Wednesday, October 16, 2013

C7 Delight v6.3

C7 Delight v6.3
If you don't sign these PETITIONS, then this might be the last Update we can make!!!
it takes one minute to do and helps soooo much
PETITION to NOKIA & Microsoft - to release Symbian source codes and latest release builds for open source

PETITION to NOKIA - Keep store alive for users and developers (by Mr.Alshahawy)

Delight team:
- huellif - main cooker
- freaxs_r_us - translator and second cooker

Delight contributors:
- Allstar12345 - theme effects maker
- LAO STIA - theme maker
Cahjoss - conversation skin maker

Special thanks goes to nicesoni_ash, for his help, knowledge and support.
This CFW has been created with NokiaCooker. Consider donating for Free and High Quality softwares.
If you want to use our files as a base to your custom firmware, kindly ask for my permission first, 
it's a lot of hard work so do respect that.


please don't forget to share us, like us, twitter us on the links below this line

 This is the special DELIGHT THEME: made by LAO STIA 
you CAN use, but you do NOT HAVE to use it 

this is the special Delight conversation theme made by Cahjoss
if you don't  want to use it, then just use the Resolver/Selector/conversation skin selector to change it back
Read FAQ Provided with flashing files and then ask other questions.
Link your post to our blog for files and changelogs if you want to post it somewhere else
FAQ, Flashing Tutorial, Backup and Restore Documentation, Delight Resolver
Documentation are in Addtionial Files folder on Mediafire.

This is a completly new CFW, based on Belle 111.040.1511_029, product code
0599842 (known as freaxs_r_us cleaned base package), cooked by me and

Special's in this CFW:
After Flashing complete, 
your phone will restart once showing you different
notifications. Let it do its work. 

After restart, you are all set to go.

What does this mean?
Simple answer, the UDA is empty, all files form UDA are in ROFS and get copied to C:\ after first boot or a hardreset.
- in Menu, Tools, Xtras you will find three apps: backup, restore and resolver and now updater
Check their documentation in Additional Files folder.

Flashing Information:
- when coming from an older Delight (since v6.0), then flash WITHOUT the UDA and hit Update Software. The Updater will automatically start after flash
- when coming from a different firmware or a Delight lower than v6.0 then you MUST flash via refurbish

**Check Change Log Here**
- removed USA tethering mod by the.one89, it's not needed on N8
- FP1 taskmanager effects fix by  iFOX-G03
- removed Lighthouse - Transbelle theme
- moved mirror widget skins to C & added mirror skins to DelightApp/Resolver/Selector

- Note widget small as extra widget, thanks Robo3737
- Webview widget small 4*3 by huellif
- Anna email widget (1 line) by Robo3737
- themes are now in Menu/Tools/System
- FP2 avkon2.mif by mahindar (some more modern system icons)
- PtiEngine mod (ShortMultiTap + removed popup fader)
- new installserver.exe with log by CODeRUS instead of no log version
- Delight Theme made by LAO STIA
- Delight conversation skin by Cahjoss
  it replaces the default conversation skin in messages. Use the DelightApp to change skins on-the-fly
- Updated to latest MiniCMD version
- removed Delight exclusive apps (Resolver, Backup, Restore & Updater) from the menu
Added DelightApp:
- one QML Ui for all Delight exclusive apps + new features
- added FP2 widget skins option to selector
- added 3x4 and 4x5 menu options to selector
- FAQs (Delight FAQ & Backup&Restore FAQ)
- Help
- latest CFW changelogs (N8/C7 v6.X & 808 v1.X)

thanks for all supporters of DelightApp: 

- Paul
- Anand
- Dickson
- Stefan
- Maciej
- Lucas
- Marco

thanks for (your help with) MiniCMD:
- Just Fancy
- xCape
- Marco

- replaced Delight effects with Slidemania v2 by Allstar1234

Known issues:
- you name it
(english only version - for translations go down)
-Project Folder ( Documentation, Deleted Sounds)
 - how to flash
 don't use the old rofs3's in Project folder for C7!!! they are for N8!!!
Additional Rofs3's:
- Rofs3 with default volume
- Rofs3 with default sysap
- Rofs3 with default sysap & default volume
Please don't reupload/mirror this CFW, this isn't a slow hoster or an adversitment page like

Translations & Info
  • Instructions:
1. Just get the download from first post by huellif
2. get the translated files from me in your language
3. exchange the rofs2 you got from me with the one in the full cfw set
  • Translation features:
- ALL needed standard files in your language (if provided by Nokia)
- ALL needed modded files that need translating to work
- IF TTS (text to speech) is available in your language, then it is included
- ALL translations have english as base files
- all writing and keyboard files
- all dialer files
- added ecom-3-0.spi which can handle ALL languages
- translated all new widgets and corrected old ones (I corrected over 500 strings)
- text clock widgets in your language; translations by wirer
   for now only 02, 03, 04, 17, 18, 25, 27, 42, 54, 68, 76, 79 ... maybe more later
  • Known "Issues":
- Third party Applications, for example: ROM patcher+, are not translated
- in more than 1 language packages there will be only english text clock
- metadatamod equalizer mod in english
- rarely used languages, such as galician, basque, canadian french, chinglish & taiwan english are not made

Delight v6.3 testers:
- silentstorm
Thanks for your help :)

Mod providers:
- Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia Cooker and a lot more.
- CodeRUS - A lots of mods.
- iChris701 - For his mods and help
- iExtraX7 - Several mods.
- Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
- witcher3 - Menu organized
- xCape - Mod and few tips on widgets and a lot other stuff.
- Lovelas - few ported screensaver.
- moki - Fixed font problem.
- Cigiampa/xCape - Script files
- 7b - More Icons in Power Menu
- Stephan020793 - his tutorials were my first step into Symbian modding
- strategist - for his camera mod
- MoritzJT - his help with fonts
- Symbian Fan - for help with product improvment
- Robo3737 - for his widgets
- Skull-ATOS - for screensaver
- Joe3, M4C351, peoresnada - for notifications widget
- RedX - for his legendary cenrep informations
- omkarkul - for his mods
- BelleXDesigns - for X-Plore icon & NEW backup, resolver, restore, updater icons

- aniket - single communication contact widget
- haqanguven - the web browser fix
- Turek - Notification lights ON, Menu Lights OFF mod
- TheOne - Text under HS icons sis - installer/deinstaller

and everyone who helped me in one way or another..

Let me know if I missed something and I would add your name in here. Thanks.
Hope you enjoy this version too.. :D
Post your views, suggestions or any bug report... Thanks.

read FAQ file for your troubles and if you don't get the answer of your
problems in there, than only put your question here.

if you want to know whats going on first hand...follow us
by adding your email to this on the right hand side of the blog:

and recieve emails as soon as something changes
help us helping you
the more followers we have the better for the blog

And don't forget to "like" us on facebook
"share" us on google
and anything else you use


  1. Replies
    1. there is a flashing tutorial here on the blog

  2. I have already signed the petition and am spreading the message to all...delight v6.3 rocks..thank you (:

  3. How do i change the image in the message ???..

    1. READ the description.
      READ THE DESCRIPTION! thats why we write everything down. SO YOU CAN INFORM YOURSELVES

      Open Delight App --> choose Selector --> choose conversation skin --> set to default C:

    2. I just want to change the image in a message to black. not the default message. Thankyou.

    3. no.. I just want to change image. not change theme

    4. copy everything from z:/resource/messaging/css except delight.jpg to C:/resource/messaging/css; then run the Delight App , Selector, conversation skin selector and set to C, then everything but the wall in messaging will be the same with a black wall

  4. v6.3 bug.. When i open ucbrowser it restarts the phone due to fonts..what to do??

    1. the Nokia Pure Font we use is compatible to all our translations, so we are going to keep it. That the UC browser has this problem is been reported. Please change the font if you want to use it

    2. excuse me i forgot to change language so can change it now after i had my mobile flashed ?

    3. if you flashed the correct language file, then yes, change language in settings anytime. If not, then you need to reflash. Save your data, flash via Software update and without uda, start Delight App and choose language changer

  5. First of all, thank somuch for the great effort you put here.

    After i flashed my c7, the volume of the headphone is lower than usual, how to increase the headset volume? Is it possible?

  6. This CWF very good...I have used and found it perfect...It's better update nokia program ^^. Thank created this version

  7. Thanks for updates. I love this CWF...But I hope you can make better CWF :)

  8. Can I get the default background pic pls?


  9. hello i have a problem with this cfw... in music player after refreshing media my songs didnt detect... but in ttpod music player its all there... please help and how to enable the name of the application in the homescreen thanks....

    1. all music must be in C:/music, E:/music or F:/music. Turn Rompatcher patches OFF before refreshing library. Homescreen captions can be turned ON & OFF by Delight app - Resolver - Selector homescreen captions OR the .sis installer on C:/data/data

  10. Eric, First of all thanks a lot for releasing such wonderful CFWs. I liked pretty much everything in this CFW. However the email widget is not so readable. The foreground and background color are very similar.
    Also, I need to enable the charging LED when phone is charging. And how do i enable torch via side unlock key.

    Can you please guide me with solving these issues.
    Thanks for your great CFW. I have signed the petitions in support of Symbian.

    1. For charging LED back, use the rofs3 with default Sysap. But you will lose more stuff.
      to enable slide to unlock torch: you need 10200c8c.txt / 10200c8c.cre from original firmware. I am going to try to fix it in the next update

  11. Update:
    - fixed all finnish and danish translations

  12. why his file. exe how to install it

    1. it is a self extracting zip file. double click it

  13. how to turn on key lights or blinking effect as posible on my c7 is turned off allways and dont know how to turn on please give me tutorial how to do or write step by step

    1. go to c:/private/10202be9/persists and delete 10282c8c.cre and reboot phone

    2. There's no 10282c8c.cre in my persists folder but still the lights are off.. Any solution ???

    3. You can get the original Rules from the original Core and the cenrep 110282c8c.txt, too. Delete those same files from Delight Core/data and flash

  14. Hello,
    First thanks for that firmware

    second i have a problem in Muic Player >> when i update the music library to bring my songs from my files it doesn't bring any song at all

    Could you help me solve this

    1. turn your Rompatcher patches OFF, while updating the library

    2. put your Music files in C:/music, E:/music or F:/music

  15. Flashed properly but camera not working

    1. we have 10000+ users, that don't have this problem. It has to be on your side

  16. This CFW is best 1.

    Found 1 problem after flashing it on Nokia C7, Usb light getting on in & after charging (while charging it is default but after charging it should be off but it is not)

    Kindly tell me solution to fix this issue.

    1. never heard of that problem before. Can anyone else confirm?

  17. Just flashed, really amazing &wonderful! Very fluid ^ fast. So far everything seems to be working. Re the led charging light which I really am used to (and already missing), and your post above, what is sacrificed to get it back on.

    1. I've been trying to find the time to update to v6.4, but with the holidays and other projects and problems I just couldn't. But I will make it as soon as I can. I am going to set lights back to default in the next update

  18. ok i like your cfw but please don't touch the symbian graphic like the toggles like the torch and the other widgets that you modified adding the trasparancy... Then, the charge light is gone as the red light notification of WhatsApp and finally why i can't turn on the torch sliding the unlock thing? Please fix this issues with a 6.4 version (I'm using the v6.2 right now) ... Can you do something with the browser? Cause i have that thing that the text boxes are in one other position where are you touchin (i don't know how explain better) with this thing the cfw Will be perfect for me

    1. the widget mifs are going to stay the same, except for the semi-transparent favourite contacts widget. The charging light, flash light on switch and notification lights are going to be set back to original. The web browsers misplaced buttons are only in comments on blogs like here AFAIK , I can't change that, sorry

    2. actually the misplaced textbox on the browser is everywere :(
      you suggest to update to 6.3 or wait for a "maybe 6.4" ?

    3. I only get the misplaced button on some sites. Anyway, I can't change that and AFAIK it is the same in ofw. - since updating is so easy on Delight, flashing via software update without uda won't wipe your phone, it's not a big deal to update. I hope I find time to update the C7, N8 and 500 to next version this coming or week after that

    4. you're right! I didn't thought about the uda :) just one more thing, if i delete the uda it's goning keep only C drive or also the E ?
      (i've forgot to say that i have a C7)

    5. flashing via Software update without uda leaves, C, E, settings and data untouched

    6. remember to use the Delight app updater to finish the update

    7. what do you mean? i never understand what is that updater for...

    8. Delight cfw's are completely hardreset safe - why? Because the uda, which is later the C drive is completely integrated into the rofs flashing files and get copied to C in the 5 phases of the Delight.exe - which means if we change stuff on Z and you flash via software update without uda, then z gets updated - so far no problem - but what happens if we update stuff in our updates on C? - the 5 phases don't start, because it would wipe C, but the files which are supposed to be changed on C are still in the rofs and haven't been copied to C - the Delight app updater runs scripts to copy those files to C after flash, so all our changes we do to Z and C are fully functional

    9. so... after i have done all with phoneix the phone starts and i have to run the updater first?

    10. OK i did it thatks i loke the way that you created the delight app really usefull and user friendly :)

  19. 1st of all thx for sharing this awesome cfw......but i have a bug if u have a fix for it....if someone is calling me and i want to send a msg to him while he is calling which was "i'll call u later" .....there is an icon "letter" when i touched it nothing happens......and in the "Log" when i long press on a contact in the log and choose "create msg" nothing happen too...... thanks in advance :) :keep the good work mate :)

    1. thanks for the report. Which language are you using?

    2. in settings-phone-"english" that's what i am using now .........and also arabic is available

  20. wowww man its grt

    looks grt atleast ...just flashed and my C7 is starting up :) :)

  21. love this upgrade :D .. thanku so muchh

  22. I have some troubles to send files to my pc with my c7's bluetooth with stock symbian i could make it (had same problems with delight 6.2 now i have upgrade to 6.3 nothing changed)

    1. Copied Text from Nokia Support:

      Check that your computer can handle the system requirments for connecting via bluetooth

      Supported Bluetooth software

      Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit editions:
      Microsoft Windows Bluetooth stack
      WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack, driver versions 6.x
      Toshiba Bluetooth stack, driver versions 5.10.12, 6.10.10, and 6.30.01
      IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack, driver versions 5.0.5,, and

      Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit editions:
      Microsoft Windows Bluetooth stack
      WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack, driver versions 6.x
      Toshiba Bluetooth stack, driver version 5.10.12
      IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack, driver version 5.0.5

      Windows XP 32-bit edition:
      Microsoft Windows Bluetooth (comes with Service Pack 2 or newer)
      WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack, driver versions, 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x
      Toshiba Bluetooth stack, driver versions 4.0, 5.0, and 5.10.12
      IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack, driver versions 2.x, 3.x, and 5.0.5

      Well to put it simple.

      If your bluetooth device in your computer isnt using the correct chipset/driver (as the once listed above) Nokia Suite does not support the bluetooth connection, even if the computer and the phone can talk to eachother

      You can find this out.

      In Nokia Suite go to menu option Help -> About Nokia Suite -> System information

      Copy the informaiton to the clipboard and paste it here and we can help you check this

      that is all I can say about that. Why don't you just use USB cable?

    2. yeah but i sad that with symbian belle refresh works on the same phone on the same pc... i use the cable but sometimes i don't wanna to... and i use the bluetooth to control the media player... there is something in delight cause i flashed the phone to one other cfw and it worked with the bluetooth... or maybe it's just something on my C7 i don't know o.O

  23. Delight v6.4 beta has been pre-released for testing:

    if everything goes well, it can be released soon. (NO ETA)

    Changelog so far:

    - increased maximum MMS size
    - torch mod, now you can enable torch via lock key in power saver mode
    - EvenFaster patch for ROMPatcher
    - X-plore more rights mod
    - new Applauncher widget mif
    - added Transbelle Lighthouse Theme (z:/)

    - Updated to latest MiniCMD version
    - removed some double files, entries and unneeded folders
    - moved a lot of folders and files to rofs1
    - fixed SMS bug of Delight App skin location changer
    - fixed semi-transparent favourite contacts widget
    - deleted Weather widget and all resources
    - White Font in Email widget & Notes Widget
    - Notification lights back to default
    - Torch on screen lock button back to default
    - new operator widget mif

    - updated Delight App to 1.2.2

    - updated and fixed, thanks to Allstar12345

  24. where i can downlaod pre-release of v6.4 nokia c7.

  25. changes after testing: 1. rofs2 and rofs3 new partitions sizes ...still updatable 2. Writing files rofs3's for better options like in the other delights. 3. Menu lights off, Notification lights On mod - now working and removable by deleting 10200c8c.cre 4 waiting for sms themer app icon and updated Delight theme for that ----after that is done we will release

    1. with "notification lights" you mean somethink like the red whatsapp notification light?

    2. yes, the blinking light when you have missed calls and messages, but the call and hang up lights off to save battery

  26. i'm not able to download those additionl files .. can u plz upload it to some other website like 4shared. plz.

    1. which additional files do you mean ? Mediafire is one of the most reliable sites. If you were able to download the base set, then the other files should work even better

  27. Can you add this application by default into delight 6.4?
    i think a lot of people will need this... it's for manage the words that are into the T9 file .dat and it's directly powered by nokia

    1. not sure. I tried to use it, but since we moved the predic .dat to E and the app only let's me choose C or sdcard, it might not be possible

    2. but on my phone works... i can manage the words

    3. like I said, I have to see about that

  28. how to combine language of indonesia and arabic? after flashd my c7 nfc not working.. and Usb light getting on in & after charging (while charging it is default but after charging it should be off but it is not) plz help me.. thanks

    1. please wait for v6.4. It will solve all your problems

    2. Hi Eric, Thank you so much for giving us the best software for Symbian.
      I am super excited and eagerly waiting for the 6.4 version.
      Have a small doubt, regardless of the version number, if I wanted a clean and complete installation of Delight ( assuming this is my first Delight install, though its not), which option do I choose in Phoenix ?
      Option 1: Refurbish
      Option 2: Update Software

      Note: I have my data backed up and not worried about losing data.

    3. refurbish will overwrite C and make it absolutely clean. Of course not counting E or F. To clean E & F you should take out all your private data like videos , pictures documents and whatever else. But I wouldn't do that without backing up with Nokia Suite and backing up the default backup on your sdcard onto your computer , which is only possible by taking the card out and copying it to your computer externally. Then you could format E and F. But that is not really needed.

  29. In the OFW, for email there were options to select from Gmail,Yahoo,Nokia, etc and Active Exchange. In version 6.3 I am unable to see those list and when I am trying to have a gmail inbox with manual settings it is not setting up. Can you please include those email options (Gmail,Yahoo,Nokia,etc) in the next version 6.4 ?

    Would be helpful..

  30. Unable to define more than one mailbox in 6.3 version. Is anyone else facing the same issue.?

    1. the email options are still there. Put your SIM card back into your phone ;)

  31. Hi Eric,
    Got your solutions for my previous queries. I have been facing this error now.
    I flash my C7 with v6.3. The phone restarts, then I wait for the 5 phases to complete one by one ( I do not touch the phone, even though it asks for country,etc) Then the phone restarts again and this time the wallpaper is visible and another installation starts. The progress bar goes to almost 90% and then I get error " Unable to install. Please install manually" and the phone reboots.

    Can you please tell me which installations I need to do manually and also, how do I ensure that the installation completes by itself. I flashed the phone many times hoping it will be right atleast once.
    Thanks !!

    1. that has nothing to do with Delight. The latter installation is an app you had on E or F trying to reinstall itself

  32. hey nice cfw but how can i recover my contacts messages and notes my documents deleted after the flashing. thanks in advance for the solution..

    1. backup your data with backup and restore in files or with Nokia Suite

  33. hi nice work.. i have C7 and after flashing my C7 hang to mush and i have to restart it by removing the battery and it works again and hang and work and hang then i restored the original software but its hang too the problem not fixed i done factory reset but the problem not fixed so can you help me to fix this problem and thx again guys

    1. which firmware are you coming from? Flash again and restore everything, but NOT data and settings

    2. it was the original .. from OFW to Delight v6.3 then the phone start to hang and crash then a flash it again to the OFW but the problem not fixed .. then factory reset no effect then factory reset with totally format but no effect .. kindly advice and thanks in advance

  34. Hi Eric,

    I really love the smoothness and speed of delight belle. I used to create my own cfw for my c6-01. So I really appreciate all the effort that you and team has put into this.

    However, i faced this issue that is consistent even after 2nd time flashing.

    New message or a in a conversation, if i type a message and then click on send icon, the message goes and sits in the drafts. And, if it somehow manages itself to get delivered to the intended recipient [some times] and the person replies, i don't get that message until i restart the phone.

    At first I thought it was due to flashing errors may be, I flashed the phone again with delight belle and it was working fine for a month. last night battery ran out of power. Next morning i restarted it and from then on I'm facing this message problem again.

    I would like to know if this is a known issue or is happening for any particular reason. This is really frustrating as i wouldn't get to know about the new messages until i restart my phone.

    Please let me know if there is any workaround or a fix for this. i'm using c6-01 RM-718