Monday, December 28, 2015

Symbian^3 and Windows 10 USB drivers

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Hello guys,

I am in a hurry, so this guide is a bit short:

First of all: In case of you have a non media Windows version you have to install the MTP drivers:

Then try this on Windows 10:
- install latest Nokia Suite 3.8.54
- install cracked Phoenix
- install Huawei Mobile Manager:  
- reboot your PC
- connect your phone
- launch the device manager (Launch the start menu and type "device", the search will show it)
- manually update the Nokia driver of the only Nokia device in "COM & LPT" to HUAWEI Mobiel Connect - USB Device

If you don't know what I mean with manually updating a driver:
- click right on your device
- choose Properties -> Driver -> Update driver -> Manually -> Choose from list -> untick "show compatible drivers only"
 - select the vendor (HUAWEI) on the left side and the driver on the right side.

- manually update the Nokia driver of the only Nokia device in "Modem" to HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Modem
- disconnect and reconnect your phone
- maybe you will have to reboot?
Now Phonix and Nokia Suite are working fine on Windows 10.

Sadly QtCreator doesn't work this way but WIFI development is possible, it's not a real issue. If you find a workaround please write a comment :)
Big thanks to Matze for his help!
Best Regards,

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