Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Topics today:

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHOK (a.k.a soni, nicesoni_ash)

2. I'm finally back

3. small review of "CameraPro QT"

4. Delight development

    - C7 & N8
    - 808
    - 500
    - 700

PETITION to NOKIA & Microsoft - to release Symbian source codes and latest release builds for open source

PETITION to NOKIA - Keep store alive for users and developers (by Mr.Alshahawy)

A BIG and hearty: Happy Birthay to Ashok
the founder & developer of Delight Custom firmwares 


Ashok released the first version of Delight custom firmwares on the 21st of August 2011 and his firmware was always one of the best. Thousands of users followed his work and were always anxious to get the next version. 
He is really a great guy and moderator at Dailymobile forum and tries to help people whereever he can. 
His mods and ideas are still up-to-date today ;)



I'm finally back
 A lot of you may have read the blog post reading that I was going to be offline for "at least 4 weeks"
...well, 4 weeks turned into 8 weeks. sorry about that

But all turned out well. A lot of work, sweat, blood and money were the price for a place to live that I call my "home"
now that I am done, I decided to get back to business and start with Delight again. Explanations will follow....

 Small review for CameraPro Qt (and home pics)
just for example:
my bathroom before



pictures were all made with my 808. the "before" & "inbetween" were both made with the standard camera function
BUT the last three were made with CameraPro QT 3.4.6

Awesome, Awesome Camera app. AN absolute must-have for Symbian devices. 
6 exposure settings, 7 focus modes including the best macro pics I have ever seen, 5 additional effect, white balance, Iso settings, bracketing, burst pics, anti-shake and a lot more. Worth every penny.
here are some macro pics:

Delight development
  so, to finally get to what you been waiting for, here are the plans for Delights upcoming releases:

  • For Refresh Delights C7 & N8:
- USA tethering
- FP1 taskmanager effects
- moved theme to Z:\
- moved mirror widget skins to C:\


- webview widget 
- webview widget small
- Note small widget
- email Anna style
- themes are now in menu, tools, system
- FP2 Avkon2.mif by mahindar
- PtiEnigne mod (ShortMultitap + removed popup fader)
- installserver_log by CODeRUS instead of the version without of log </p>

- New MiniCMD version
- removed Resolver, Updater, Backup&Restore from menu -></p>

Added Delight app:
- one QML UI for all MiniCMD apps

new goodies:
- conversation skin selector (works on-the-fly)
- FP2 widget skins
- menu 3*4 and 4*5 options
- FAQs (Delight FAQ, Backup&Restore FAQs)
- Help
- latest CFW Changelogs (N8/C7 v6.X + 808 v1.X)

- replaced Delight effects with Slidemania V2 by Allstar12345

  • For Nokia 808 Pureview:
 - just about the same as above, except for the changes we had already made to 808 in v1.1

many many thanks to him for his work. give credits and follow his work by clicking his name above
- great icon set. 
- colored and semi-transparent
- nice background
- not too fancy, but fancy enough
- overall just suites Delight

 I chose some different colored backgrounds, just so you  guys get a feeling for the icon set

  • DELIGHT conversation skin: 
made by Cahjoss. a great designer, that has been modding symbian graphic resources for ages. BIG thanks to him as well. Please give proper credit to him, too
- Delight background
- Kang Shao style conversation bubbles

  • NEW: 
 I bought a Nokia 500 and am currently working on Delight for it as well. Things are going well, and I hope to get it modded equally to other Delight refresh cfw's like C7 & N8 
except for hardware restrictions of course. for example: it doesn't have FMTX, NFC hardware resources.
Otherwise I would say I am half way through with modding 

of course, with language sets, Delight capabilties, re-partitionised and everything you would like about Delight custom firmwares

I am getting a Nokia 700 this week and am hoping to mod it modded equally to other Delight FP2 custom firmware as the 808...

we'll see how it goes

If I get some good deals on other Symbian belle phones, I assume they will follow

Hope you liked this blog post and the information in it

please support us by following the blog, signing the petitions and some occasional donations would be nice


p.s. sorry Ashok, but your timeline in Dehli is ahead of ours, so this might seem late for you ;)


  1. Thanks mate. It isn't late at all. I appreciate that. Welcome back. :)

  2. Is the Nokia 701 in scope? :)

    1. in scope, yes... if I get a good deal for one. I mean, I have to buy all these phones to make them

      and donations are rather poor, except for a few extraordinary people. but I rather get one Dollar, one Euro or a small amount of whatever from a couple people, than big bucks from individuals

  3. its a real shame, that there are not many people that support us, while we support them.

    - 50.000+ users
    - hardly donations
    - 663 thousand views & only 43 followers
    - 50.000+ users and only 3 - 4 thousand petition signers (only takes ONE minute of time to do)
    - translation projects for Delight exclusive apps: only 45 - 50 languages, but in 3 months only 5 or 6 came through and sent me their language

    really disappointed sometimes, but I guess thats Internet life.... all take, no give

    anyway, I won't get down about it. I like what I do and I like to support others and I like to support internationally...
    even though it takes up all my time... takes up money for phones, for electricity, for space on hard drives I need
    and even getting a hard time from my wife once in a while
    I really love symbian and won't get discouraged about it

    1. Totally agree with you, we in Russia
      have all too many people, but they are
      terribly lazy.
      all take, no give

  4. Hi
    can you make a Delight version for the Nokia E7 alswel, please???

    1. I was thinking of not making the E-series, because the keyboard crap is a PIA

  5. Replies
    1. if I get a good deal on a used one, then I presume we'll make it, too

  6. Hi Eric, really looking forward to the update...I have a quick question regarding the current build of Delight on my 808; the volume seems mighty loud - I can tone it down using the equaliser but even with all the sliders at the bottom the range between 0 and max volume is still very small. Is this something you know about? Is there anything I can do to change this?

    Otherwise thanks for all the great work!

    1. I think there is a second rofs3 with standard volume. If not I'll make one for the next version

    2. Great stuff Eric, thanks. Would I have to reflash the whole system or can I somehow integrate the rofs3 without reflashing?

    3. Hello Eric,
      I have the same issue with my N8. Would it be possible to contain the louder volume as a patch in the rompatcher?

    4. there will be different rofs3's, so everyone is happy. If your N8 isn't loud enough, then you set your Rompatches wrong. For instance the MoreSoundInLoudspeaker patch will make the headphones quieter again

    5. thanks for the suggestion Eric. I activated the MoreSoundInLoudspeaker patch and my headphones are quieter again. But I have to admid that I am a bit confused now. So this patch makes the Loudspeaker louder and the headphones quieter?
      Is there a detailed description of what all the patches are doing?
      By the way, I really appreciate what you are doing here and I would like to thank you for all the work you have.

  7. Hi, its a best custom firmware and I have c6-01 n 603 :( very want to see on my phones too...
    If this comes on my phones I would like to know whether there is
    present Russian language?

    1. all our releases ALWAYS has every available language

    2. So, thats good :) now would nice to see your modification on other models or find man who has adapted it

  8. I am an administrator of a big symbian community in Russia (about 8000 active symbian 3(only) user), and I
    would love to see it all on our
    smartphones :(
    Perhaps it would be nice if we had our
    own modernization, which would
    adapt your firmware, but so far we do
    not have

    1. what do you mean by "own modernization"?

    2. Google translate :D I mean man who will be adapt your
      modifications to other models

    3. I will try to make as many models as I can

  9. Expect the new firmware.The skin is great.
    I have a problem which maybe you can fix.When I use my 808 in the noisy place,I get the slight voice form the earpiece...More noisy,slighter voice.And this never happen in the quiet place.
    Maybe. it‘s not a problem.But some friends I met in the forum all have it.

  10. Expect the new firmware.The skin is great.
    I have a problem which maybe you can fix.When I use my 808 in the noisy place,I get the slight voice form the earpiece...More noisy,slighter voice.And this never happen in the quiet place.
    Maybe. it‘s not a problem.But some friends I met in the forum also have it.


  11. You're great!! Keep up the good work!!

  12. Updates for N8, C7 & 808 Release posts will be finished first thing in the morning