Monday, February 3, 2014

E7 Delight v1.0 - ALL Hardware Keyboards availble - all translations as well!!! - FIXED & 2 new QWERTY'S

E7 Delight v1.0 - provided by AAS - All about
Steve Litchfield at All about Symbian was kind enough to send me his E7 for developing. So big thanks going his way for sending his phones.

If you don't sign these PETITIONS, then this might be the last Update we can make!!!
it takes one minute to do and helps soooo much

New exclusive Delight app - the SMSThemer
opens the gallery and you can choose any picture for the messaging background skin
it automatically resizes any picture to 640x640
 Newest build of Delight app with more functions:

 And of course lots more changes to the cfw...

Delight team:
- huellif - main cooker
- freaxs_r_us - translator and second cooker

Delight contributors:
- Allstar12345 - theme effects maker
- LAO STIA - theme maker
Cahjoss - conversation skin maker

Special thanks goes to nicesoni_ash, for his help, knowledge and support.
This CFW has been created with NokiaCooker. Consider donating for Free and High Quality softwares.
If you want to use our files as a base to your custom firmware, kindly ask for my permission first, 
it's a lot of hard work so do respect that.


please don't forget to share us, like us, twitter us on the links below this line

pictures are from a different phone and may vary - no fmtx & no NFC on Nokia E7

But I was able to port DLNA capability 

 This is the special DELIGHT THEME: made by LAO STIA 
you CAN use, but you do NOT HAVE to use it 

this is the special Delight conversation theme made by Cahjoss
if you don't  want to use it, then just use the Resolver/Selector/conversation skin selector to change it back
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.

Link your post to our blog for files and changelogs if you want to post it somewhere else
FAQ, Flashing Tutorial, Backup and Restore Documentation, Delight Resolver
Documentation are in Addtionial Files folder on Mediafire.

This is a completly new CFW, based on Belle 111.040.1511, product code
0591821 cooked by huellif and

Special's in this CFW:
After Flashing complete, 
your phone will restart once showing you different
notifications. Let it do its work. 

After restart, you are all set to go.

What does this mean?
Simple answer, the UDA is empty, all files form UDA are in ROFS and get copied to C:\ after first boot or a hardreset.
- in Menu, Tools, Xtras you will find three apps: backup, restore and resolver and now updater
Check their documentation in Additional Files folder.

Flashing Information:
- when coming from an older Delight  then flash WITHOUT the UDA and hit Update Software. The Updater will automatically start after flash
- when coming from a different firmware then you MUST flash via refurbish


C:\ drive after flash is minimum 372 MB
RAM: 142 MB

- all Delight flashing file settings:
- extended CORE/ROFS1
- unlocked CORE
- cleaned CORE
- changed purpose and sw text
- cleaned ROFS2
- moved a lot of stuff to CORE/ROFS1
- cleaned uda of unneeded language files
- moved UDA to ROFS2
- included Delight MiniCMD
- included Delight App
- FP2 avkon2.mif by mahindar (some more modern system icons)
- PtiEngine mod (ShortMultiTap + removed popup fader by default - changeable in Delight app)
- added new installserver.exe with log by CODeRUS
- WebbrowserFix by hqnqvn
- SIP VOIP extended settings
- Integrated ROMPatcher 3.1 (incl. Domainsrv autostart)
- Modded autostart (removed system apps), added ROMPatcher
- Full close system apps
- Added useful ROMPatches (deleted those not needed in Nokia 500)
- ID3 and EQ editor mods
- added ported Anna and S^3 screensavers (Animation, Slideshow and Music Player)
- Anna soundparameters and more volume
- Tactile feedback while calls (removable, check delight FAQ in Additional Files folder)
- Delight animation and sound in C:\data\Animations\, you can replace/remove it
- Use startup.mif/.mp3 and shutdown.gif/.mp3 and enable warning sound in active profile.
- Unlocked menu (create subfolders and rename apps)
- Akncapserver mod
- No USB popups
- Fast theme switcher
- Reduced QtQuick popupfader
- No Ovi signup/SMS
- FP1/2 taskmanager
- Symbols in powerbuttons
- Filemanager extender mod
- Smilies across all applications
- Predic on E
- Swipolicity mod (more rights)
- Heapsize and Closing delay mod
- Camera mod (compression set to 95%)
- No active diverts
- Music folder search in E:\music\ and F:\music\
- Skip E:\effects\ in Gallery
- Music Player Heapsize 30MB
- Infinite Browser cache on D:\
- Voice Recorder mod (5 hours max, 256kbit/s)
- Sysap.exe 3.0 by CODeRUS (restart via power menu, disabled all popups)
- No lock/unlock vibration
- Unlimited SMS sending retries
- Send protected files
- Java permissons mod
- extended maxiumum SMS length to maximum
- added Slippery Scrolling mod (you can remove it via deleting C:\private\10202be9\persits\20021192.cre
- modified CPU and GPU config (for best battery time)
- Renaming profile mod
- Fixed chinese and taiwan chinese - with working pronunction dictionary
- fixed arabic handwriting (for handwriting in latin, you can install the arabic rofs3)
- Show hidden apps
- 22 Equalizer sets added by viral
- X-Plore default language set to english
- Erased pre-set feeds
- Added Delight Blog posts feed & Delight Blog comments feed
- increased maximum MMS size
- profile symbols
- X-Plore more rights mod
- updated menumatrix to show Unit converter in Organiser / GPS Info in Navigation
- deleted Weather widget and all resources
- Email widget Delight style font white
- Note widget Delight style font white

- by Allstar12345

- latest Delight Theme made by LAO STIA
- Transbelle Lighthouse Theme made by MMMOOO and aamirx64
- Delight conversation skin by Cahjoss
it replaces the default conversation skin in messages. Use the Delight App to change skins on-the-fly
- Nokia Pure Font

- SMS Themer app (Delight exclusive)
- added Unit converter app from s60v5
- added Gps Info app from s60v5
- Connectivity Analyzer
- WebSearch Ultimate Lite
- Internet Radio
- WinRar v1.01
- X-Plore v1.6 (with custom settings and icon by BelleXDesigns)

Added DelightApp:
- latest Delight app build
- latest MiniCMD version
- one QML UI for all Delight exclusive apps + new features
- FAQs (Delight FAQ & Backup&Restore FAQ)
- Help
- latest CFW changelogs

Widgets Added:
- Note widget small as extra widget, thanks Robo3737
- Webview widget small 4*3 by huellif
- Anna email widget (1 line) by Robo3737
- single Contact communication widget
- Webview widget
- Stopwatch widget
- Anna Notifications (incl. Belle Icons)
- Anna Notifications 2*2
- Calendar small
- Clocks: analogue – small, profile, small digital, text small
- Contacts: mini, comms
- Small: DLNA server, WIFI
- Internet Radio
- Mail One Line
- Music player, compact
- Search and Search Mini in ROFS
- Vertu Apps Launcher

Skins from:
Kang Shao

You can replace all skins which are in C:\resource\apps with your own (without wasting RAM via joshlog/iChris patch).
To restore default/delight skins check Delight resolver documentation.
Some widgets need joshlog or flashing: all email, all contacts and bookmarks widget.

- DLNA capability

- By default one empty homescreen with Delight wallpaper, max. 10
- Disabled product improvment
- Disabled screensaver
- Delight menu, A-Z order
- Disabled charging notes
- Light time-out 600 seconds
- Screen/keylock time-out 10 minutes
- Disabled FOTA cache
- Dialer & FM landscape

Applications Removed:
- Nokia Music
- F-Secure
- YouTube
- World Traveler
- Vlingo
- Social
- MS Communicator
- Shazam
- Angry Birds
- NatGeo
- Backgrounds

Updates included:
- Message fix
- Email & Calendar Update
- homescreen widgets
- Nokia Store latest release

Known issues:
- you name it 
(base files won't boot alone! 
you NEED to follow the E7 special instructions below!!!)
Please don't reupload/mirror this CFW, this isn't a slow hoster or an adversitment page like

Translations & Info
  • SPECIAL E7 Instructions:
1. Download the E7 base files and extract to folder
2. get the translated Ui file (rofs2) from below - english needs to be downloaded as well!

    - insert the Ui language rofs2 to your flashing files
    - translated versions have english as well
3. get the hardware keyboard and virtual keyboard files rofs3 according to your device and language

    - I can not disclude virtual keyboards of original languages
    - I can include any virtual keyboard you need - but only on request (I am not going to make 800 - 1000 rofs3's by chance)
    - IF you want a extra virtual keyboard language, then the hardware keyboard will be temporarily miss-set as long as the language that is not in original firmware is chosen as input language
Info: there are something like 40 -55 hardware keyboard writing files. depending on:
- which languages are in the original firmware
- hardware keyboard letter differences
- hardware keyboard symbols on buttons differences
IF you have problems due to the hardware keyboard rofs3, like missplaced letters or missplaced symbols on buttons: DON'T PANIC!!!
- just send me your product code and I will make a new hardware keyboard rofs3 a.s.a.p.
  • Translation features:
- ALL needed standard files in your language (if provided by Nokia)
- ALL needed modded files that need translating to work
- IF TTS (text to speech) is available in your language, then it is included
- ALL translations have english as base files
- all writing and keyboard files
- all dialer files
- added ecom-3-0.spi which can handle ALL languages
- translated all new widgets and corrected old ones (I corrected over 500 strings)
- text clock widgets in your language; translations by wirer
   for now only 02, 03, 04, 17, 18, 25, 27, 42, 54, 68, 76, 79 ... maybe more later
  • Known "Issues":
- Third party Applications, for example: ROM patcher+, are not translated
- in more than 1 language packages there will be only english text clock
- metadatamod equalizer mod in english
- rarely used languages, such as galician, basque, canadian french, chinglish & taiwan english are not made

Ui (user interface) Translation sets (Rofs2's)
(english +1 language)
        Taiwan chinese worldwide exclusive language NEVER provided by Nokia to Belle refresh
for Taiwan chinese Users Ported Keyboard from Anna files
see below rofs3 files        
   • 31 chinese + Put These Folders on E:/private/ for pronunction dictionary
 • 44 catalan

45 croation
49 estonian

50 farsi / persian - support for farsi discontinued

sick and tired of people stealing our work and claiming it as their own. 
absolutly no respect for the thousands of hours we put into this project.

54 greek

57 hebrew
Hebrew worldwide exclusive language NEVER provided by Nokia to Belle refresh
for Hebrew Users Ported Keyboard from Anna files

see below rofs3 files

63 kazakh
67 latvian
68 lithuanian
76 brazilian portugese
78 romanian

79 serbian
83 latin american spanish
93 ukrainian
94 urdu
96 vietnamese

326 malay
327 indonesian

Virtual Keyboard & Hardware Keyboard Writing files sets: (ROFS3's) 
(don't pay too much attention to the keymapping file numbers. they are an info for me mostly. just keep in mind which keyboard you have and which languages you wantif you flash a not compatible one, then your letters and symbols will be missplaced. if so, don't panic, just flash again via software update without uda)
Euro 1 QW & english, french, german, dutch, romanian - keymapping 01
Scandinavia QW1 & english, swedish, finnish - keymapping 02
Scandinavia QW2 & english, danish, norwegian, icelandic - keymapping 03
German QWERTZ & english, french, german, italian, turkish - keymapping 04
Austrian QW1 QWERTZ & english, french, german, italian, turkish - keymapping 05

Switzerland QW2 & english, french, german, italian, turkish - keymapping 06
Turkey QW3 & english, french, german, italian, turkish - keymapping 07
French AZERTY & english, french, german, dutch - keymapping 08
Euro 2 QW1 & english, french, german, spanish, italian, portugese - keymapping 09
Euro 2 QW2 & english, french, german spanish, italian, portugese - keymapping 10

Spanish QW & english, spanish, portuguese, catalan, basque, galician - keymapping 11
Balkans QW1 & english, german, slovenian, croatian, serbian - keymapping 12
Balkans QW2 & english, german, slovenian, croatian, serbian - keymapping 13
Euro 3 QW1 & english, german, hungarian, czech, slowak, polish - keymapping 15
Euro 3 QW2 & english, german, hungarian, czech, slowak, polish - keymapping 16

Euro 3 QW3 & english, german, hungarian, czech, slowak, polish - keymapping 17
Greek QW & english, greek - keymapping 18
Hungarian QW1 & english, hungarian, romanian - keymapping 19
Hungarian QW2 & english, russian, hungarian, romanian - keymapping 20
Russian QW1 & english, russian, romanian, ukrainian - keymapping 21


Max Meier
me, myself & I

Mod providers:
- Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia Cooker and a lot more.
- CodeRUS - A lots of mods.
- iChris701 - For his mods and help
- iExtraX7 - Several mods.
- Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
- witcher3 - Menu organized
- xCape - Mod and few tips on widgets and a lot other stuff.
- Lovelas - few ported screensaver.
- moki - Fixed font problem.
- Cigiampa/xCape - Script files
- 7b - More Icons in Power Menu
- Stephan020793 - his tutorials were my first step into Symbian modding
- strategist - for his camera mod
- MoritzJT - his help with fonts
- Symbian Fan - for help with product improvment
- Robo3737 - for his widgets
- Skull-ATOS - for screensaver
- Joe3, M4C351, peoresnada - for notifications widget
- RedX - for his legendary cenrep informations
- omkarkul - for his mods
- BelleXDesigns - for X-Plore icon & NEW backup, resolver, restore, updater icons
- aniket - single communication contact widget
- haqanguven - the web browser fix
- Turek - Notification lights ON, Menu Lights OFF mod
- TheOne - Text under HS icons sis - installer/deinstaller

and everyone who helped me in one way or another..

Let me know if I missed something and I would add your name in here. Thanks.
Hope you enjoy this version too.. :D
Post your views, suggestions or any bug report... Thanks.

read FAQ file for your troubles and if you don't get the answer of your
problems in there, than only put your question here.
if you want to know whats going on first hand...follow us
by adding your email to this on the right hand side of the blog:

and recieve emails as soon as something changes
help us helping you
the more followers we have the better for the blog

And don't forget to "like" us on facebook
"share" us on google
and anything else you use


  1. Hallelujah. Cant wait to head home and try this on. Been waiting more than a year for you guys to look into the E7. Amazing work guys. Keep it up. :-)

    1. Finally, its here. Have been using it for last 10 mins, without any problem. Going through everything and restoring every little software I had. Will post if I find any issues.

      Guys you have done an amazing job.

    2. Found one bug Eric. In landscape view, be it with keypad open or not, Open applications are looking weird. Need to rotate them anti-clockwise by 90 degrees. Will mail screenshots if i can.

    3. huh? I am anxious to see what you mean

    4. It seems if I bring each and every open app to front one by one, this corrects itself. Also the icons on the active screen are lacking text bellow them. Mail boxes look fine though.

      Otherwise everything is working Delight-fully. Even obscure apps for public transport in my city are working perfectly.

    5. the Fp1 task manager will load by the way you left the app or screen. S screen orientation in task manager is correct that way 2) if you want your homescreen shortcut captions back, then use the Delight app

    6. Eric, battery is lasting more. consumption is definitely down in idle. But so is in active use. Would know today now that I am constantly on call and on 3g. :-)

    7. Guys, opening up the keypad and typing (to find a contact) just restarts the phone. I wanted to be sure so I did it like 5 times. With 5 consecutive restarts I guess can inform you guys.

      Is anyone else experiencing this ? Or have I goofed up something ?

    8. I will have to test that. But I am at work right now. Anyone can test this?

    9. Eric, dont bother testing. Its not happening now. Strange. Guess it wanted 5 restarts before setting in its ways.

      And I cant wait to see what new tweaks you guys come up with in next version since everything is already running smoothly. Great job. :-)

    10. It seems, only pressing some keys causes the device to restart. I havent had time to check which keys are causing it considering the number of keys. But on sunday I plan to test each and every key and see. Will keep you posted.

    11. The phone restarting happened to me too, but only once:
      I flipped the keyboard and hit the phone dial icon to open the dialing number pad and the phone restarted.
      I redid the process several times, it didnt restarted anymore.

      I'll keep testing Delight and keep you updated if I find other problems.
      It's the 1st time I use a custom fw, so the comparison will be with the original fw.
      So far it's much better then original fw.

  2. Hi folks, super I am most happy, thanks also to Steve Litchfield for lending his E7 to you


    1. yeah... .it was and is a real pleasure working with Steve and AAS.
      hope you like it

  3. Phoenix simply does not recognise my E7. I did everything like described here and in "Hot to flash".
    I am using Win 8.1 64 bit, Phoenix 2012.04.003.47798 and a stock RM-626. It just says "Waiting for USB device..." and after a while "ERROR: Failed to set phone to flashmode".
    The error window says:
    "HRESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)
    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing. "
    Any ideas? My phone just starts normal.

    1. yes, Windows 8 sucks...
      try on a windows7 machine or a VM or make a 10gb Partition on your hard drive and install Windows 7 there.
      We still haven't figured out why, but some WIN8 work, some don't...
      try compatibility mode and run as administrator

    2. OK, using Windows 7 is the key. I did it all in a virtualized Windows 7 64 Bit now and it worked like charm :)
      Thank you very much for your work!

    3. see, I told you Win( sucks ... justjoking

      be sure to blog it, tweet it, share it, follow it and whatever else ... if you like it ;)

    4. For those that don't won't or can't virtualize a Win7, try using a USB2 port rather than a USB3; It solved the Phoenix problem with my two ThinkPads at least.

    5. OK, that may have been my problem, too. I had the phone on a USB3 port.

    6. Also, if your motherboard has a IOMMU setting, enable it in the bios to further support your USB3 ports. That should take care of driver/COM port conflicts.

  4. after flashing have a look at the latest Delight App, you can set a custom FM-Transmitter name, modify hidden light and scrolling settings and more :)

  5. I have a first bug report: lock switch is not working when the phone is slided open for keyboard access.

    1. hmmm... I guess I pushed my luck too far with Win8.
      Are you sure it ever worked like that?
      I will have to flash the ofw to see that for myself

      Probably some damn .rul

    2. OK, don't know why, but after a restart (I installed sleeping screen, maybe that was the problem) all works perfect. So now the lock switch does what it should do.
      Therefor: Bug solved (if you would call this bug, anyway ;) )

    3. thank god...
      I didn't want to fiddle around with any .rul's anyway

  6. Hello my product code is 059g437. I cannot find the correct Virtual Keyboard & Hardware Keyboard for italian. Tried all available ones: Euro 2 QW1 & english, french, german, spanish, italian, portugese - keymapping 09 Euro 2 QW2 & english, french, german spanish, italian, portugese - keymapping 10 and even Switzerland QW2 & english, french, german, italian, turkish - keymapping 06
    My physical keyboard is a standard qwerty with italian special characters. Can you help me? what does it mean: "..., then your letters and symbols will be missplaced. if so, don't panic, just flash again via software update without uda"??

    1. yours should be a Euro 2 QW1. - I will download your original rofs2 and see. I will report back here soon

    2. ok, yours is keymapping 09

      ... so here is the deal:
      in the flashing files you have 7 or 8 files. I will explain some of them: Core, rofs2, rofs3 and uda. Uda is normally later your C: drive. C:drive is the place where all your data, settings, apps and whatever is saved.
      when hardresetting a Ofw firmware you lose some apps, widgets and whatever. The phone will still work, but it is a pain in the ass to get it back

      so what we did is...we emptied the uda and put it into the rofs flashing files and get them copied to C in the 5 phases. This way we make a fully hardresettable device. that means after a hardrest the device will be EXACTLY like after flashing.

      so, since the hardware keyboard files and writing files have ABSOLUTLY nothing to do with C, you can flash your phone by deleting the uda in the flashing window and press software update instead of refurbish, and all your settings will be absolutly the same, because only the Z drive was changed and not C

      later when we release an Update, then that is the best way to flash

      when coming from something else other than Delight, then you MUST refurbish

  7. hello Eric
    there is something wrong with the Dutch keyboard of my E7. I use language no. 18 and rofs 3 euro 1qw, but only rumble when I use the fysical keyboard.
    what now, please///

    1. look under the back side of your screen and tell me your Product number.

    2. eeeehr on the back of the screen: CE 0434
      there is also a Imei number and anothercode on the same white sticker :0591821
      pkoenix also uses this figure.
      I hope you can help me.
      theOne also made me a CFW for my E7, a year ago, and he was also struggeling with the fysical keyboard. maybe send him a mail??


    3. ok, if 0591821 is the product code on your sticker, then you by chance are using the same firmware as I made the cfw with. The one I have is the exact same phone. And the keyboard works the way it should

    4. strange ..... I re-refurbished for the third time and now it works ??? and !!!!!
      well so far so good, the fysical keyboard works. thanks for all you hard labour and geniality.

      hip hip etc etc


    5. F*ck, F*ck update some characters are as they should, some are consequently numbers. tapping the little arrow left-down does not change them. the caps make a normal character but in CAPITALS.

      what now??

    6. yes, you can contact me per email.

    7. mikeisdutch & Smilde kronemeijer - are you the same guy?

      flashing dutch + euro1 qw right now to test

    8. okay, just tried it and you are right. I guess I screwed up one of 85 files. I will fix it tomorrow morning

    9. pffffffff I really doupted myself and the device. I totally stripted the device, brought it back to factorystandart so to speak, refurbished with no simcard in it, did not know how to clean it up more, so no 'old' files got in the way
      what a releave.
      I sleep much better now.
      thank you for testing it, yourself.


    10. really sorry for the inconvenience

    11. brought myself a big pint and drank to your health, :)

    12. Hello All

      Eric has fixed the Dutch language problem, keyboard characters, and now my E7 runs like a Swiss clock work !!!
      Hip hip Hooooraaaah !!

      So Eric thank you for all the hard work you have done.


  8. Hi Eric,

    thank you for your prompt answer and explanations. Unfortunately I'm using keymapping 09, but the weird thing is that it works fine only in some applications (email, xplore, web...) and in others (messaging, search) not. How is this possible?
    Maybe because I flashed USB dead phone mode ? Any suggestions?
    Last word: I signed using my wife's google account because I'haven't got one, but I'm a man and my name is Leonardo... I don't believe many girls install CFW on symbian phones... ;-).
    Ciao, Leonardo

    1. what do you mean by not working? missplaced letters and missplaced symbols? or just one of the two?
      Are you using a different Ui language as in the original firmware? for example: using hebrew Ui on italian hardware keymapping files?
      Does it work correctly when you set the keyboard to a different language?

      about girls: you are wrong... there are girl tech geeks too, or just women who like a functional phone as well ;)

    2. Hey you'right about girls... just kidding about me: a man signin with a woman account !!! Waiting for updated version...

    3. Uploading as we speak...
      I probably won't make it till I have to go to work though.
      so release won't probably be till tonight or tomorrow morning

      Only good thing about this Problem is, the phone still works in virtual keyboard mode
      and refurbish is not needed to fix it
      and Update Software flash without Uda will do the trick.

      SO all the 60 Testers won't lose a thing

    4. Downloading right now... Going to flash (refurbish, since a flashed back my old CFW) in the morning... I'll let you know quickly. Thanks again for your outstanding availability and efforts...

    5. huh? why did you flash back your old Cfw? couldn't wait one day? If there is a big delay, then I would have said so

    6. Well, I heavily use the physical keyboard for my corporate email account: I cannot stay one day without...

      Anyway I flashed E7 Delight and now everything is perfect... Thank you...

      I have noticed a couple of things to be fixed in term of translations into italian, but nothing important... I will let you know in detail...


      Leonardo - the guy that signs with his wife's google account ;-)

  9. hello Eric
    I lost my favourite sounds like Nostalgia and the Bugler and so on.
    where can optain them again please???
    I have made a copy of the E drive before I refurbished my E7, is it located there?
    I love to hear from you

    1. here you go:

    2. psssssst ..... where do I place them, please????


    3. eeeehr there is no sub dir C:\sounds\digital. there is a C:\data\sounds\digital thou. is that the right one??


  10. thx to what u odne for symbain again, i use your cfw for e7, i download base files and 29 taiwan chinese + Put These Folders on E:/private/ for pronunction dictionary, whats else i need? i use those cfw, success boot, but crash everywhere need type, no matter english or ''taiwan zin in input'', and im find a way to get back to anna and TW 111.030.0609, but i really love ur cfw, its soooooooo smooth and fast then orignal fw, great work.

    1. huh? sorry... is it working or not? hard to read your text.

  11. sorry, it can get into the system, the camera can shot, the app can work, evwrything can work, only crash or reboot when need type, if i wanna type, i can only use hand writing, cant use any qwerty input, it will crash.

    1. ok thanks for testing:
      am working on a fix right now. I had bugs with other languages too, probably related to pti*core.dll's or something.
      Next version is already uploading.
      Stay tuned.
      p.s. Is it common for Taiwanese people to buy a E7? and if so, which one? the chinese version?

    2. no no no , wait, i think you dont have to waste ur time to cook taiwanese CFW, cuz i maybe the only one would use your CFW, Nobody use symbian now, only the biggest nokia fan would buy symbian phone or for the camera like 808, and i just get my E7 back to ANNA and plan to sold out , i sold out my 808 too, cuz im planing to buy 1020 or others. maybe i wont back to symbian again. And taiwan FW only up to "RM-626_111.030.0609_46.01_Taiwan....".E7 is selling taiwan about 2011, so we buy taiwan version, it suppert ''zin
      in' input.
      and finally thank you to make a smooth CFW for my 808, im so happy to use that.

    3. its not common for TWnes people buy E7, we have taiwan version, and i suggest you dont spend time to cook taiwan CFW, cuz im maybe the only one who use E7 and know how to use your CFW, and i get my E7 back to ANNA and plan to sold out, i sold out my 808 too, plan to buy WP phone.

      finally thank you for your nokia 808 CFW, its really nice and smooth to use!

      check out the new - "Taiwan QW & english, taiwanese, chinese, taiwanese english - keymapping 46"

  12. and install

    I have the following problems

    player volume is lower than the original. How do I put the original values ​​of this?

    problems with third-party applications.

    in whatsapp have problems with notifications (not disappear and remain in notifiaciones bar until I have to reopen the conversation with any contact to clear) and take pictures and videos. when I want to take a picture out of the camera and when I take a video, and taking only reopen the application of video, and the change of 3G networks to wifi many times do I have to manually change not only because .

    I also have problems with their andromenu shortcuts do not work in this cfw.

    I really love, is very fast very attractive but I hope they give me some solution. Thank you.

    1. every other day I get reports that Delight with Anna sound parameters is too loud. Now you say it isn't loud enough ?!? 2) whatsapp notification is a whatsapp problem , not Delight. You can go to;topicseen to get the latest version without the popup. 3) I have to check 5) sure Andromenu was working on Ofw?

    2. Andromenu si trabajaba bien en ofw. el whatsapp si funcionaba tanto la version anterior como la nueva version en el firmware oficial.

      el problema del sonido es solo con manoslibres.

    3. 1) Andromenu hasn't been working correctly since Belle (not refresh)
      2) Whats app has been changing some stuff. The bubble notification used to delete itself on my device too, now I have to go into whatsapp twice sometimes
      3) no idea about handsfree volume

  13. Hi Eric,

    would you please fix the following little mistakes in italian transaltion?
    - In the menu that pops up when pushing the power button you read: "!Reboot". It should be translated into "Riavvia" without exclamation mark;
    - In the same popup menu, you should insert a space between the sun symbol and the text "Attiva risparmio energia".

    When I added the reboot option in my old N95 (it was a looooong time ago...), I remember it was possible to edit that menu, but I have no idea how to do it now...

    On last thing other asked in previous comments; where should I put my old ringtones? I tried C:\data\sounds\digital C:\sounds\digital d:\sounds\digital but I cannot find them when editing profiles. Please help...

    Thank you again for your help.

    1. 1) I am not sure if I want to change that. It would mean that it would be italian, even if the phone is set to english. 2) ok, I will check it 3) I have to figure out where to put the ringtones post flashing

    2. Hi Eric,

      I believe I was unclear concerning the "reboot" translation, infact I cannot see your point. You mean that that part of the CFW is common to all languages? Therefore my proposal of translating would affect all languages? Because the entire popup menu is in italian language, only "!reboot" is in english...
      Can I fix it by myself as in S60V3?

    3. yes, that file is not a typical Symbian transation file. it is the absolutly identical in all languages. so therefore, I could make the translated file in every translation rofs2, but...

      if you download the italian rofs2, then it would be italian ... even if you change the language of the phone to english.

      no, you can't fix it like in s60v3, because it is not in the sysap.r05 like you probably presume. That would be easy... then I could translate the sysap.rXX in every language, and that would be it. But if you think about it, then... why would I do all sysap translations and leave REBOOT! ??...
      so rsc editor is ruled out here

    4. yes... it was sysap.r05... now I remember... I think that's it for the reboot issue...

      Concerning ringtones I've noticed that if copied in d:\sounds\digital i can select them when editing profile under "brani" in italian (I mean the second option after tones), from the music library... It's not the best solution, because you will have ringtones between music, but in the meantime... Any ideas about that? Thanks

    5. like I said, the sysap.r05 doesn't have the reboot IN it is somewhere else

      no, no ideas yet... busy with other stuff

  14. hi Eric this í my Error
    too many red line

    1. read the WHOLE release post and you will find the answer

  15. Greate work tks su much . Eric !

    1. may I ask which language you are using? and which qwerty?

  16. Thank you Eric for this AWESOME CFW, too smooth, too stable, good battery life.
    Firstly, I'm sorry if my English makes misunderstand (I'm using Google Translate)
    Im using VietNamese language and qwerty (Language 96, Keymapping 38).
    But i can not see any songs in my Music player app (default app)
    i copied all of my songs (*.mp3) in folder E:/Music, and re-scan library many times, but it still found 0 song.
    am i do something wrong?
    I flashed this CFW as normal with Phoenix, and everything works perfectly without any errors, after flashed, i did "*#7370#" once.
    In my country, lost of people still using Symbian. We thank you for your support.

    1. Why did you softreset the device? that will break some mods. Use Delight app - language changer to fix it
      Do you have Rompatcher patches ON while refreshing music library?

    2. I did soft-reset because i thought that will correct something.
      I will re-flash the CFW again.
      Thank you!
      After one day using, i didn't find any bugs except for the media scanning that i told you.
      Thank you again.

    3. no need to reflash.. just use the Delight app language changer

    4. I did, after 5 phases and reboot, still have no any songs in library.
      But i can use TTPod app instead.
      And i do not see any ringtones in profile option, even the default ringtone "Nokia tone" is not available too.
      With me, its not the big problem, i can use 3rd app instead
      Thank you for quick reply.

    5. - the 5 phases were just to fix the E stuff you had erased after formating it with your softreset
      - on the E7 I have here I have ringtones
      - and the music library refresh works too...

      Did you have a Rompatcher installed to your E7 BEFORE Delight?

    6. I erased everything on the internal storage, and reflashed the FW, and now the Music library works like charm.
      And my ringtones came back, too.
      I guess i did something wrong in the first time flashing.
      Thank you for your fully support!

    7. Found issue: I will not see any song/ringtone if i apply "UnlockFilemamager(No_D)" in rompatcher

  17. I am a new to flashing, have an E7 & have a few queries. Can I install MS mobile office / MS Apps after flashing? Will it be possible to install the apps purcased via Nokia Store or will they have to be re-purchased? Will a hard reset reinstall the original firmware, in case I have problems with Delight?

    1. - yes you can install MS Office via SW Update app or Nokia Suite
      - you can install bought apps from Nokia Store if you have downloads left
      - a hardreset will restore Delight
      this CFW is completly hardreset persistent, all apps and mods will stay (also maps and store)

  18. HI,
    First of all, thanks for all the work you guys do. I'm planning to use my E7 for al long long time.

    Two things aren't clear to me: First, do I need two sets of rofs2s (number 1 and number 18 (since I'm Dutch), or is English already included in the Rofs2s number 18?
    And second, Unlike the basefiles, The rofs2s and rofs3s extract within customized folders, do I need to place the entire folders into the flashing folder, or do I only have to copy the files themselves directly into the flashingfolder?

    1. 1) english is in every firmware. 2) only the files themselves, no folders,

  19. hallo Andreas

    even onder ons: eerst de base downloaden, dan de rofs 2 no 18 en rofs 3 no 18. dan de base uitpakken, vervolgens de rofs2 no 18 en rofs3 no 18. vervolgens kopieer je de dutch rofs 2 en rofs 3 over de Engelse heen, in de base-dir. zo krijg je specifieke nl instellingen,
    for all English readers. Yes do as you are told :)

    groeten en anders mail je maar even

  20. Replies
    1. if you can speak perfect english and perfect german , then understanding dutch isn't that hard

  21. Thanks guys! Just flashed my phone and it all works!

  22. Getting list of files to be flashed failed 0x84210010(-2078212080) - Firmware: Flashing file 'c:\program files(x86)\nokia\phoenix\product\RM-626\RM-626_111.040.1151_C00.01_79u_prd.rofs.fpsx' is not found

    this error will be again and again....

    what would i do????
    plz help me... as soon as possible

    1. what would you do? Try reading the release post fully. You need a language Ui rofs2 and a hardware keyboard file rofs3

    2. after that this error occured...

      Getting list of files to be flashed failed 0x84210010(-2078212080) - Firmware: Flashing file 'c:\program files(x86)\nokia\phoenix\product\RM-626\RM-626_M001.23.emmc.fpsx' is not found


  23. PC: 059D0P1
    When I try flash by Euro 3 QW3 & english, german, hungarian, czech, slowak, polish - keymapping 17 phone don't boot up.
    When QW1 or QW2 then phone work's ok but Z and Y on keyboard are wrong.

    1. ok , I will check the file. Thanks for reporting.

    2. ok... you are correct...
      and I tried to re-install the plugins, because sometimes they get corrupted. so I re-extracted and re-inserted them. but no avail.
      I will see if I can fix the problem. sorry for the inconvience.
      I will probably just download the file again and make the writing file rofs3 again from scratch

    3. Hi! Something new in this topic?

    4. yes, I already fixed keyboard 17

  24. Thank you so much for the CFW-update! Now playing with the new added features, my E7 works like a clock! I can't believe what Nokia did with SymbianOS. You guys did what Nokia should have done!

  25. Hi Eric,

    First of all thank you and the other developers for the firmware. I installed it today and so far it works fine, no problems.

    I have two questions:
    - Which weather widget is used on the screenshots in this post?
    - How can I change the font? I don't like the provided font because it's too wide for my liking and it does not antialias well. Is it a matter of changing the theme?

    Thanks again for the firmware and thank you for your answers.


    1. 1) Not sure, but I use qooWeather now 2) put your font to C:@resource/fonts and delete C://private /10003a16/lfonts and reboot

  26. hi,
    I have the same problem as ruszok, I found other problems with the keyboard, on the contrary are set punctuation marks, the second problem is the lack of internet connection in system applications ovi store, mailbox. My language is Polish.

    1. I haven't had time to do anything at all the past week.I will try to do it this week. 2) did you remember to set your internet provider / mobile provider settings after you flashed ?

  27. yes, i remember to set my internet provider, I can connect to facebook and browser, but not from the ovi store and mail box, the same is by wifi

    1. if you can connect to facebook and browser, but not ovi store and mail box, then the Store is most probably down and your mailbox not configured correctly

  28. - Euro 3 QW3 & english, german, hungarian, czech, slowak, polish - keymapping 17 - FIXED

    1. thanks Eric, now all is well, I do not know why did not I connect to ovi store and mailbox, if I find other problems to write it :)

  29. Hi Eric, this is what i wrote on AAS, but nobody answered me, so i am turning to you (i know you are a busy man):

    Update (01012014): I flashed my E7 again (not refurbish, but update, although i did not noticed any difference...) with the right "rof". My phisical keyboard works excactly how it should work!

    A few things though:

    - while refurbish / flashing i noticed:

    I made a full back-up through NokiaStore before refurbish/flashing. After I put the settings back in my Delight E7 from the NokiaStore back-up:

    - not every app (read: alot of apps) was re-installed! (Why is that?)
    - not every app works (skype/what'sapp/etc), i had to re-download it
    - the app FilesPlus does not work anymore, although I re-installed it a few times, can anyone help me?
    - question: is there a tutorial to save all downloaded apps (sis-files)? Now I had to look for them not only through NokiaStore, but also on the internet (for example Skype is not available anymore in NokiaStore, took me a while)


    Well, I flashed my E7! First time and psychological goodbye to NOKIA...

    Everthing works well, although had to change qwerty- "rof", the first time there was no Dutch language, so I choose another "rof". But it does not correspond well to the phisical querty-keyboard. But hey, i will adapt. And probably i will refurbish later this week to get the right "rof" for my keyboard.

    As for the first time i did well ;)

    Lost alot of my apps, but downloaded them again from the store. It forces you to re-arrange and play with your phone again, (read: leaving a lot of garbage-apps behind).
    It also occured to me that a new app store (now that nokia store does not give new updates) is emminent neccesary!

    1. 1) some apps are not saved by Nokia Suite and must be reinstalled 2) Skype is known not to reinstall by backup. It must be deinstalled and then reinstalled 3) the app Filesplus is known not to work. There is no fix up to now

    2. Hi Santi, better use SkyFiles Pro 1.2.2.. You can buy it in the Ovistore or find it at the usual 'dark' places on the internet.only works for Skydrive or ....... (how is it called now??)


  30. Hi Eric,
    tnx a lot for the information. Everything works!

    Maybe you know if there is a tutorial how to save my installed apps. Is there a program that does that?

    @mikeisdutch: I have already the custom Skydrive provided by SW update installed. But FilesPlus has a lot more possibilities (SkyDrive/OneDrive, GoogleDrive, ect,etc.

    Tnx !

  31. to the guy who posted the spanish problem on 059f6L7. I accidentally deleted your comment. Please comment again if the product code is correct

  32. Hi Eric, I came across your post in and is delighted to discover a CFW for E7. =)
    I'm a newbie in flashing.
    My E7 phone language is in English and writing language is Simplified Chinese (China).
    Initially my phone has English, Chinese, Indonesia and Malays writing languages. Though Malay and Indonesian are kinda useless for me.
    I downloaded base files and rofs2 files.
    I feel confused when trying to select rofs3 files.
    Must I download APAC QW1 - keymapping 36? Can I use China QW - keymapping 48? If I use China QW, would it have impact on hardware keyboard input?
    And an optional request: is it possible to install Japanese writing language?
    Sorry to bug you with a whole bunch of questions. Thanks in advance.

    1. the Ui language will be the only one you choose. The keyboard language can not be changed, because the writing files are hardcoded into the keyboard mapping files. If the Apac and Chinese keyboard is the same, then you can choose either one. Try the chinese one, and if it is not okay, then you can flash the apac one over the chinese one. Up try it right after first flash and it wil be okay. Japanese not possible, sorry.

    2. Hi Eric,
      I decided to download the APAC QW1, to be safe.
      Going to start flashing, but when I manually select the product code, it only has a code different from mine. My product code is 059C9R4. But the code in phoenix is point to euro dark grey (I forgot to jot down the code). Is it ok to select this euro code?
      And I would like to reinstall Phoenix, but found that I had two in my program list. Should I uninstall both? Which should I uninstall first? Below is the link of image.

    3. the product code not being the same as yours is correct. We choosed a firmware and made it compatible to all languages. Don't worry, it will work about deinstalling phoenix: deinstall the one with the version number first, and the rest will follow

    4. Unfortunately I had failed my flashing, I suppose.
      I prepared all the files in C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-626, connect phone, setting options and select 'Refurbish'.

      Output window shows below after programming complete:
      Programming complete
      Asic CMT: Verifying communication to device...
      Mobile device flashing completed.
      Waiting for phone to boot up
      Bootup successful
      Verifying communication to product (before flash finalizing)
      Communication verified
      Product code changed
      Doing factorysets
      Factorysets complete
      Loading default data to phone
      Loading default data to phone
      Getting Data Package
      Reading product state
      Starting backup/restore sub-procedure: data item pre-delay
      data item pre-delay
      data item pre-delay
      Sub-procedure completed: Succeeded., result code: 0
      Starting to backup/restore data item: ProductProfile, version: 1.1
      Data Item backup/restore completed: Succeeded., result code: 0
      Starting backup/restore sub-procedure: data item post-delay
      data item post-delay
      data item post-delay
      Sub-procedure completed: Succeeded., result code: 0
      Backup/restore result: 0 out of 1 items were not backed up
      Default data loading complete
      Stopping all operations, returning phone to default mode
      All operations completed
      Firmware updating succeeded.

      In your flashing tutorial, u mentioned "In some occasions, you can pull USB and press Power button for 12 sec and start the phone".
      I did not pull out the USB cable. just waiting for it to reboot. But after Nokia logo and 5 dots, the phone failed to start. I try to press and hold power button, wait till 3 vibrations and restart, also failed.
      I tried refurbish once more with same setting, just this time choosing "dead phone USB flashing", also failed.

      Haven try flashing back original firmware. Any other suggestions?

    5. just tested it here on mine. base files + 31 chinese + APAC QW1 ... and it flashed and bootet just fine.
      sure you did everything correctly?

    6. 31 chinese? No, I am using 01 english. This is for phone language is it? I only use chinese as writing language. Or I should try again with 31 chinese?
      And for PIN, although I am not using, but the PIN number is not the default 12345, does this matters?

    7. I just tried english with apac, you are right, it's not booting. Seems to be a problem with the ecom-2-0.spi and the chinese handwriting option. Chinese 31 Ui should work for you , even when set to english. Good call, means that chinese and arabic related files need a look through. Thanks for reporting

    8. Succeeded!
      I wait for it to restart without unplug the USB cable.

      Maybe you should add one more thing in your flashing tutorial. Do not touch the phone right after phone restarts on first time i.e. choosing country, setting time and date etc. I was happily setting all those until a dialogue popped out and showed "Do not touch your phone until restart". My heart beats stopped for a second..

      I unplugged the cable after it restarted second time and wait patiently (~5 mins) for it to install something..

      Notice something, when i go to second level folder (Menu -> Tools -> System), and press back (arrow at left corner), it will directly back to root folder. I expect it to back to first level (Tools). Can this be fixed?

      I like the new task manager. To my amazed you preserved almost all my games and apps (installed on SD card). The new slide animation makes me feel giddy, but may used to it after few days.

      Thanks! =)

    9. 1) it says in every release post to wait for it to reboot, but it is not a big deal to stop when the first popup comes up. 2) the 5 min to install stuff were your apps on E:/ & F:// 3) Menu -» tools -» system is known and can not be changed

    10. 1) My bad understanding then, I thought reboot means the first time it starts...
      When I launch an app, it seems launch slower than ofw, or it is due to illusion brought by the circle animation?

    11. try turning the theme effects OFF, if it is slower to you

    12. I turned off the theme effects, and it becomes quicker.
      Thanks for the help! I like the font and themes. And the 300+ MB free space on C without bloatware. =)

    13. Hi, wonder anyone use Ucweb and face problem?
      The first time it browse web, it will first detect system font. When the progress bar is at 16%, the phone would restart. I am using Read some threads in chinese (as my chinese version faced this too) and might be caused by custom font problem.
      Can changing back default font solve this? Is the default font named S60 Sans?

    14. yes, UcWeb & Font has been causing problems.
      try this one:
      place in C:/resource
      go to C:/private/10003a16 and delete lfonts

    15. The font solved my problem, thanks.
      However, the cute icon for profile become something different:
      Guess I would need to choose between nice font and UcWeb...

    16. have you tried opera's equivalent oubeng browser ?

  33. plz cfw for new verison fw
    qwertz -> qwerty
    and mod of v2.2.0
    sorry i don't english

    1. please use the scandinavian downgrade method. Search: downgrade E7 in google

    2. what do you mean by "mod of v2.2.0"?

  34. Camera does not work, when I take a picture from messages?? because?? help help

    1. I will have to check that. But why "help, help"? You can still make a picture and include it otherwise.

    2. observe what I want to explain! and i'm sorry [url=][img][/img][/url]


    4. I already understand what the problem is. Until I find the solution....just make a picture and add to messages and emails manually

  35. I want to take pictures from the messages, but the camera button does not appear, is there any solution?

    1. not yet. Not any time soon. Just make a picture over the camera and insert it manually into the message until I find the solution.

    2. ok, help me hopefully soon. :)

  36. Hi Eric
    the app 'coverup' does not work under Belle Delight so it seems on my E7 device. it did when I had a OFW. Do you know anything about that?
    It is a handy program and lightsup my music list so I like it. Would you be so kind to look into it??

    And .... it seems that my Dutch rofs2 has a problem with 'ID3 editor by netman'. Kindly look into that to please.


    1. its planned to be fixed in next version

    2. that is oke with me, any plans or scedule???

  37. yes, I have a plan / scedule, but I don't know if I can make it time-wise.
    and we don't release ETA's, because it is too much pressure

  38. when correct errors in the camera, in messages ??

  39. Hello, I am using a E7 with following details:

    Product Code: 059F6M1
    Software Version: 111.030.0609
    Custom Version: 111.030.0609.221.01
    Language Set: 111.030.0609.47.01

    1) This is a Hong Kong version
    2) 0609 is the last firmware

    I leave you this message because HK's are different from (China and Taiwan)'s E7.

    China - Simplified Chinese, English and Pinyin input
    Taiwan - Traditional Chinese, English and Zhuyin input
    HK - (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English), [Cangjie input and Pinyin input]

    Don't know if you have language files for my model?
    Thank you in advance

    1. thanks for the information.
      I'll see if I can get Hk + Hk QW running soon

  40. Hello I am an old Symbian lover from times of 2004. Using DosBox to load windows etc.. and now after washing and loosing my N8 I got an E7 just as a GPS in my car (since I still have all the holders) and thought to just use Your SW to make it faster and easier going then without any bloatware of standard software.

    So, beying in love with Symbian I want to get the max of this device I've bought from my friend. But after 2 successful install of Delight without any successful keyboard (it is always QWERTZ instead of QWERTY).

    I want to use Lithuanian keyboard for responding e-mails and finding streets in the map.

    What I got:
    - Base files
    - 01 english
    - 68 lithuanian
    - Baltian QW1 & english, german, russian, estonian, latvian, lithuanian - keymapping 24

    it requires me to rewrite one file, so I've tried to use them both - no luck. Tried to change language - nothing changes.
    the model is: RM-626

    Can You help me with this? To get At least normal English if Lithuanian is not available..

  41. Hello Eric, Thank you for your input in prolonging life of symbian. Much appreciated
    I am new to flashing. so sorry for silly questions. I have read your tutorial quite a few times, but I came across some problem.
    I struggle to extract 7z .exe files for english. When trying doing that it says: "cannot open base files as archive". I have tried translated files and keymappng file with no sucess. I have tried to use differenet 7z programs to handle it but with no success. I have tried it on 2 different computers (windows xp) and asked my brother to try and he managed to extract only the file with keymapping (wndows 7). Any help would be much appreciated. Is there any other way I can download the files.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. all you have to do is double click the.exe downloads to extract them. If they still don't open , then you probably have a faulty download

  42. Hey Eric,
    first of all, thank you for your nice work. I use delight C7 on my wife's C7 and delight E7 on my E7.
    Dude, when I open my camera app on E7 the system crashes. Either from the camera button or the app path.
    I used rofs2 brazilian portuguese, and also BR-PT keyboard.
    Thank you very much.

    1. hahaha
      Looks that you're kinda busy these days.
      Don't worry for that, at least for my part. Take your time.
      Another thing: USB is difficult to connect. I need to turn off, connect and turn on to recharge. Also, I could not connect in a PC.
      rofs3: Brazil QW3.
      Thanks dude, see ya.

  43. Hi Eric tesame happend to me on my Nokia E7. I can make a photo but changing to video-mode crashes the photo / video app. I can not video on Harold Meyers Camera pro 351 to.
    I use the dutch rofs 2


    1. errrr I discoverd that NOT installing the Nokia Panorama of using it prevents this problem.
      I updated my device with a fresh Delight (not installed Panorama by Nokia or another) and now I can use photo and video and switch.
      although changing from one mode to another takes some time, asif it encounters a bump and gets over it ????
      so my quess is that some programs /apps get in the way of eachother???


    2. Photo and Video Editor are more than usual apps, the have a couple of .dll files and ECOM plugins.
      Apps can conflict but it shouldn't happen, does the same happen on OFW?

  44. Hello! This is wonderful thing! I love my E7 much more :)
    The only one thing is which I really don't like is the screen switching. From menus to homescreen or between homescreen. It's doing some weird 3D effects which I really don't like. Is it possible to turn it off somehow?

  45. Replies
    1. Thanks! I didn't know about this option, it was nicely hidden from me :)
      Another problem was that lock button did not vibrate, but I found fix for this (c:/private/10282bc4/rules and there is some file where I updated Vibra tags with the ones from original firmware :) ).

  46. Hi eric,

    My E7 is on vesion 1514, how can i flash you cfw base on 1511?

    1. google E7 downgrade method and follow that tutorial first, then flash Delight

  47. Hello. I am a symbian poweruser. Have my nokia E7 as my main driving mobile phone. Installed the delight custom firmware since day one. Impressed by the battery performance! There is only 1 bug that has come to my attention. When you copy a number from an sms and then open up the keyboard and go into the call the phone restarts. I have tried this numerous times and always is the same result. If nothing is copied and thus nothing is in memory opening the keyboard in the call dialer does not cause the restart. If something is save in memory and I open up the call dialer with the keyboard out then the phone restarts. Let me know of a fix! Thanks for the great support!

    1. I wouldn't know what is causing it, but I will try to reproduce

    2. Hello Eric! Found one more bug with delight on E7. The music player works fine though when I use headphones the volume does not seem too loud... let me know if u have any solutions for both bugs! Thx again!

    3. use the music related Rompatcher patches to make it louder. But the MoreSoundInLoudspeaker patch makes the loudspeaker louder , but the headphones quieter, so turn it off for loud headphones

    4. And read the FAQ inside of Delight App

    5. Hello again and thanks for the quick replies. Well I have tried the rom patcher before posting. My problem is only with the headphones and only with the E7. I have the delight v1.4 on my 808 and everything works fine. On my nokia E7 volume when using headphones is not working properly while in the original firmware it did (its like having only 3 levels of adjusting sound. Although visually it shows the volume adjustment it does not have any effect on the output). When not using the headphones everything is normal. I just want to make sure that other E7 with delight are having the problem. If not I will reinstall the original firmware to check whether its my headphone jack (its just that delight rocks and I don't want to go back to the original firmware and I would not want to go into the hassle of reinstalling apps if my headphone jack has failed)..

  48. Hi Eric,

    I have E7 and I updated the software to belle, the phone is working perfect except the QWERTY keyboard missplaced letters. I went through all your procedures but in vain. I tried to refurbish with the delight software (deleting the emmc file) but still nothing changed, also I tried to update software many time still same issue. even when I go to the phone settings and try to change the language I find only the defaults (arabic is not included). I don't know what wrong I have done. May you thankfully help me by guiding me step by step how to do it. I am new user on phoenix. (Note: I followed the steps in your post in the link :, yet still the same keyboard problem. Thank you in advance

    1. look under the screen and tell me your product code

    2. thank you for your prompt reply, i appreciate that so much. the product code is 059D7P4. Just to explain more details that might help you. I updated the phone to belle completely then I downloaded your files in a folder including the language files. For the first trial I used update software to update the phone with the new language files provided by you, the phone didn't boot up, it kept showing Nokia and then restarting again all the way. In the second trial I repeated all the steps but used refurbish, the same issue. Finally I followed the steps to delete the emmc file, as posted in your second post, and repeated all the steps again but the phone keeps restarting at the point of Nokia logo. Now I updated the phone with the belle software without using your files.
      the phone is working very good but it is annoying to have the QWIRTY board missplaced. specially that I use it frequently. Your help is priceless to me and thank you again.

    3. Hi again, I discovered one thing which might be the key to my problem. My E7 is operating on software version 1514, I think I need to downgrade it first to earlier version then flash with delight, Am I right?
      looking forward to your reply. and thank you for the outstanding work.

    4. Yes you have to downgrade, read here:
      than you can flash every E7 firmware you want.

  49. Hello Eric,
    Thanks a lot for your work. Your CWF is installed on both my N8 and E7.
    It works great so far, except for some minor bugs with the clock and notification widgets.
    I noticed that my recently bought E7 has the "purple tint screen" issue, and I'd like to send it back to Nokia Care as it is still under the 1 year warranty. But I need to put back the stock firmware first...

    1) Do you know where I can find the original stock firmware for the E7: code 059D0Q2(FS275K) AZERTY FR?

    2) Do you know a reliable tutorial to downgrade an E7 without messing with the AZERTY keyboard?

    Thanks very much for your help!

    1. I am not Eric, but

      1) the original 059D0Q2 links:

      2. Downgrading doesn't harm your keyboard setup, software side config always depends on your current firmware.
      If you downgrade to a firmware which uses an AZERTY keyboard it will be OK, else the hardware and software keyboard layout won't match and you will get wrong letters.

      If you want to go back to S^3/Anna/Belle 111.30 read here:

      And thanks for your feedback :)


    2. Hello Fabian, thanks for your quick answer.
      It seems quite complicated, but feasible anyway. I will wait till I have 2 or 3 hours of spare time to do it (maybe this weekend), and I'll get back to you to inform you of the result. Finger crossed.

      Such a shame that Nokia messed with the purple tint issue in the early models of E7/N8. Hopefully they will change the screen if they don't notice I've flashed with your CFW ;-)


    3. Hello Fabian,

      Numerous files were missing from the tuto in daily mobile, so I had to find another way to do it.
      And I found an easier solution: I just reinstalled the original firmware from Nokia Suite... As simple as that!
      Belle Delight is indeed gone, replaced by original Belle Refresh. Now I can send my phone to Nokia Care. I hope they won't notice anything =)
      Anyway, again, thanks for your support and hard work.


    4. they whipe your complete device and install a OFW no mather what ....
      I found out ( three times) especially with hardware problems.

  50. Hi all, hope this gets a reply, is there a way of rolling back to official stock FW? i have tried nokia software recovery tool but it errors on download completion saying package corrupt. Just want a way of getting stock for when/if i sell phone on. thanks

  51. Hi all,

    I have E7-00 with latest belle refresh on it. I'm planning to update with Delight Firmware, but I'm worry about my data inside - contacts, files, calendar, photos and etc.. How to make backup of my data before update - using Nokia suite or using external USB flash? If I will be able to restore my data succesfully after update to new firmware (contacts, calendar, applications and etc.)?


  52. Hi Valentin,
    both ways work en I have done the same.
    0. make a list of all the installed and still wnated apps in the register inventory on a sheet of paper or whatever
    1. make a full copy of your E drive on your computer
    2. make a bachup of all the items you can choose in Nokia Suite
    3. put on your lucky underpants and and install Delight Belle
    4 wait until everything is startreted and restarted etc
    5. wait until all ( or a lot ie all installed on E ) has been reinstalled on your 'new' Delight Belle E7 ( take quite a while)
    6. be amazed what and that a lot of files remained on your E drive
    7. go to restore backup and restore what you want ( contacts, calendar, photo's etc) tic the boxes !!
    8. not the old -system file options
    9. spend an evening or so ( two ??) on re-installing programs that you got lost somewhere on the way.
    10. needbe copy back the music files to the E drive

    thats about what I did anyhow


  53. Hello Fabian! Can you include in an update the dlna server (in settings of nokia 808) for the E7? Thats the only way I can stream media to my ps3! Thanks.

  54. Works perfect; No problems at all.

  55. Some bugs I found:

    - mini and normal search widgets are the same, no difference
    - missed calls widget is buggy, can't load the list after click on it, can't delete missed calls at all
    - in 4*5 grid the last row of icons are cute off
    - flash toggle widget is not translated

    1. 1. no, not true...just invisible
      2. not sure
      3. that's known and not a bug, but a size issue
      4. which language?

    2. 1. well, i can't find any difference, but check the screenshot
      2. the files for /sys/bin/ have been missing, i put them manually into c:/sys/bin/ and now the widget work
      4. bulgarian (42). there are some other translation inconsistencies, webview is not translated, but small webview is translated, small notes widget and small webview widget are translated as feminine, but other widgets as masculine

      Other question: i have german hardware keypad (qwertz) with ÜüÄäÖö etc. so I need german layout and bulgarian layout in any case. The file "Bulgarian QW & english, french, german, dutch, bulgarian, romanian - keymapping 27" give me only english (qwerty) without ÜüÄäÖö, even german is set as input language. Any chance for the combination "qwetz"+bulgarian?