimmo
Farooq Khan
Brent Goodwin
Mateo Requena
David Ritter
Giovanni Gozzi
Gunther Weihmann
Thomas Massey
Melanie Eichholz
Miguel Angel Serrano Ripoll
Philip Maddox
Eakkachai Suptip
Charles Chang
Gunther Weihmann
เอกชัย ทรัพย์ทิพย์
Vitaly M
Brian Galvis
Mariano Doncel
Torsten Voß
M Hainizam M Jamil
James Honeyball
Mariusz Domaradzki
Akinwole Akinpelu
Rudy Demore
Shawn Adams
Mario Domario
Asparuh Asparuhov
Peter Dekker
Azlan MN
Torsten Dietrich
Spiros Christias
Moritz Thiele
Edward Butler
Alexander Verwohl
Claudia Müller
Lavtar Bostjan
Michał Kępa
Peter Holy
Margaret Graybill
Thorsten Kneisel
Nikola Bozovic
Andre K. Y.
Josef K.
Sethu Pillai
Shreyans Shah
James Murray
Ivo Zlabek
Felix Kluge
Richard Trinkner
Peter Moni
Henrik Hjort
Coen Berends
Michael Kehraus
Edel Calvar
Paul Bunyan
Gabraham Allan
Tim Sinclair-Lee
Georg Dzierzon
Simon Mutschlechner
Krishnakumar Sriramadhesikan
Axel Fischer
Luis Gabriel
Celio Sanchez
Mae Sayo
Daniele Fuduli
Maryl Degallaix
Karl Griffin
Robert Sands
Juhani Wilen
Tuomas Rosberg
Rick C. Balser
Stuart Peters
David Piel
Teunis Meijer
Fatih Uzun

Martin Meister
Eric Marchesin
Sethu Pillai
George Harakis
Marton Venczel
Stefan Konstantinov
Panayiotis Ntzamilis
Franz Heim
Vishwesh Narasimhan
Michal Kepa 
Miran Zeljko 
Druv Boodoo
Mats Pagil
Mikko Koivunalho
Pece Murtanovski
Matej Andel
Robin Ball
Olaf Kraft
Roberto Val
Felix Balado Pumarino
Stefan Karlsson 
Boris Sozranov
Tauri Kikerpill
Markus Maletz
Hans-Georg Tacke
Jeremy Fisher
Ian Robertson
Marco Möller
Petr Markytán
John Coker
Balázs Györe
Michael Czajka
 Javier Núñez Silva
Simon Ciminski
Aparece Lourdecito

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