Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Been busy!!

Hey guys,

I know no updates were posted here about happenings regarding Delight next version..

Well just to let you know I am working on next version and it will soon be published, just busy too much with personal stuff so it's taking too much time but will try to release it soon.. :D


  1. Hi soni, hope u're doing fine :)
    I'm waiting italian version since 3.5 version.. if u stop translating 3.6 ROFS2 cause u're concentrate to 3.7 can u please release italian ROFS2 3.7 as first language? Thank you!!

  2. About next update I have a new suggestion: I notice as my phone do not indicate me by sound the battery is going to finish.. it display if I like to activate the save energy mode and it's welcome.. but it "beeps" only when it turns of and there is no chance to switch it on omer without a charger. It surprises me in bad way. Can we introduce again the sound/advice? Something not to annoy each minute but at least to comunicate it 3-4 times before is gone. Thank you!

  3. @Barabba
    Sorry for the delay., tomorrow going to update my main post here for v3.6 with all the translated rofs2.

    Next version will take some time to translate.

    I am not sure if that's available in original belle too as I guess I didn't touch any battery related tone, yet I will have a look about that.

  4. About that signal, today I got a normal notification by the phone, I mean for 2 times it notify battery low with 5 minutes distances while I was calling, the 3rd time it switches off. Previous time I was connected to internet, without producing huge traffic but I suppose in that condition phone consumpition is bigger. So I would suggest to start notification, if possible of course, a little bit earlier so we know we've a bit of autonomy before go off. Hope it helps ) thanks for italian language :)

  5. Ciao! I installed 3.6 and noticed another problems with refurbish, now where the process was interrupted it seams to continue.. phone switches in Test mode and change USB device tipology.. but Phoenix doesn't recognize it, I tried also to connect/disconnect cable.. no results. Phone results "blocked" and need a long press with 3 vibrations to switch off. After, as happened before, the phone boot regulary. I tried it 2 times, same results, may I did something wrong?
    I don't like so much the new alarm sound, I changed it but I can't find the previous one, is it removed? (nothing important here)

  6. Try flashing again, in this version usually it should flash it normally and should show a successful message.

  7. I think trying 2 times is enough to be sure about that the inconvenience wasn't occasional. the phone "froze" in test mode (but usb comunicate so probably the phone is waiting for some usb commands but Phoenix doesn't catch the phone, driver is ok (no problems in windows), I wait for it about 3 minutes then I need to switch it off and reboot it, but in the end the phone works.
    Is the Test mode an important thing? does the phone do some calibration there?

  8. @Barabba
    Yes, Phoenix do some testing and verification during that period, but it should come back to normal mode .. Something must be wrong.. U sure you are using all files provided in my archive and are you following my flashing tutorial.. ?

  9. yes, unpacked them (only them) in folder, overwrite ROFS2 with italian one, then go to options and chose multilanguage ROFS3. Switched off phone, click on refurbish then connect the usb cable, after upload the FW the phone reboot to test mode and Phoenix was waiting. in both tries was the same,I don't know what was wrong.
    I would ask, is that a problem?
    Seams that once the FW is uploaded the phone is able to work without problems, I don't know what this test mode could be useful for..

  10. If it's flashing fine and boot up ok, then there is no need to worry.. :D