Friday, August 9, 2013

freaxs_r_us / Eric OFFLINE for 4 weeks

Hi everybody,

I just bought myself a house 2 months ago and after all payments were done and all the legal crap,
I am finally getting the keys tomorrow.

I have to renovate a little (painting, new floorboards, some rooms with scratch coat)
and of course I have to move all my stuff

Internet speed is going to change from 32mbits (which it never was) tv cable
to 22600 LTE with 2x 15db beam & directional additional antenna's (for stability)

this means I have a lot of work to do, and will not be online for at least 4 weeks.
only over phone, but not for translations and uploads at all

I am going to try to make the last translations tonight. If I can't make it, then you guys are going to have to wait till September


  1. Nice house n view... there any chance for us to get new delight soon?

  2. when r u back to prepare update?.next release date?

  3. Hi
    I have a question
    New update is well be coming 111.050.0003
    Is delight 6.3 for (N8 & C7)well be coming too??
    Sorry for my bad English

  4. when r u back to prepare update?

  5. well, renovation of my house is taking longer than planned....almost done though....maybe in a week I'll be finished and then I have to get back up to date....I guess starting October

  6. any thing special in new update v6.3?