Monday, July 2, 2012

Make it possible?

I wasn't sure neither I expected to ask this but since one of Delight user (Gazzasore) from Dailymobile started this campaign I decided to act on his wish.

As most of you know that I decided to move to Android since my budget didn't approve me to buy both SGSIII and Nokia 808 at the same time and I could only afford one device at this time I decided to go for Android since I wanted to explore new things this time.

But I guess most of Delight users still love to have Delight series on their new Nokia 808 .. thus I started a new Pledgie page for all Delight users to contribute and make it a success so I can purchase 808 along with my SGSIII.. I ask to contribute the best you can for 808 for me so I can continue Delight series on Nokia 808 too..

It's not a pressure and not necessary for everyone, it's something few users asking for and to fulfill that I must have a device physically thus any contribution is appreciated..

I am not greedy for sure but yes getting a device this way would certainly be a nice gesture and a surprise and would help me to make Delight more Delightful for 808 too..

Anyone who wants to contribute can go ahead and contribute on this link.

though it would be better if you donate directly through my blog.. I will deduct any donation I received through here from my pledge amount.

Thanks once again.


  1. Where are the thousands of people,who downloaded Delight Firmwares

    Come on guys just a few dollars each